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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Fitness Equipment Fixes for Pros
  1. 1. Machine oiling

    Most weight machines and others that use resistance to work you out need to be oiled on a schedule. Your repair pro can do this work and also refill your treadmill's oil reservoirs.

  2. 2. Maintaining barbells

    If you use adjustable barbells, their bearings need to be oiled every few months. Cleaning and oiling them is a quick task your pro can handle while he comes to work on your other equipment.

  3. 3. Monitoring wear and tear

    Small things like tightening bolts keep your pieces in better condition longer. Your pro can also check benches for cracks and see if any of the cables on your weighted equipment are starting to fray.

  4. 4. Treadmill belt repair

    After providing miles of walking enjoyment, your treadmill belt can wear out, start skipping or slipping, or come out of alignment.

  5. 5. Exercise bike band replacement

    Your exercise bike likely uses a series of bands to increase and lower the resistance. Over time, they can wear out and even snap. A pro knows how to replace them quickly and safely.

  6. 6. Rowing machine flywheels and drag strips

    If you're not getting resistance from your machine or you're having trouble gliding back on it, a technician can diagnose the problem and replace any straps that have slipped off.

  7. 7. Repairing elliptical components

    Your pro can repair or replace everything from a broken electronic console to incorrect speed measurements to loose bars or feet.

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Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Ask your pro if there's anything you can do to maintain your machines.

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

If your equipment is still under warranty, only use authorized pros.

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