Your guide to window screen repair

We've helped many customers repair window screens in the past year.

Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
5 Reasons to Hire a Window Screen Pro
  1. 1. Seasonal installations

    Before putting up your window screens in the spring, inspect for tears or damages and have a pro fix them to keep the bugs out. This also applies to window screens that stay on all year.

  2. 2. Seasonal maintenance

    For regular maintenance, your professional will use a vacuum to do the job. Cleaning from both the interior and exterior sides is expected, using a ladder or navigating hard to reach areas.

  3. 3. Thorough cleaning

    An experienced pro will begin by labeling the frames to know the order that they go back in. He or she will vacuum to remove dust and then clean the screen thoroughly with a proper solution.

  4. 4. Screen replacement

    Fixing tears on windows screens requires changing the entire screen on the frame. For the screen material, a pro is familiar with materials like fiberglass, aluminum and sun-shading fabric.

  5. 5. Bent frames

    This is a key issue with window screens because it can cause ripples in the entire screen and stretch out the material. A pro can get a bent screen frame back into shape so it fits neatly into the window.

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