The Spanish Institute

About this pro

The Spanish Institute was created with the desire to provide the Maryland Eastern Shore’s children, teens, adults and businesses the tools needed to embrace the Spanish language. From fun toddler Spanish classes to the creation of comprehensive Spanish-written translations and oral interpretations, we provide it all! See us on Facebook! The Spanish Institute offers accurate interpreting services that promise comprehensible and successful communication. Our interpretation services are available for business meetings, conference calls, depositions, medical examinations, and more. The need to overcome a language barrier can be critical in today’s multi-cultural environment, and The Spanish Institute’s interpreting services are always available to help! Consecutive interpreting: Consecutive interpreting is appropriate for law offices, business meetings, medical facilities, and other various situations where language is a barrier. Consecutive interpreters translate what a person has just said immediately after it has been said. A consecutive interpreter is able to interpret in both directions, delivering the message with the same intonation and emphasis as each speaker, without embellishment. The world is diverse culturally as well as linguistically. In fact, in the more than 20 countries where Spanish is spoken, each country has cultural distinctions, regionalisms, and idiomatic expressions that impact language meaning. At The Spanish Institute, we also have the ability to break cultural barriers by understanding the importance of relaying the cultural information being given. Translation services: The Spanish Institute can translate your documents, contracts, legal or medical documents, as well as marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, mailers, presentations, and more.


Centreville, MD 21617
Coverage Area for The Spanish Institute is about 50+ miles of Centreville, MD.