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Minneapolis, MN

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At Your Dog's Best Friend, we spend our days hosting dog groups where we teach owners how to "dog whisper" and help dogs socialize in a positive environment. We work with several veterinary hospitals and rescue agencies to create great dogs when all hope seems to be lost. We do in-home training to help dog owners rehabilitate dog behavior problems and learn how to manage dog behavior themselves. You will see Your Dog's Best Friend at all of the major dog events throughout the region, reaching out to dog owners, giving seminars, and being Your Dog's Best Friend!

See why we are Minneapolis, MN's first choice for dog behavior training at our website's testimonial page.

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I chose to work with dogs due to the overwhelming need of people who want to help their dog(s) live a happy and healthy life. I have worked with dogs of all sizes and breeds. From clicker to compulsion, positive reinforcement and instinctual communication techniques, I have studied many different forms of training. This has helped me become a more rounded trainer and a stronger mentor for younger trainers, and it has enabled me to be creative with my approach to every dog and family.

I teach people how to train their dog(s), as well as how to keep a positive balance between man and man's best friend, so that person, be it a man, a woman or a child, will know exactly how to handle their dog and truly become a 'Dog's Best Friend'."


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4 Reviews
  • Rachel R. Mar 14, 2016
    We had a very energetic labradoodle puppy, along with a new baby and several relatives coming and going from our house. Our pup would not leave the baby alone, but was also very stressed out by this new role of "protector". Neil came over and gave everyone some very concrete tools to help take back control, and to make Wallace (our dog) feel comfortable in his own house again. The result is a calm dog with calm owners. I'm so glad I called on Your Dog's Best Friend for help- it made our house a much happier place for all.
  • Tisha L. Mar 7, 2016
    We have a 1 1/2 yr old sheepdoodle (75% standard poodle 25% sheepdog) He's a great dog but a little needy and we (the family) are not on the same page when it comes to dealing with him. Neil was AWESOME! He helped us all to be on the same page and taught us how to be the leader of his pack w/o any yelling or screaming or any words at all. A few days after our session - our dog was a completely different dog. So much less needy, much more calm and content. We would highly recommend Neil to anyone! I'm so pleased!
  • Lois A. Dec 7, 2015
    We took in a puppy mill 5 year old dog. She was very fearful and would not walk on a leash to go outside. We called for professional help and had a 2 hour session of Neil's advice. Within 2 days, we are able to get Kali to follow in the house with a leash, go down stairs, and respect our space until she is calm. She is going for walks outside and loving life. Now when we call her to go outside, she walks to the stairs without a leash and goes down ON HER OWN! Patience and assertive persistence. THANKS!!
  • Martha K. Jun 13, 2012
    Our Rescue uses Your Dog's Best Friend exclusively because of the results we have experienced with our behavior challenged dogs. We have had 6-7 go through Boot Camp or extensive one on one training with both Robert and Max with fantastic results. Our adopters have also had personal training with them with the same great results. I myself have learned so much in this area: greeting dogs, walking dogs, helping a dog overcome fear agression, shyness, and most of all: establishing a healthy Leadership Role. We have taken in dogs that would otherwise be put down and helped them become happy, friendly dogs with a forever home; all thanks to their training and guidance.


What types of customers have you worked with?
I contacted Max about a problem I was having with my young setter when this dog became so shy of people he would growl, bark, and literally drop to the floor. This is a dog who was showing in the breed ring and had been out in public a lot. I felt really bad for my puppy as he was so frightened around strangers. I called Max and even though I live about 3 hours from his facility I drove to spend about 4 hours working with Max and his crew. During this time Max taught me how to be a calm, assertive, and stronger leader for my puppy. I have trained dogs in basic and competition obedience for over 50 years, but there is a big difference between "training" and "behavioral therapy" and it was the latter that I needed help with. During my time with Max I attended a class for shy dogs. The class was quiet and calm and although every dog there had an issue with this, everything was under control and it was amazing to watch dogs come out of their shells and owners learn how to help their dogs. My puppy made amazing progress that night and continues to do so as I use the skills Max has taught me. These skills have also helped me become a stronger leader for the other dogs in my household. Even though we are a distance away, Max continues to check in with me and my puppy to see how we are doing. I admire the work that Max and his crew do and I'm really looking forward to getting back for another class. Keep up the good work Max !!
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All Dogs Can Be Good Dogs and We Love The Opportunity to Show It! Thank you for considering working with Your Dog's Best Friend, The Dog Whisperer of Minnesota!