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5 Common Vacuum Repairs for Pros
  1. 1. Loss of suction

    Loss of suction can be caused by anything from a torn filter to a full vacuum bag to a ripped hose. If you've replaced your bag or emptied the canister and it still doesn’t work, it’s time for a pro.

  2. 2. Burning smells

    A foul odor is one telltale sign that you need the services of a vacuum repair pro. The smell of burning rubber typically means that one of the vacuum's belts is torn. An expert can replace it.

  3. 3. Beater bar isn't running

    The beater bar is the rotating bar in the head of your vacuum that typically has rows of bristles sticking out of it, and it's what sweeps up debris into the vacuum.

  4. 4. It turns itself off

    This can be a sign that something is seriously wrong with your vacuum. There could be a short somewhere in the vacuum's electrical parts, and you'll need to have the machine repaired.

  5. 5. It's too loud

    While it's normal for your vacuum to be pretty loud while it's running normally, if you notice a change in its sounds or it suddenly becomes noticeably louder than it was before, have it checked.

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