How much will your screen installation or replacement cost?

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How much does it cost to repair a window screen?

The national average for window screen replacement costs can range from $35 to $125 for small fiberglass screen repairs; typical costs for second-story windows will be higher, averaging $175 – $375 for two or three second-story windows. Large projects using extensive amounts of screen material will cost significantly more. For example, a full-screen enclosure around a standard-size pool using solar screen for the top portion and fiberglass screen for the walls might have a total cost of $8,000.

Screen replacement is a relatively quick job that can make a big impact on the appearance of a home. While it’s a relatively small and inexpensive job, it’s best done by a pro who has the skills and tools required to replace screens, especially for larger projects like a pool or porch area that require large sheets of screen material and careful finishing. Let’s look at your options, the factors that affect the cost of the job, and ways to save money.

What’s in This Cost Guide?

What Can a Screen Replacement Pro Do for Me?

Screen replacement pros can fix ripped and torn screens, screens that have started to sag, screens or screen doors that have suffered from cat claws, or screens that are deteriorating from age and wear, among other problems. Repairing and replacing screens will prevent insects from invading your home when you open your windows to enjoy a breeze.

A window screen replacement pro can replace your window screens if you don’t have the time or know-how to do it yourself. They can recommend the best screen material for your project and help you make decisions about specialty screens like pet or solar screens. Experts in screen replacement can walk you through your options for design, screen material, and affordable approaches to get the final look you want.

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What Factors Affect Window Screen Replacement Costs?

Several factors can affect window screen replacement cost, including material, the number of windows and window frames, the size and location of windows, regional labor costs and travel, and whether you choose to re-screen or replace existing frames.

Screen Material Costs

Different screen materials have different purposes, and their costs will vary accordingly. Common screen types include:

  • Fiberglass: Typically gray or black, fiberglass is the most common and usually the most affordable.
  • Aluminum: Typically either reflective or black, aluminum usually costs slightly more than fiberglass.
  • Solar screen: Usually gray or black, but often available in bronze or other colors, solar screen is more expensive but can protect your home’s interior from sun damage in hot climates.
  • Pet screen: Pet screens also cost more than fiberglass or aluminum, but are designed to be tough enough to resist scratching and other pet damage, which means they won’t need to be replaced as frequently.

Cost of Window Screen Repair by Window Size

Window screen costs are based on both number of screens and size of windows. Smaller windows require fewer materials and less installation time, so typically cost less.

Here is an example of price range based on size from Markanthony Gonzalez of Gonz LLC in Orlando, Florida:

  • Small fiberglass window screen replacements: $35 each, including all materials.
  • Large fiberglass window screen replacements: $7 - $125, including all materials. Price range depends on location of windows on the house.
  • Full-screen enclosure around a standard-size pool: $8,000, for solar screen for the top portion and fiberglass screen for the walls.
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Window Location

Windows that are harder to reach, such as those on the second story or higher, may need special equipment or a larger crew to safely access, which will increase costs.

Here are some examples of installation costs from Gonz LLC in Orlando, Florida, based on location of window frames: Replace two screens for a client’s vacation home: $175. One window screen was on the top floor and another on the side of the house. Replace three screens: $375 for top-floor windows.

Region Labor Costs and Travel

Region and travel can affect typical costs for screen replacement in two significant ways. Screen replacement in geographic areas with a higher cost of living or of doing business, like New York or Los Angeles, will usually be based on higher labor costs than in less expensive cities like Denver or Minneapolis, resulting in a higher overall rate.

Window screen pros may also charge additional fees for travel outside of a defined service area. For example, Gonz LLC in Orlando, Florida, charges a minimum service fee of $35 for in-town jobs and $65 for out-of-town jobs. Ask about travel costs to your location when you call for price estimates.

Re-Screening vs. Replacement

Re-screening means replacing the screens within existing frames, as opposed to replacing the entire frame and screen together. This might be a good option if your frames are still in good condition, or you have a unique window shape or size that is not easily found in a home supply store like Home Depot.

Larger window rescreening can be a difficult job for do-it-yourself types. Pros are often better prepared to stretch screen material in an oversized window frame without pulling it too loose and causing the screen to droop, or pulling it too tight and buckling the screen frame.

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What Are My Options for Screen Replacement?

Home and business owners have three options for replacing window screens.

  • Prefabricated window screens: A pro can install prefabricated window screens for standard-size windows. This is a good choice for windows located in an upper story or other difficult-to-access location.
  • Existing screen frames: A pro can replace the screen in an existing screen frame by cutting new aluminum or fiberglass screen to measure and fitting it in. The pro may need to confirm that the existing frame is in good condition before quoting a price for re-screening.
  • Custom window screens: A pro can custom-make a window screen using new screen and aluminum framing. This is a good choice for windows with a non-standard size or shape.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Screens?

Solar screens can help reduce your utility bills and can also protect your furnishings, artwork, and interior from sun damage. Solar screens are more common in warm climates, such as Miami, Phoenix, or Las Vegas. Like other specialty screen material, solar screen may cost more due to the advanced technology but offers valuable protection for you and your home.

How Do I Keep Pets From Damaging New Screens?

Pets can be hard on window screens, so be sure to tell your window screen replacement pro whether you have cats or dogs when requesting a quote. Tougher pet screens are designed to prevent scratching and other pet damage. They may cost more to install, but reduce how often you need to replace damaged screens.

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Tips for Saving Money on Window Screen Replacement

Window screen replacement is usually a reasonably priced home improvement job, but there are ways to save money.

  • Ask your pro to recommend affordable options: Even if you live in an area with a high cost of living and labor costs, or need solar screens to protect against the hot sun, a window pro can help you determine what materials you really need and whether you can re-screen existing frames.
  • Rely on their experience: A pro who has installed pool screens will have valuable suggestions, such as using solar screens on top but fiberglass on the sides.
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