Your guide to outdoor water feature installation

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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Installing Water Features
  1. 1. Choose a design

    Ponds, streams, fountains and pools all add value to property while creating a pretty space for outdoor gatherings. Determine your budget for purchasing and installation.

  2. 2. Ask a pro

    Factors that influence placement of a water feature include exposure to sunlight, average temperatures and access to fresh water for cleaning and refilling.

  3. 3. Start the prep process

    Before the installation starts, have the utility company come out and check the area thoroughly for buried wires or cables.

  4. 4. Take good care

    Line ponds and streams with approved pond liner to avoid leakage. Installers should work in socks or smooth soles to keep shoes from damaging the liner.

  5. 5. Be sure about placement

    Sunlight causes algae to grow rapidly, especially in areas where the temperature is high. High temperatures will also kill fish as water heats and evaporates quickly.

  6. 6. Keep it fresh

    Fill the water feature with distilled water only. Chemicals found in tap water encourage the growth of algae and destroy the mechanisms in pump motors.

  7. 7. Perform regular maintenance

    Complete a water change at least twice a year. Early spring and late fall are perfect for changing at least 15 percent of the water in a water feature.

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