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Full-service plumbers and general contractors can replace old toilets with a new toilet, replace a broken toilet seat, replace a wax ring, or upgrade a standard toilet to a luxury model such as an ultra-quiet Toto toilet. An experienced handy person can also do the job if it’s a straightforward matter of pulling out the old toilet and installing a new one. People who are not experienced with this kind of project are better off hiring a professional who knows the specific steps to follow. Having the job done right will help avoid the possibility of water damage—now or down the line. To install a toilet, the installer must shut off the water supply to the toilet (at the shutoff valve, remove any water that may still be left in the old toilet bowl or tank, and physically disconnect and move the old toilet. In addition, the installer must set anchor bolts and install a new wax ring to keep the new toilet secure and ensure that water won’t leak from below.

Nationwide, the average cost for toilet installation ranges from $70–$190, not including the cost of the toilet itself. Toilets cost $100 and up, depending on flushing options, style, additional amenities (such as heated seats) and the manufacturer. The average cost of a new toilet is $150 to $250 but can run as high as $800 or more for toilets with special features like heated seats.

Toilet design

Most standard toilets have two pieces—the bowl and pedestal combination and the tank, which sits on top of the bowl. One-piece toilets are also available, in which the bowl, pedestal and tank are fused together. Single-piece toilets are slightly more expensive, but they are also more efficient and require less maintenance than two-piece toilets. High-end brands such as Toto may cost more to install than a basic toilet like American Standard or Kohler, but they also offer luxury amenities, including heated seats, quiet flushing, better plumbing fixtures and more.

Flushing system

Two standard types of toilet flushing systems are common in the United States:

  • Gravity flush uses the pull of gravity combined with the swirling action of the water as it drains.

  • Pressure assist uses pressurized air to force water into the bowl, which reduces clogs.

Pressure-assisted flush toilets cost more than gravity-assisted flush toilets and may cost more to install, especially if the installer needs to change access to water lines or reconfigure the water supply to the room.

Toilet installation

Many full-service plumbing companies won’t come to a client’s location to install a fixture or repair a plumbing issue for less than $200. For customers who have already purchased a toilet, Do Right Rooter & Plumbing Experts in Berwyn, Illinois, charges $225 to install a toilet. Pierce County Plumbing in Roy, Washington, charges $250. If customers purchase a toilet through their plumber, prices for the toilet and installation start around $300 or $400. Toilets with extra features, such as assisted flushing and heated seats, cost more, depending on how much more complicated the fixture is and if it contains more parts. Most toilet installation service providers will dispose of an old toilet for a small extra charge or will include the removal cost in the overall toilet installation price.

Cost-saving strategies

Homeowners can save money by purchasing the new toilet and wax seal themselves. However, it may be worth it to have the plumber supply the toilet and corresponding wax seal. Picking out a toilet and other fixtures, plus transporting a heavy toilet to the installation site takes time and may be frustrating. The extra charge may be worth it. Some states—California and Washington, for example—also offer rebates for homeowners who install water-saving or low-flow toilets.

Pro tips

  • Plumbers advise against using drop-in toilet bowl cleaning tablets because the chemicals they contain can wear out working parts inside the tank. Also, as the tablets disintegrate, they can get stuck in the flush valve and prevent the toilet from flushing.

  • If you just have a damaged toilet seat, toilet flapper or leaky wax ring, you may not need an entirely new toilet. A professional can replace just the faulty items.
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