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Our services include:

* DJ
* Karaoke

Karaoke Rental: 6000 Karaoke songs, nobody will offer you that many songs with other companies, you'll get 450 to maybe 1000 songs and on top of it, and you will get a cheap speaker system. With our speaker system, you will sound like a pro. If you go to karaoke bars and you see those systems that is what you will get from us. Why pay almost the same that we charge for a crappy sound system and no song selection. Makes no sense to us and we hope to you too, and you and your guests will be much happier

Equipment Rental
Speakers, Poweramp and Mixer; everything you need for any size party to be your own DJ. This is a full-sound system (PA) we deliver, set up and turn down, and pick up. We do all the work!

We will train you in, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes, that's all it will take, so you can run this system and be your own DJ or run karaoke. You be able to run with an iPod, laptop, desktop, any mp3 player.

We have 14 years of experience, and very affordable, outstanding customer service. We treat you right and will help you to make your event as smooth as possible for you.


Saint Paul, MN 55127


1 Reviews
  • Lukas H. Feb 8, 2014
    I have rented Karaoke Systems from other company's before so i know from experience how to compare to Music Man Inc.. 651.426.5400 Website is cheapminnesotadj,com .The Song selection (Karaoke Book) is by far the best in the Twin Cities and maybe in all of Minnesota and their Sound System is the by far the best i have ever had for a Karaoke Rental. There is nobody i found and i looked and did a lot of research who will give you all of the following for a better price: awesome Sound system (you will sound like a Singer in any good Karaoke Bar that"s how good their Sound System sounds), the most Karaoke Songs Library out there they do all the work delivery,set up, tear down and pick up, so you don't have to lift a thing or drive to a Karaoke Rental Place load everything yourself bring everything in your house,then setup ,then tear down then load in your car and drive to the Karaoke Rental Place unload and return everything to the Karaoke Rental Place, you can accomplish all of this without leaving your home with your fingertips in a minute with a simple Phone call. The most Imported thing when you rent Karaoke is how many Karaoke Songs will you have available to you and your guest's. Music Man Inc has about 6000 Songs compared to others 350 to 800 songs, you may think you save a little bit of money but soon you discover when you have your Party you will ran out of Karaoke songs to sing for you and your guest's.First problem you will ran into is there are not many karaoke songs to choose from to begin with and then the next problem you will face is you don't know or ever heard of a lot of the songs you can choose from please don't make the same mistake I've made,i will never ever rent Karaoke from anybody if they don't have a decent (4000 & up Karaoke Songs Selection to rent. Music Man Inc, The Most Karaoke Songs In MN to choose from Others: you will only have 5 to 20% of Karaoke Songs available to you of what Music Man Inc.will give you.


What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
when you hire a Karaoke service don't just ask for the price ask how many Karaoke Songs they have and what speakers Amps (Watt)they have and then compare the price for example if some company charges you $ 100.00 for a karaoke rental you may think wow what a great price but when you pick up the equipment with the karaoke Books you find out they have 850 songs , that is about 10 Pages yes it's a great price but you have no song selection for you and for your guest's you and they will be disapointed. you better of pay a little more and get more Karaoke songs.