Your guide to railing installation and repair

We've helped many customers repair or install a railing in the past year.

Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Ways to Remodel a Railing
  1. 1. Decide on a look

    Look at photographs of home interiors for up-to-date style ideas. If you prefer the look of wood grain, go with stain. To add intense colors, choose paint.

  2. 2. Pick out your finishes

    You’ll need stain and a top coat for stained wood, or primer and paint for solid colors. Choose the tint that fits your design vision and decide if you want a gloss, semi-gloss or matte finish.

  3. 3. Enlist the help of a pro

    An expert can recommend stains and finishes if you're unsure what to choose, and he or she will already have most of the necessary supplies on hand to get the job done properly.

  4. 4. Move nearby furniture

    Cover your carpeting with a drop cloth — unless it’s getting replaced — and tape areas that you don't want stained the night before the pro arrives. Clean your railings with a dry rag.

  5. 5. Apply primer

    Your pro should use a fine-tipped brush — and a steady hand — to avoid getting paint on areas that you’ve already stained. Let the primer dry thoroughly.

  6. 6. Wait for next coat

    Your handyman may need to wait overnight before applying a top coat or varnish for protection on the stained area. That gives you a chance to see the wood's true color.

  7. 7. Apply color

    Your pro will apply one or two coats of your paint color of choice. He or she may need to do several coats, so budget a few days for this project to reach completion when you're scheduling.

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