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Wedding makeup can be solely for the bride, or services can expand to include bridesmaids, flower girls and other family members. The two main categories of wedding makeup are traditional, which is applied with sponges and brushes, and airbrushed, which is applied with spraying tools. Common looks requested for wedding makeup include natural and clean, romantic and soft, and bold and glamorous. Optional add-ons include a gentle glow, smokey eyes, bold lips and contouring.


Rates for wedding day makeup can vary depending on the region where the makeup artist works, as well as the artist’s reputation and experience. For example, Knots for Me has a variable rate that ranges from $85 to $125, depending on the complexity of the makeup application. Bridesmaids’ makeup often has a lower cost than that of the bride and can average between $50 and $100. Knots for Me charges $85–$95 per bridesmaid.

Number of people

The number of people who receive makeup services also affects the overall cost and may even require an additional makeup artist. For example, dBeauty Junkie requires an assistant to aid with parties of six or more for a flat fee of $150.


Many makeup artists include false eyelashes in the cost of the bride’s makeup services. Lashes often cost extra for other members of the bridal party, however. For example, Sarah Jeanne Makeup Artistry charges $15–20 for lashes, depending on the number of people receiving the service.

Full day

In addition to the initial wedding makeup application, brides can request that a makeup artist remain on-site to provide touch-ups throughout the event and reception. This service is sometimes provided for a negotiated price, and some makeup artists have a set rate for full-day services. dBeauty Junkie, for example, charges $50 per hour after the initial application costs.


Many makeup artists also offer bridal hair services. By bundling hair and makeup services, clients can save money. For example, Knots for Me charges $100 for wedding hair styling, $85– $125 for wedding makeup and $150 for wedding hair and makeup together.

Trial makeup

Most makeup artists encourage a trial application. Some include the service in their total fee, others charge an additional cost for the service, especially if it includes travel. Knots for Me offers a trial session for $60–$70.


Travel costs are typically billed to the client, with makeup artists generally providing a base fee within their service area and additional fees based on mileage, hotel needs and drive time. dBeauty Junkie charges extra for locations farther than a 1.5-hour drive, events with a start time prior to 7:30 a.m. and for those that require a hotel stay.

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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.