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6 Toilet Repairs for a Pro
  1. 1. It's stopping up

    When the toilet clogs frequently, it is time to call a pro. Sometimes, the blockage is caused by someone flushing something large, but other times, it is due to a buildup of materials over time.

  2. 2. It's making strange sounds

    A humming or screaming sound is a sign that your toilet needs a new fill valve. Once the technician replaces the fill valve, your house will be peaceful once again.

  3. 3. Water flows continuously

    Toilets that don’t stop flushing need to be repaired. This happens when the flapper doesn’t close all the way when you flush the toilet.

  4. 4. The bowl stays full

    A slowly emptying bowl is a sign of a bigger problem with your toilet. It typically means the holes under the rim of the bowl are clogged. A plumber uses special tools to unclog these holes.

  5. 5. There's water around the base

    There’s a seal located between the drainpipe and the base of the toilet. If water starts running on the floor, the seal has been breached. That water is unsanitary, so it’s best to contact a pro.

  6. 6. It won't quit running

    It’s best to have a pro diagnose the problem, since it can range from an issue with the float to a problem with the flapper. Once you address the problem, your water bill will go down.

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