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Planning ahead

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5 Reasons to Install a Generator
  1. 1. Ready for anything

    Having a standby generator installed in your home provides major peace of mind. Thunderstorms, nasty weather or flooding all cause problems for your local energy company, leading to a power blackout.

  2. 2. Custom protection

    After asking about your specific needs and the size of your home or business, experts make smart recommendations that give you the power you need while also sticking to your energy budget.

  3. 3. Save the food

    A standby generator takes care of your appliances. Instead of losing valuable money because your food thawed during a blackout, your family can prepare and cook food like normal.

  4. 4. No problems

    Power generators offer varying energy capacity. Ask a pro for advice on how much power your home needs. About 20,000 watts is enough to run all of your major appliances without flinching.

  5. 5. Stay productive

    Businesses benefit enormously from having a standby generator. Since they operate automatically, there is no downtime when it comes to electronic transactions.

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