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7 Steps to Maintain a Swimming Pool
  1. 1. Regularly skim and vacuum the debris

    Have your pool cleaner use a hand skimmer and vacuum to remove bugs, leaves and debris from your pool. This also keeps these items out of your pool's filter system.

  2. 2. Clean the strainer baskets weekly

    Remove them and shake out the debris. Use a hose to rinse any trapped dirt, and then replace. This increases the pool's efficiency and reduces the amount of chlorine you need to use.

  3. 3. Brush the pool walls and tiles to reduce algae buildup

    The pool brush also minimizes calcium deposits.

  4. 4. Keep tabs on the water level

    Frequent swimming and cleaning can cause the water levels to drop. Ideally the water should reach halfway up the opening of the pool skimmer. If the water is too low, add some with a garden hose.

  5. 5. Check your pool's chemistry weekly

    Monitoring the chemical levels and keeping them consistent keeps germs and bacteria at bay and protects the pool from eroding.

  6. 6. Schedule yearly professional maintenance

    There are a lot of components that work together to make your pool run smoothly, including the filters, pumps, and any heating systems. A pool pro will check and clean.

  7. 7. Winterize properly to prevent damage

    Correct winterization keeps bacteria out of the water and maintains the integrity of the pool. This includes balancing the chemicals, draining the plumbing lines and using a high-quality cover.

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