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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Hiring a Handyman
  1. 1. Make a list

    Create a complete list of the repairs or work that you would like completed by the handyman. This list provides the handyman with an excellent tool for creating a job estimate.

  2. 2. Interview several pros

    Since a handyman will be on your property and possibly exposed to dangers, it is extremely important to ensure he has liability insurance.

  3. 3. Check references

    Ensure that the handyman you hire is competent and has completed repairs in the past. Negative reviews should steer you away from anyone you are considering hiring.

  4. 4. Get a written estimate

    Keep in mind that your pro might find other damages or problems during the job, so expenses could increase or decrease slightly.

  5. 5. Create a pay schedule

    Determine if the handyman is willing to be paid by the hour, the half day or a full day. This can sometimes help you to save money if a list of repairs is rolled into a full day of work.

  6. 6. Plan the workload

    Determine whether a single individual or a team of handymen will complete the job. The more workers who are present in your home, the more liability rests on your shoulders.

  7. 7. Request a guarantee for repairs

    Handymen who specialize in plumbing or electrical repairs generally offer some type of guarantee for those repairs.

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