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Anya Briggs
Anya Briggs

Anya Briggs

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Introduction: The proof is in the pudding. I have 100% all real 5-star reviews from my clients on my Google business page as well as from my clients on this webpage, and of course many repeat, very happy customers. I love my clients and I strive to give the clearest, cleanest reading without interference and I tell it like it is. I tend to be really good for people who usually "don't go to psychics" or who have never "done this type of thing" before. I am very good at putting people at ease and in helping them understand this process and how it can help them. I am also good at telling people what a psychic reading can and cannot do for them as well. I speak in plain language that anyone can understand. I am not a "unicorns and moonbeams" type of gal; I never have been and never will be. ;-) Helping people! There is nothing more satisfying than being able to assist a client in accomplishing their goals, resolving past conflicts, and heading off potential ones at the pass. I like giving people possibilities and potentialities about current and future events that they never dreamed possible. That change in perception is often crucial and needed and in general, most people I work with respond really well to it. Empowering people with real-life tools for coping and advancing productively and profoundly in their lives is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

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Kendall G.

I've been going to see Anya for several years now. She is amazing. If you're looking for a traditional psychic who will "see" into your past and give you a cold reading about your former lifetimes, forget about it. Anya doesn't bullshit. This woman is legit. The first time I met Anya, we were at a star studded party in NYC. She was in the midst of giving a reading and a crowd of people had gathered around her. When I entered the circle, she spun around to face me and said, "You!" I pointed to myself. "Me?" I asked meekly. "You are a powerful little thing, aren't you?" She said, laughing. (Anya has the best booming laugh, ever. Everyone stared at us, smiling. "My guides are saying you're a talker. A big communicator. A channel. Are you in media?" She asked. I was stunned. I hadn't even met this woman, let alone uttered more than a word and she knew! Up until six months ago, I was a writer and reporter at several major TV news outlets in North America. She knew about my past and odd spiritual stuff that happened to me when I was a child. She even knew I used to sleep backwards in bed when I was a kid. Anya has been right about a ton of personal stuff in my past but that's not why I see her. I see Anya to tell me about the FUTURE. She's a f***king psychic. Why would you ask her about things you already know (even though she does too?) What a waste. Anyways, Anya is super gifted about the future. She knows, man. She totally knows. She's successfully predicted several events in my life with startling accuracy. She's given me amazing past life regression readings and is generally a delight to be around. And her guides are way too funny. She and her guides have the funniest sense of humor. If you're looking to find a psychic who's a bit off beat, beautiful (inside and out) and hysterical... not to mention talented and on point... look no further then Anya Briggs. They don't say Anya is a Channel for nothing.
Aug 10, 2012
Carmen B.

Words continued to allude me while trying to describe my appointment with Anya. Then it came to me. "Wow, to the Nth degree!" And that is a good thing. Otherwise there are no words to adequately describe the delightful time that I spent with her and our wonderful guides. However, I can say that my life is changing for the best, and that if I had procrastinated until the proverbial 'later', then I would have delayed the inevitable, wasting valuable time. Looking back, I'm both relieved and glad that I made the commitment to tackle some of my problems with the help of a wonderfully talented, humble, compassionate, fascinating, talkative, comedic psychic extraordinaire. Seriously, though, if you hate laughing, don't call on Anya, because I could not stop laughing. So in conclusion and after completing my homework, I look forward to booking another appointment with my new Friend and SiStar, Anya. Blessings!
Aug 10, 2013
Claus B.

During the last 13 years I have made several experiences with intuitive coaches. Not all of them were helpful, and in one case there wasn’t anything behind it. The consultation with Anya, however, sticks out as a very good example. She won’t let you down, and takes a profound and compassionate interest in you and what your issue is. And she can help. In my case, the issue war primarily job-oriented. I have to admit that the advice sounded somehow strange to me at first. I guess it’s a common occurrence for taking advice, because sometimes we are not able to see things for ourselves. But more importantly, then all the other things came into my mind. She conveyed personal information, sometimes very detailed things. She couldn’t have known them by any conventional means, because I hadn’t told her anything before. So it was definitely not a cold reading or anything like that. Before deciding to book, I had listened to some of Anya’s interviews. For me, it made me understand her intentions a bit better. She is definitely a person interested in personal and spiritual well-being, although she may come across like a fiery amazon at times. She is also willing to help, in a very open and giving manner. And given what I have experienced, I can confirm that she is also able to do her craft. This devalues much of the criticism directed against her, regardless from which kind of dark or elevated corner it might come. Her skill might appear to be the most important thing for many, but it shouldn’t be separated from her background and positive attitude.
Oct 7, 2013
Anne M.

My reading with Anya has been and will continue to be such a timely, amazing help to me along my journey. I look forward to a followup session. The sensitivity this woman has is a divine gift, and she has "paid her dues" to work at this level. I felt only a powerfully loving, protective, harmonizing energy coming through, able to address exactly what needed addressing. The suggestions for strengthening my focus as well as the accuracy in describing and dealing with current issues and challenges in my life were grounded and holistic (including challenging entities, she does not shy away from the gritty topics, does subtle level cleansing, etc.!) If you want to put your energy where it will count, consult with Anya; she is a psychic's psychic. You will not be disappointed!
Dec 29, 2013
Meera S.

I was astonished when Anya instantly identified the crux of the problem I was then facing in my life, She did not know anything about me except for my name and email address. I had purposely decided not to give any more information to make the session more meaningful. Anya is immensely gifted and does not speak in a sugar coated language. She will give you facts and directly tell you what you need to do to resolve the issue or improve the situation. She suggested a few remedial measures which I diligently followed. She will not try to sell you any stuff atall like some of the so called $10 tarrot card readers or psychics do. I started noticing the difference in my life within 2 weeks. I felt very uplifted and was able to consciously work on resolving the problems i was then dealing with. I was astounded. She helped me identify the root cause of the issue I was facing, which I myself was hazy about. She gave some details about critical people in my life which were so precise. Anya thank you for helping me. You are truly gifted!
Aug 14, 2014


  • How did you get started doing this type of work?

    It chose me! I was, believe it or not, working in travel sales before this current line of work put me in a headlock to help people do things besides book a cruise to the Bahamas! It definitely was a calling. I literally could not stop doing readings for people until it reached the point that it was clear that I should go pro. I walked out of that travel sales job and never looked back. Some of the best psychics are the ones who have stumbled into the profession as I have simply because the compulsion was just so great that there was no other option.

  • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

    Please do NOT give me any information about yourself or your situation. In order to protect the integrity of the reading, when in correspondence with me, please DO NOT tell me what the problem and/or issue is. The less I know, the better. You can be extremely general in your concerns, and if I have to ask more questions, I will, but ideally the idea is that I am telling you what impressions I am getting. A two page synopsis sent to me about a potential client's life before they've even scheduled the appointment kind of makes me wonder if they really need or want a reading after all because now they've just told me everything about themselves! Now where's the fun in that? '-) At least for the first reading, remain silent on the details when corresponding with me.

  • What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

    That not all psychics are frauds and/or conmen and women- that some of us, like myself, really do want to help people. Another thing is that I don't always know everything about you if I meet you in a social setting! I don't go psychically where I am not wanted. I must ask for permission or the person must ask me if I can get information from them. That's a cosmic law I don't violate. Sometimes things will inevitably bleed through if a person is very open though, and it's kind of a "too much information" type of thing and I can clamp down on it and can muffle the information somewhat by directing my attention on something else. I can't turn it off though! God made me this way, and I happily signed up for the job. Another thing people ask about are things like lotteries and sports events- It's not like I am getting sports scores all the time just out of the blue, but it does indeed happen. The Superbowl and the World Series seem to be big events for me psychically over the last several years. I think something collective happens with all the focus and energy people fixate on with those events that make it super easy to know who will win. ;-)

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