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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Great Wedding Makeup
  1. 1. Have a makeup trial

    Don't wait until the day-of to decide what you want. Give the artist time to study your face and show you how you will look. You can change things you Don't like ahead of time.

  2. 2. Ask for oil-free makeup

    The lights, nerves, and high head count of a wedding all make it hot in the venue. Using oil-free makeup keeps you feeling fresh and your skin matte.

  3. 3. Don't forget the primer

    Primer is key to having makeup that lasts. Your artist should apply it after your moisturizer but before your foundation.

  4. 4. For a bold look, go dark

    You Don't want your whole eyelid to be dark, of course. Begin with intense color on the edges and go lighter as you work your way to your inner eye. This draws attention to your eyes.

  5. 5. Don't be afraid to use fake lashes

    For memorable pictures, you want to look your best. Fake lashes look spectacular—but only when applied by an artist who knows what she's doing.

  6. 6. Use lip balm

    Your lips will stay hydrated and smooth throughout the day. Have your artist add color using a lip pencil. Pencil color lasts far longer than lipstick, and it tends to pop more in front of the camera.

  7. 7. Be yourself

    This is the most important tip of all. Remember, your guests and fiance came to see you, not someone else. Showing your happiness is the best way to look great.

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