How much will your wedding coordination cost?

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Wedding Coordinators on Thumbtack cost$1000 - $1100

Average fixed price

  • Lowest price:$750
  • Most common low price:$1000
  • Most common high price:$1100
  • Highest price:$2000
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How much does a wedding coordinator cost?

On average, a wedding coordinator costs between $600 and $950 nationwide. Numerous factors affect the final cost that wedding planners charge including the type of wedding, the total budget, the event design, the size of the wedding party, and the timing and location of the event.

Big weddings and elegant small affairs alike can require keeping track of many little details (and lots of big ones), including food, drink, entertainment, transportation, rehearsal dinners, photography, videography, equipment rentals, wedding and reception venue reservations, the wedding cake, the wedding party and more.

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How much does a wedding coordinator cost?

Many full-service wedding planners quote a flat rate based on a comprehensive consultation. Some flat rates are for a specific number of hours, with additional hours charged at a per-hour rate. Other planners charge a percentage of the overall budget for the wedding, or charge an hourly rate for the whole process.

Some wedding coordinators offer predetermined packages for a set price. For example, Magnolia Grove Weddings and Events of Wilson, North Carolina, offers the following packages, with additional time beyond the set package amount billed at $45 per hour:

  • 50-hour Total Package: $2,750, including vendor coordination, wedding design assistance, budget and RSVP management, and day-of coordination, as well as one assistant on the day of the wedding
  • 35-hour Partial Service Coordination: $1,600
  • 25-hour Month of Coordination: $1,200
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Day-of wedding coordinator cost

Expect to pay around $600 (national average) for a day of wedding coordinator. A day-of coordinator specializes in managing the detailed timeline and services at the wedding venue on the day of the event, and can take care of any logistical issues that may arise so you can focus on your big day.

The cost of a day of wedding coordinator usually includes a few hours of preparation before the event, where the coordinator communicates with various vendors and other planners involved in the wedding.

What affects the cost of a wedding coordinator?

Everything from the type of wedding support to the style of the wedding can affect the cost of a wedding coordinator. Many wedding coordinators customize pricing to meet each couple's unique needs. Denean's Party by Design of Catonsville, Maryland, bases pricing on the number of times a couple wants to meet with the planner, the number of vendors the planner will help secure, the complexity of the decor for the wedding, the number of guests and the distance the planning team needs to travel.

Type of support

Some couples would like to occasionally consult with a wedding coordinator on wedding planning but handle most of the details themselves. Others want help with wedding vendors or a day-of coordinator. Still others want a full-service planner to take care of every little detail from the first day of wedding planning through the wedding date.

Day-of wedding coordinators help the couple execute their plans on the wedding day and tie up any loose ends, usually for a flat fee. The most expensive option is to hire a wedding planner to handle every last detail for the wedding.

Each level of service will have a different price, and most wedding coordinators will customize pricing for each job. Your price may increase if you want your coordinator to help you secure a venue, find vendors, or do additional services like guest accomodation coordination or RSVP and invitation management.

Type of wedding

Many wedding coordinators specialize in a certain style, such as laid-back affairs, traditional religious weddings, destination weddings or blow-the-doors-off extravaganzas. Couples who want a small, understated affair should probably not work with a coordinator who likes do wedding coordination for blockbuster weddings — nor pay those rates, which tend to be higher. The number of guests can also impact the price of the wedding coordinator, since they will have more equipment and attendees to organize before and during the wedding.

Wedding coordinator vs. Wedding consultant

Most wedding coordinators will also charge by the hour for consulting, which can be done in person, via email or over the phone. The wedding coordinator works as a wedding consultant and advises the couple on the various aspects of the wedding, but the couple actually does the work of negotiating with vendors, organizing the wedding rehearsal, handling the event design and more. Consulting is the least expensive option.

Wedding Coordinator Pricing by Size of Wedding

The size of the wedding, measured in number of guests, affects how much the professional will charge to coordinate the event. Here's an example of how number of guests affects the national average price of a wedding coordinator.

Number of Wedding Guests

Wedding Coordinator Price











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How to hire a wedding coordinator

  • Know the style of your wedding: Before meeting with a planner, couples should think through the theme, color scheme, quantities needed for each wedding item, and what's needed beyond what the venue provides.
  • Have a budget: Don't try to create your budget on the fly. Save time and heartbreak by setting your budget in advance since this will impact what kind of coordinator you want to hire.
  • Certification: Look for a wedding coordinator who is certified by the Association of Bridal Consultants.

How to save money on a wedding coordinator

  • Choose a consultant instead of a coordinator: Go with a consultant if you are on a tight budget; their help can be invaluable even if they aren't with you every step of the way.
  • Work with a day-of coordinator: If you feel comfortable tackling wedding planning on your own, hire a day-of wedding coordinator to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly, and skip the expense of a full service coordinator.

Benefits of a wedding coordinator

  • A network of wedding connections: You can save money on individual vendors by going through a full-service wedding coordinator. These pros have well-established relationships with vendors and can secure preferential pricing as well as a better venue.
  • Tools to stay on budget: Wedding coordinators hate being dream killers, but they can help give you a reality check, says Ty Ellih of Ty Ellih Weddings & Events of Atlanta. The planner can't get you the best hotel in New York City at rock-bottom prices, but they may be able to find delightful venues you may not have known about.
  • Detailed timeline: A wedding has so many moving pieces. Between guests, vendors, and scheduling, it's easy to get overwhelmed. A wedding coordinator can take the stress out of planning and your wedding day with a detailed timeline. They'll make sure the event runs smoothly, so you can focus on enjoying your big day.
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