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Private dance lessons are offered one-on-one to individual students or to small, private groups. Dance students may be any skill level or age ranging from under 4 years old to over 100. Instructors offer a range of styles, including hip-hop, swing, modern or contemporary, salsa, ballroom, country, ballet, tango, tap and folk. People take private dance lessons as a hobby, to prepare for a wedding or other event, to socialize with others, to get a workout or improve physical health, to learn how to choreograph and to relieve stress. Several factors affect the cost of private dance lessons.


One-on-one dance lessons give students private instruction on a particular dance style. Lessons often take place in a dance studio but may also be available remotely if the teacher is willing to travel to the student’s location. Individual lessons are the most expensive lessons to take because the teacher cannot earn income from other students during the one-on-one lesson. Here are some examples of individual lesson costs:

Small group

Some dance instructors offer private instruction for small groups. Rates may be based on a per-lesson basis or per-person basis. In either instance, the cost per person will be lower overall than for individual private lessons because the overall cost is shared by the group members.


Many dance instructors offer package pricing when a bundle of lessons are pre-purchased. The cost will be higher upfront but lower on a per-class basis. Packages are mutually beneficial—students get a lower price overall and instructors guarantee ongoing business. Here are some examples of tiered package pricing:

  • Miami Dance Fitness in Miami Beach, Florida:

    • Two 120-minute lessons at client’s home: $280 ($70 per hour)

    • Five 120-minute lessons at client’s home: $500 ($50 per hour)

    • Thirteen 120-minute lessons at client’s home: $999 ($40 per hour)
  • 8ighty/2wnty:

    • Five 60-minute lessons: $340, $85 less than when purchasing classes individually

    • Eight 60-minute lessons: $510, a $170 savings

    • Twelve 60-minute lessons: $765, a $255 savings


Private instruction for wedding choreography is popular. Many dance instructors offer special pricing for learning ballroom, hip hop or other first-dance choreography. Here’s how 8ighty/2wnty charges for wedding packages:

  • Five general reception/social dancing lessons: $500

  • Five lessons, including first-dance choreography, music cut and edit: $800

  • Five lessons, including first dance choreography, music cut, edit and social dancing lessons: $1,000

  • Additional lessons: $85 each

Intro lesson

Some instructors and studios offer a reduced rate introductory lesson to allow the student to

see what to expect and for the instructor to assess the student’s skill level. For example, The Connected Dancer charges $60 for an individual introductory lesson versus the regular $95 individual lesson.

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