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Exterior door installation is available for private homes, multiunit buildings, businesses and offices, and commercial spaces. Door pros can install front exterior doors, back exterior doors and any other doors throughout a space, including basic swing doors, sliding doors, sliding pocket doors, folding doors, french doors and barn-style doors. Pros work with doors made of wood, metal, glass or a mixture of materials. Door installation contractors can replace an existing door, install a door where an empty frame is or create a new opening and door frame to accommodate a new door. Several factors affect the cost of exterior door installation.


If clients have purchased or already own the door they want hung, the main cost will be for labor. Labor rates from a specialty door company may be higher than from an individual contractor or handyman. Second Wind Consulting & Contracting in La Jolla, California, is an individual contracting business that charges about $300 in labor to change out a door and use the existing door frame and about $400 in labor to change a door as well as its frame.


The type of door being installed affects the cost of services regardless of whether customers provide the door themselves or ask the contractor to acquire it on their behalf. New doors cost about $200 for a standard exterior door up to $1,000 for a higher-end door. Specifics such as steel doors, specialty door or doors with sought-after components can add to the cost. Pricing for door knobs, hinges, screws and other hardware starts around $50 for entry-level items and goes on up for higher-end specialty hardware.

Door size

Swapping out an existing door for a new one that is larger or smaller will affect the total cost of exterior door installation. The cost increases because more labor is required to fit a new frame to accommodate the new door and perform light construction. Second Wind Consulting & Contracting charges $600 on average to install a larger door than the one currently in place. The price is higher because it’s a two-day job, requiring more hours of labor.


Where you live has an affect on the cost of door installation services. Contractors in larger cities and regions with a higher cost of living typically have higher rates for door installation and minor construction projects than those in smaller towns and areas with a lower cost of living.

Additional services

Costs may increase if clients request additional services in addition to basic door installation. Some door installers may also be able to paint or stain the door, install a door threshold, install new trim around the door, waterproof or weatherproof the area, and install the door’s hardware. Some contractors charge an hourly rate for these services, and some have per-service fees.


Some door installation professionals charge an additional fee when a client is located outside of their typical service range. Second Wind Consulting & Contracting does not charge a travel fee if the site is within 30 miles, but if it is over 30 miles, they sometimes add a fee.

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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.