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7 Steps to Water Heater Installation
  1. 1. Disconnect gas lines and water supply

    The contractor will turn off gas to the water heater and shut off the main water supply. Draining the water lines is also essential.

  2. 2. Empty your water tank

    Use a garden hose to drain your water tank via the drain valve. Your plumber will also detach the water pipe from the gas control valve using a pipe wrench.

  3. 3. Detach the water lines

    This involves unscrewing the vent pipe from the hood. A tube cutter is used to cut both the cold and hot water lines. This allows the plumbing technician to remove the old water heater and place it aside.

  4. 4. Relief valve preparation

    The plumber will use a Teflon tape to wrap at least three turns around the thread of the relief valve. The valve is then screwed into the new tank using a pipe wrench.

  5. 5. Connect the pipe assemblies

    Your contractor will assemble the copper adapters and connect them to the cold and hot water outlets at the top of the tank. Adding plastic lined nipples to the connection helps to prevent corrosion.

  6. 6. Append the water lines

    Your plumbing professional will put the new water heater in place and attach the water tubing to the pipe assemblies using copper slip couplings.

  7. 7. Reattach the gas line

    The pro will coat the threaded ends using a pipe joint compound before screwing the lines into the gas valves. After reassembling all the nipples and the union, you can turn the water back on.

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