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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Ways to Prepare for Tai Chi
  1. 1. Research

    Read up a little on the discipline, taking note of the different styles and then consider what best suits your goals. The most popular styles in the U.S. are the Yang, Wu and Combination styles.

  2. 2. Find a pro

    Seek the advice and input of a "sifu" or tai chi teacher and those who have experience with the discipline prior to joining a school that specializes in a particular style.

  3. 3. Discuss your goals.

  4. 4. Review a few moves

    While the discipline helps with relaxation and in relieving stress, it is a bad idea to assume that tai chi training is easy. There are at least 70 movements in tai chi, each with different nuances.

  5. 5. Practice focusing

    Despite having more or less 70 basic movements, they make up only about 5 percent of tai chi training. The remaining 95 percent focuses on how you control your "chi" or life force .

  6. 6. Have your teacher create custom training

    Since tai chi is often identified with smooth, flowing movements, it is easy to forget that it is still a martial art. It is a good idea to change your training once in awhile to add to its intensity.

  7. 7. Practice consistently

    Work on your form as often as you can, avoiding any long gaps and lulls in between your training. This helps you become more attuned with both your body and your movements.

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