Your guide to outdoor landscape design

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Planning checklist

Prepare for success by getting started now.
8–10 weeks ahead: Design and research
  • Browse magazines or check out beautiful neighborhoods for landscaping design ideas.
  • Write a list of the trees and flowering plants you like.
  • Choose a few landscaping designers and set up consultation appointments.
8 weeks ahead: Meet and greet
  • Meet with two or three landscaping design companies to determine which company understands your vision best.
  • Take drawings or photos with you to share your ideas. Determine which company satisfies your needs.
  • If the project is very large, choose a firm that employs a landscaping designer or architect along with the contractor.
6–8 weeks ahead: Plan, plan, plan
  • Work with the landscape designer or architect to create plans for your landscape design.
  • Talk about important details. If you are expecting a Japanese garden or a yard filled with elegant blooms let the designer know.
  • Choose a landscaping design company and request a written estimate of services.
  • Ensure that the company is licensed and carries insurance. Request that they pull permits prior to beginning work if necessary.
  • Approve the landscape designer’s final plans for the project.
4 weeks ahead: Hire
  • Hire a landscape contractor to bring the landscape designer’s vision to reality.
  • Use well-vetted contractor, or select the contractor typically employed by the landscape designer’s firm.

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