Anya Briggs

New York, NY

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How does your business stand out?

The proof is in the pudding. I have 100% all real 5-star reviews from my clients on my Google business page as well as from my clients on this webpage, and of course many repeat, very happy customers. I love my clients and I strive to give the clearest, cleanest reading without interference and I tell it like it is. I tend to be really good for people who usually "don't go to psychics" or who have never "done this type of thing" before. I am very good at putting people at ease and in helping them understand this process and how it can help them. I am also good at telling people what a psychic reading can and cannot do for them as well. I speak in plain language that anyone can understand. I am not a "unicorns and moonbeams" type of gal; I never have been and never will be. ;-)

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Helping people! There is nothing more satisfying than being able to assist a client in accomplishing their goals, resolving past conflicts, and heading off potential ones at the pass. I like giving people possibilities and potentialities about current and future events that they never dreamed possible. That change in perception is often crucial and needed and in general, most people I work with respond really well to it. Empowering people with real-life tools for coping and advancing productively and profoundly in their lives is what gets me out of bed in the morning.
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  • Tony T. May 24, 2015
    I am a man at the cutting edge of high strange experiences yet it can be a maze and it is thanks to Anya and her ability that she could seen behind the noise of my situation and give me a clean signal. which gave some fascinating results to have done what Anya did means you have to be pretty exceptional and gentle Tony Topping.
  • Stephen R. Feb 14, 2015
    If I had a choice between a banana split, a time machine, a life size wax model of Burt Reynolds, or a session with Anya, I'd take the session with Anya. Don't think twice, she's there to help. I say that not laughing, and if you value your life - indeed if you value your personal development to the extent that you are willing to hear the truth - make it a priority. Muchas, muchas gracias.
  • Veronica L. Nov 22, 2014
    Anya is truly amazing. Her message is very positive and empowering!
  • Meera S. Aug 14, 2014
    I was astonished when Anya instantly identified the crux of the problem I was then facing in my life, She did not know anything about me except for my name and email address. I had purposely decided not to give any more information to make the session more meaningful. Anya is immensely gifted and does not speak in a sugar coated language. She will give you facts and directly tell you what you need to do to resolve the issue or improve the situation. She suggested a few remedial measures which I diligently followed. She will not try to sell you any stuff atall like some of the so called $10 tarrot card readers or psychics do. I started noticing the difference in my life within 2 weeks. I felt very uplifted and was able to consciously work on resolving the problems i was then dealing with. I was astounded. She helped me identify the root cause of the issue I was facing, which I myself was hazy about. She gave some details about critical people in my life which were so precise. Anya thank you for helping me. You are truly gifted!
  • Natalie I. Aug 14, 2014
    i contacted Anya to get a reading because i was distraught over my fiance passing. Even though she did not read me because i am not emotionally ready (which i completely agree) the words she wrote to me were more powerful than i could have imagined. She has made me see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and i look forward to having her in my life in the future!
  • Anne M. Dec 29, 2013
    My reading with Anya has been and will continue to be such a timely, amazing help to me along my journey. I look forward to a followup session. The sensitivity this woman has is a divine gift, and she has "paid her dues" to work at this level. I felt only a powerfully loving, protective, harmonizing energy coming through, able to address exactly what needed addressing. The suggestions for strengthening my focus as well as the accuracy in describing and dealing with current issues and challenges in my life were grounded and holistic (including challenging entities, she does not shy away from the gritty topics, does subtle level cleansing, etc.!) If you want to put your energy where it will count, consult with Anya; she is a psychic's psychic. You will not be disappointed!
  • Shelly R. Oct 17, 2013
    Hi how are you? I am skeptic about these things but I am willing to give it a try. I would like to meet wit h you and set up an appointment. Thank you.
    Anya B. Oct 17, 2013

    Shelly, rather than reviewing me for a service you haven't hired me for yet, feel free to contact me at my email address, which is: anyaisachannel(at)gmail(dot)com, I hope you can understand what that email is as thumbtack doesn't allow me to print my actual one! Also, I think you will not be disappointed. ;-) Speak with you soon. Blessings, Anya

  • Claus B. Oct 7, 2013
    During the last 13 years I have made several experiences with intuitive coaches. Not all of them were helpful, and in one case there wasn’t anything behind it. The consultation with Anya, however, sticks out as a very good example. She won’t let you down, and takes a profound and compassionate interest in you and what your issue is. And she can help. In my case, the issue war primarily job-oriented. I have to admit that the advice sounded somehow strange to me at first. I guess it’s a common occurrence for taking advice, because sometimes we are not able to see things for ourselves. But more importantly, then all the other things came into my mind. She conveyed personal information, sometimes very detailed things. She couldn’t have known them by any conventional means, because I hadn’t told her anything before. So it was definitely not a cold reading or anything like that. Before deciding to book, I had listened to some of Anya’s interviews. For me, it made me understand her intentions a bit better. She is definitely a person interested in personal and spiritual well-being, although she may come across like a fiery amazon at times. She is also willing to help, in a very open and giving manner. And given what I have experienced, I can confirm that she is also able to do her craft. This devalues much of the criticism directed against her, regardless from which kind of dark or elevated corner it might come. Her skill might appear to be the most important thing for many, but it shouldn’t be separated from her background and positive attitude.
  • Tobias M. Oct 4, 2013
    Anya is fantasticly skilled in what she does, she is a precision intsrument! I am so thankful for all the things she have been addressing to me, "Hidden things", And the very powerful energywork she have done with me. I must let weeks go by before doing another session, othervise it gets to much for me, due to the rate changes occour inside me. That´s how powerful she is. I am VERY thankful to get assitance from Anya.
  • Carmen B. Aug 9, 2013
    Words continued to allude me while trying to describe my appointment with Anya. Then it came to me. "Wow, to the Nth degree!" And that is a good thing. Otherwise there are no words to adequately describe the delightful time that I spent with her and our wonderful guides. However, I can say that my life is changing for the best, and that if I had procrastinated until the proverbial 'later', then I would have delayed the inevitable, wasting valuable time. Looking back, I'm both relieved and glad that I made the commitment to tackle some of my problems with the help of a wonderfully talented, humble, compassionate, fascinating, talkative, comedic psychic extraordinaire. Seriously, though, if you hate laughing, don't call on Anya, because I could not stop laughing. So in conclusion and after completing my homework, I look forward to booking another appointment with my new Friend and SiStar, Anya. Blessings!
  • Julie N. Jul 10, 2013
    Psychic Reading
    Verified Review
    I treated myself to a reading with Anya, and I now consider it a significant investment in my future. It was a fascinating journey, to say the very least. Anya touched on so many core issues for me. It has now been a few weeks since we talked and the 'dots' that she has helped me connect become clearer all the time. She is truly gifted, firm, kind and fun. I have some homework to do! (Yes, she gave me homework :D) And I am doing it with sincerity and gratitude. I look forward to speaking with her again soon. I feel the guidance and insights that she offered were one of the first steps to the overall improvement of my life and career. The second part is my own hard work and follow through. She recharged battery was so low, I didn't even realize how depleted I was! So...MANY thanks to Anya! And if you're on the fence about investing in a reading with Anya, my advice is to commit! You are worth it.
  • Julie C. Sep 4, 2012
    Psychic and New Age Services
    Verified Review
    I can honestly say that Anya is one of the most authentic and gifted psychic healers I have ever worked with. She is a delight, very skilled and in tune. With just one session she has changed my life in a powerful way. Anya is truly an inspiring human being. I am forever grateful.
  • Susan M. Aug 12, 2012
    Psychic and New Age Services
    Verified Review
    My reading with Anya was phenomenal! Her intuitive guidance is SPOT ON!! She was able to introduce me to one of my guides and WOW! I now see the influence of this particular guide that was always there. I really appreciated how well grounded she is, and how she has a knack for sorting through all the BS and the "story", getting to the heart of the matter. And she does not tell you what you want to hear about, she tells you what you NEED to hear and deal with before moving on. I firmly believe in personal sovereignty and responsibility and many people want to give that away when consulting with a psychic. Better get that out of your head if you hire Anya! Either way she will shift your focus to where you need to be, in the very specific way you need to hear it. Anya had some very specific, practical suggestions that really helped and I have been able to better cope with what might have been a potentially depressing event in my life. I was just so ready to move on, pick myself up and dust me off, trudging along as usual. But Anya's reading reminded me to slow down and heal me first. To be aware of my energy and how to MANAGE it. Funny how many of the things Anya said were things I had heard before but somehow, made real-time sense when SHE said them. Like they FINALLY clicked. What a gift she has. I'll be booking another session when I'm prompted to go on to the next step ;-) To get the best out of your reading, come with an open mind, drop the expectations, and be ready laugh and have a great time! You won't find someone to fix it for you, but someone who can share her tools with you!
  • Zandra B. Aug 9, 2012
    Psychic and New Age Services
    Verified Review
    I am so disappointed. What a huge waste of money. I write this with tears in my eyes because she is NOT a psychic. She spends most of your time explaining how she get information from sprits and her third eye. When you ask her a direct question about your life she gives you a general answer about how its up to you to change or ask for more information. She could not pick up on ANYTHING in my life unless I asked her or told her. The most important things like me suffering from a life treating disease was not picked up on. Half way through I just wanted it to be over because I realized I was being scammed. I was desperate like most people who seek help from psychics are. I am a good person and fighter but often feel like giving up because I am suffering like you cant believe in every aspect of my life that I have no control over it. Emotional, physical, financial and social and to have someone basically give you a Dr. Phil talk( you have to get right with your self before good things happen) is just a waste of money and wicked. I am a realistic person who was not trying to pay to hear what I want to hear but nothing she said made any sense to my life. all i wanted was some direction and hope in the future. she gave neither. When she was guessing my personality it was embarrassingly wrong so she back tracked and kept on guessing and then just flat out asked me about my self. I feel like I have been raped. $150.00 is my unemployment check for the week. This was nothing more then a con I wished I had not donated to her bank account. If a psychic can not predict the future, see the past or tell you what’s going on in your present day life then they are nothing more then a con artist or someone who reads books on psychology. After she was done I cried my eyes out because I felt used and taking advantage of. I was left in a worst situation then before because now I am in the same boat and don’t have grocery money. This was not entertaining or fun. These kind of people must understand that people come to them when they are in a lot on pain and are suffering and it is wicked and in my opinion against GOD to take advantage of them. The only thing I m suspire she didn’t do was tell me a have cures of bad luck and for a fee she could get rid of it for me. None of these positive reviews are real. from Hurt
    Anya B. Aug 9, 2012

    I'm sorry you think you don't have any control over your life, Z. I responded to you because you were in deep distress and you kept emailing me over the course of five days begging me for a reading. I gave you a lot of valuable information before I even decided to (very reluctantly I might add) accept you as a client about your expectations of a psychic reading and what role your own personal responsibility plays in the session and in your life. There were red flags going off all over you, and I told you right from the beginning that yes, you are responsible for you first and foremost, and your emotions affect your perspective and reality. I also told you right away, without you even opening your mouth, that you needed anger management counseling from a qualified and licensed counselor or psychologist. Apparently I was correct. I would have happily given you a refund back if you had approached me in a private message over dissatisfaction over the reading. You have no idea how many people I turn down who ask me to do a session for them on a daily basis because they are not an accurate energetic match, and clearly you should have been one of those people. Chalk it up to mercury retrograde, because this was a rare occurrence of not listening to myself about a bad feeling about someone. You also kept insisting that it was me and only me you wanted to speak with and no one else over the course of five days with repeated emails literally begging me for a reading. Obviously you could not and would not listen to what it was I was saying and offering you, and apparently what I was saying was very accurate it seems. Every single one of these reviews I have is real, Z. They are 100% verifiable and true. I am sorry you cannot see what I was offering you in the spirit of sincere compassion it was offered. Please take responsibility for yourself. You have a lot of things going on right now that are directly of your own creation. Once you understand this, you will blossom, and I hope you do. Please get the anger and refusal to take responsibility for your role in things in check. Blessings, Anya

  • David V. May 11, 2012
    Psychic and New Age Services
    Verified Review
    Crazy wierd. This lady is no joke!
  • Zommy O. Apr 21, 2012
    Verified Review
    It was just a very cool experience. Anya's got a signature style, so you'll need to understand the differences in each person's reading style, and I really enjoyed her very sort of brilliant one. She's very meaningful in what she says; it's not fluff. It's true and thick and real. She has real ability. This is not a play kind of thing for her; I sense somehow this is her actual power on a daily basis. She has a real talent, and she's unique in many ways. What I found a little bit cool for me was, one: I matched what she said, word for word, with what I knew to be true. The match was slightly scary, but I needed to see it and hear it. Two...I felt this upliftment, which I wasn't even expecting; I wasn't setting any particular expectation that I should somehow feel empowered after a psychic reading. But, I did--and it was in a very big and eye-opening way. There was so much relief and cleaning out and just, empowerment, involved that I am still kind of excited that I spoke with her. That's my review. I'd recommend her, for sure. I'd be very surprised if someone else's experience were drastically different. Thanks, AB!
  • Peri L. Oct 9, 2011
    Verified Review
    Anya is astonishing!! SAhe got specifics that NO ONE but me could have POSSIBLY known. She is funny, compassionate, brilliant and The Genuine Deal. As a professional in the same field, you'd think I wouldn't be out promoting the "competition"...but Anya is a credit to the Profession! She is a treasure. her now. She helped me a LOT. Hooray for psychics who are really, truly psychic! All 20 of us! (just kidding.)
  • Trish B. Oct 3, 2011
    Verified Review
    I hope I don't reveal too much : My session with Anya has truly been a God-send. Although I wasn't in a state of panic, I was certainly in a crisis stage in my life, and Anya has shown me the guidance, love, and understanding that I needed in order to respect myself enough to really begin healing. To begin with, she offered me a variety of ways to proceed with the session. Everything was customized to what was the most important to me, even if I didn't know it at the moment. During our session, Anya was gentle, funny, warm, and utterly blunt. She doesn't sugarcoat, doesn't hide what might be uncomfortable. She's kind of the living version of "sanitizing through light," as that old saying goes. What I liked more than anything (except perhaps her energy work, which was amazing), was that she scattered specific action items throughout our session that I could begin implementing immediately. They ranged the gamut from seemingly easy to hard, but all are completely specific to my situation and my needs. I like having homework that's customized to who I am as a person, so I was really excited by this. The more I mull over everything, and the more action items I start crossing off my list, the more the epiphanies about myself and my situation and place in the world just keep rolling in. It should be unnerving, but somehow it's paced beautifully and everything is starting to feel better and better. Anya's purpose really does seem to be helping people. She and her guides are focused on wellness - spiritual, physical, and psychological. It's a VERY effective trifecta! In terms of cost, her fee is extremely reasonable. It's really just the cost of taking a loved one to dinner and a movie. In terms of credibility, she NEVER asked to meet with me again. She never pushed for more time or sessions or money. No threats of "If you don't meet with me again, you can't continue on your path" or any of those scare tactics others might use. When I brought up that I would like to see her again, she was happy to agree. She's just a very welcoming person. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with her.
  • Mike C. Sep 30, 2011
    Verified Review
    Anya is the real deal. I've done more than one session with her, and each were profoundly helpful. She is sassy, serious, straight forward - and FUNNY! Everything she imparted was presented in a framework of personal and spiritual evolution. My life has been enriched. Mike Clelland
  • Aly C. Sep 30, 2011
    Verified Review Updated
    There are not enough words (or stars) to describe how amazing Anya is. I came to her in one of the most difficult times of my life and she's helped me tremendously. No crap, no metaphors, no veiled meanings, no pandering, and especially no fluff. She gave me that kick in the butt required to for me to make real change. I learned it's never the things you want to hear that make the biggest difference - it's what you need to hear. I'm a client for life and I refer every friend I have to her. But, don't take my word for it. When you're ready, why not see for yourself? She's the best investment in me I ever made.
  • Verified Review Original
    Anya is amazing. I'm so glad I contacted her. She's straight to the point - no fluff, gave me information that was easy to understand - no strange metaphors, and managed to change the course of my life in an hour. Like I said, AMAZING! I hope to have the pleasure of working with her again.
  • Breann W. Sep 30, 2011
    Verified Review
    My reading with Anya was amazing. She spoke to me as though she knew me and I really feel she does. She is honest and blunt; not looking to make you feel better by telling you what you want to know, but by telling you what you NEED to know. Listening back and reviewing what we discussed has helped me as the reading was very emotionally charged and intense. I caught things I had missed the first time around that even further leads me to believe in Anya's abilities. My life has become more positive with her help. She cares SO much about you and wants to see you thrive. I couldn't ask for a better councilor and medium. She truly is one of a kind and you won't regret her services. I will be seeing her again soon and send my love her way. She is a fantastic, beautiful person inside and out.
  • Stephanie S. Sep 24, 2011
    Verified Review
    During my session with Anya I had all types of feelings. I felt that she wasn't connecting with me but because she knew some basic information I proceeded and remained optimistic. She has a quality of exuberance that pulls you in and she knows exactly when to compliment you so you don't focus on the fact she's not telling you anything provable. I thought the reading was worth the money until I listened back to the recording. I realize how much information I gave away and she paraphrased and gave back to me. I realized that every time I disagreed with one of her insights she followed up with a compliment. I realized she spent half of the time going off on historical tangents. I cant say that Anya is a psychic but she is definitely a well versed mood lifter and great listener. I was quite embarrassed to let a friend listen in to the recording because it reminded me that I am gullible and have given away money at yet another vulnerable time in my life.
  • Brian S. Aug 10, 2011
    Verified Review
    Simply put, Anya rocks. Without any prompting from me, she went straight to the heart of both my current and more global dilemmas, with clarity and accuracy, and (gently yet directly) offered a perspective of these issues that it may have taken decades for me to arrive at alone. Epiphanies came one upon the next – multi-epiphanic! – and to call my session with her energizing is like calling the sun somewhat bright. There are no tricks here. She is exactly what she presents herself to be. She is also funny, highly intelligent, and damn fun to speak with – someone I will come back to without hesitation.


How did you get started doing this type of work?
It chose me! I was, believe it or not, working in travel sales before this current line of work put me in a headlock to help people do things besides book a cruise to the Bahamas! It definitely was a calling. I literally could not stop doing readings for people until it reached the point that it was clear that I should go pro. I walked out of that travel sales job and never looked back. Some of the best psychics are the ones who have stumbled into the profession as I have simply because the compulsion was just so great that there was no other option.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Please do NOT give me any information about yourself or your situation. In order to protect the integrity of the reading, when in correspondence with me, please DO NOT tell me what the problem and/or issue is. The less I know, the better. You can be extremely general in your concerns, and if I have to ask more questions, I will, but ideally the idea is that I am telling you what impressions I am getting. A two page synopsis sent to me about a potential client's life before they've even scheduled the appointment kind of makes me wonder if they really need or want a reading after all because now they've just told me everything about themselves! Now where's the fun in that? '-) At least for the first reading, remain silent on the details when corresponding with me.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
That not all psychics are frauds and/or conmen and women- that some of us, like myself, really do want to help people. Another thing is that I don't always know everything about you if I meet you in a social setting! I don't go psychically where I am not wanted. I must ask for permission or the person must ask me if I can get information from them. That's a cosmic law I don't violate. Sometimes things will inevitably bleed through if a person is very open though, and it's kind of a "too much information" type of thing and I can clamp down on it and can muffle the information somewhat by directing my attention on something else. I can't turn it off though! God made me this way, and I happily signed up for the job. Another thing people ask about are things like lotteries and sports events- It's not like I am getting sports scores all the time just out of the blue, but it does indeed happen. The Superbowl and the World Series seem to be big events for me psychically over the last several years. I think something collective happens with all the focus and energy people fixate on with those events that make it super easy to know who will win. ;-)