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How much does a window screen replacement cost?

If you’re ready to replace your window screens but don’t have the time or know-how to do it yourself, call a handyman or window specialist to handle the job. Screen replacement pros can resolve ripped and torn screens, screens that have started to sag, screens that have suffered from cat claws, or screens that are getting too old and may be deteriorating, among other problems.

Home and business owners have three options when replacing window screens. They can have prefabricated window screens for standard-size windows installed by a pro; this is helpful when the window is in an upper story or in another location that is difficult to safely access. Owners can have a pro replace the screen in an existing screen frame, cutting new aluminum or fiberglass screen to measure and fitting it in. The third option is to custom-make a window screen using new screen and aluminum framing. Custom-made screens are a great option for windows with a non-standard size or shape. If you’re ready to beautify your building or keep the pesky bugs out, here are the cost factors for replacing your window screens.

Screen size

Your window size will impact your screen replacement costs. Smaller windows require fewer materials and less installation time, and will typically cost less as a result. Here is an example of price range based on size from Markanthony Gonzalez of Gonz LLC in Orlando, Florida:

  • Smaller fiberglass window screen replacements: $35 each, including all materials.

  • Larger fiberglass window screen replacements: $7-$125, including all materials. Price range depends on location of window on the house.

  • Full screen enclosure around a standard size pool using solar screen for the top portion and fiberglass screen for the walls: $8,000.

Type of material

Four common types of window screen material are fiberglass, aluminum, solar screen and pet screen. Fiberglass is typically gray or black. Aluminum may be in a reflective aluminum tone or black. Solar screens are typically gray or black, but may also come in colors like bronze. Fiberglass is the most affordable option, with aluminum slightly higher in price. Specialty screen (such as solar) costs more due to the advanced technology.

Solar screen can help reduce your utility bills and can also protect your furnishings, artwork and interior from sun damage. Tougher pet screens, as you might expect, keep kitty claws and dog paws from ripping your screen doors and windows.

Window location

Window screens on the second story or higher will usually cost more to replace than easier-to-access window screens on the first floor, because it takes more time and effort to safely access upper-story screens. Here are some examples of how location impacts cost:

  • Replace two screens for a client’s vacation home: $175 total from Gonz LLC. One window screen was on the top floor and another on the side of the house.

  • Replace three screens: $375 from Gonz LLC, all top-floor windows.

Region and travel

Where you live will impact your costs for screen replacement in two significant ways. Geographic areas with a higher cost of living or of doing business will result in a higher labor cost and a higher overall rate. Window screen pros may also charge additional fees for travel outside of a defined service area. For example, Gonz LLC in Orlando, Florida, has a minimum service fee of $35 for in-town jobs and $65 for out-of-town jobs.


Rescreening means replacing the screens within existing window frames. This might be a good option if you have a unique window shape or size that is not easily found in a home supply store. Larger window rescreening is generally best handled by the pros, as it can be difficult to stretch screen material in an oversized frame without pulling it too loose, causing the screen to droop, or pulling it too tight and buckling the frame.

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