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About Darwin Dogs LLC

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How does your service stand out?

My work stands out from others because this is my full time job. I do it every day, sometimes 7 days a week. I stand out because I am constantly honing my skills, and immersing myself in different training scenarios and combinations of issues. For example, a dog who doesn't walk well on a leash may require a little bit more finesse if the person who wishes to walk him is quite elderly and the dog is very large. Compound that if the dog is showing fear aggression towards other people or dogs. Since I am practicing my trade every day, several times a day, I have a broader scope of past experience to draw from.

I also thoroughly enjoy my work. I am charmed by every dog I meet, and truly enjoy running into clients at the local pet store or while on a hike. I always welcome phone calls or emails, whether the day after training or 6 years later. I am always there to answer the questions!

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I thrive on the positive results I get several times a day. It's like climbing Mt. Everest every day, and reaching the top every time! Some problems seem just as insurmountable, but when I'm finished, I can proudly look at what I've accomplished and cherish the new, healthier and happier dog/owner bond I've helped create.


Lakewood, OH 44107

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  • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    Wow! Terry is very professional, knowledgeable trainer. She conveys her information in fun and easy to understand way for my husband and I, as well as Rusty and Tucker. We started applying what we learned as soon as she left with great results. We highly recommend her. Thxs Terry!

  • 4/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    We had a good training session with Darwin Dogs and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking help with food reactive siblings/multiple pets. We loved the openness, the approach, the blog posts that continue to help us with our journey!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

  • 3/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    this didn't work for us as it wasn't enough hands on with the puppy. We realize that the adults need to know and follow the procedures for the puppy to learn but it was too much information in a short time period. We to master one command and then move on. The trainer knew what she was doing and it was obvious that she established her authority over our puppy immediately.

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    Kerry was absolutely terrific. She took control of my "reactionary" dog immediately, demonstrated how to keep her from lunging at people and moving objects, and walked me step by step through the process. She explained everything she was doing and why. My neighbors have commented on Remy's wonderful behavior. I can't thank you enough.
    Elizabeth Feeney

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    I have hope again! Kerry is the real deal... 20 years of experience & a sense of humor to boot. Our 2 big dogs are going to be much happier now that we know how to fly the plane. Thank you, Kerry!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    Kerry was great. She came to our house and had my puppy under her control within seconds. She showed us how to pilot our dog and gave many helpful ideas for all problems we were having. I would recommend her to anyone seeking help for their puppy/dog.

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Kerry came to our house to help us be better owners for our 2 Labs (1 year and 5 year olds). Everything about her visit was fantastic. From the moment she arrived our dogs took on a completely different demeanor.
    After seeing how our dogs reacted for a little while she took the time to explain to us what she noticed and how we could manage situations and just be better owners overall. Her tips are already proving to be invaluable.

    We never would have thought it would be possible to lay treats on the ground and not have our dogs demolish them instantly, but she proved its possible in about a minute!

    I know we can't wait to keep going with everything she showed as and incorporate the training into all aspects of our lives. Its so much better knowing we can walk our dogs... rather than them walk us.

    It was seriously worth every penny!

    Thank you for helping us fogure out how to answer our pups' questions!

    Joel, Brittaney, Riley, and River

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Kerry did an amazing job teaching me and my family techniques to control my dog's behavior. She was friendly, funny, and very knowledgeable about dog training. I highly recommend her to anyone having trouble with their dog.

  • 4/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Kerry was great , very knowledgeable, but a totally different style ..it will take me a while to undo most of the problems , but daily I see some changes of who"s the boss and it is not my dogs and Harvey isn't being such a bully to Izzie ...greeting guests is another story , it is difficult for me to get 2 goldendoodles to calm when people come over

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    I needed some help communicating with my 6 mos. puppy and to learn how to deal with his separation anxiety. Kerry was very helpful in explaining why things were happening and how to work with Mac thru it. She spent a little more time than allotted to be sure I understood everything and answered all my questions. Kerry was very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to everyone!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Kerry had the expertise and the ability to share and teach her knowledge to me, a novice. I highly recommend Kerry Stack!

  • 3/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Kerry seemed to know right away what the issues were, the sources and the solutions. My dogs are responding positively to the interventions. The anxious barking has greatly decreased.

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Amazing experience with Kerry. She taught us more in 2 hours than we learned on our own in the nearly 2 years that we've had our dogs. Highly, highly recommend her training!!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Our time with Kerry was very informational and eye-opening. She helped me to realize that many things I had learned about dog training in the past were setting my puppy up for failure and me up for a lifetime of frustration . And some of his bad habits that I found so frustrating were a result of my own rearing. She showed me products and ways that I could work with him that will help his mental and physical well-being. Just her presence when she walked in the room immediately gained his control and showed me that I could do it to. I can't wait to see how well he progresses and would suggest her services to anyone with a dog who has a big heart (and an affinity for chewing, jumping, and not listening)

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Had an in-home training session with Kerry last weekend to help with some behavior (see: hyperactive) issues with my Border Terrier. Within the first 10 minutes, it was clear that she had him figured out and knew exactly what I needed to learn to help him and work with him on a daily basis. I am already seeing major changes in him in the past few days just from recognizing what he needs and how to correctly respond, even if it is not always easy.

    Kerry is a great resource and I would recommend her to anyone looking to communicate better with their dog(s)!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Me and my 3 kids had a wonderful experience today with Darwin dogs. Kerry is an amazing trainer for both dogs and humans! We saw immediate results in both of our dogs. I highly recommend using her company. Thanks Kerry!!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    It was well worth the money, she was awesome. She came in, took control of our two dogs and showed us exactly what we should be doing and why. Then she had my boyfriend and I do it so we could get experience and pointers from her on what we could do better. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with their dogs or just wants some pointers. after she

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Our family had a very great experience working with Kerry. She was very patient with us and with our children as we finished dinner and started working with our lab, Buddy. All of the information she provided was easy to understand and she presented her methods in a way that my and I could apply to better training Buddy. I highly recommend her.

    Kerry S. from Darwin Dogs LLC replied to this review on August 1, 2014

    I usually don't respond to reviews because I think people don't want *another* email to open. However, I have to point out that Tim's 4-year old daughter, Libby, colored a picture of she and I training her dog, Buddy. :) It's pretty easy to be patient with kids of that caliber. It is hanging on my fridge. A pleasure to work with you!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Frankly, I was skeptical of whether my dog could learn the things I needed to teach her In two hours. But I soon discovered it is the people that were being trained-- a way to train my dog to learn with my appropriate behavior. Today is the first day after our session and things are definitely improving - not perfect but much improved behavior. Judith

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    After one session with Kerry, I was amazed how much more control I have had with my dogs. I have two Great Danes, and they can be a little unruly sometimes, to say the least. Recently, one of them has had a couple aggression issues towards other dogs when we go for walks, to the park, etc. Kerry gave me the tools to manage her nervous aggression towards other dogs she perceived as threats. With showing my dogs that I am a leader and making myself more aware of my body language, I am able to put them at ease that I am the one in control whenever we leave the house. Half the battle is making sure you and your dogs are calm and you're the one leading them, and patience is key. Kerry also showed me how to handle my dog when she does get into an aggressive area and how to handle her so she doesn't get hurt, and I don't get hurt. I have done other training techniques with my dogs and other trainers that were not getting the results that I have seen Kerry get within minutes of walking into our house! I would highly recommend Kerry for owners who are really interested in understanding their dogs and understanding their roles in their dogs lives.

  • 5/5 stars Animal Training and Behavior Modification (Non-canine) Verified Review

    I had the privilege of working with Danika from Darwin Dogs and I must say, she was outstanding! My "little" girl Dakota (hound/gsd mix) is fear aggressive. While we have made great headway with her, we've had several setbacks, due to some irresponsible dog owners and I was getting a bit gun shy and needed some better tools in my toolbox to continue with Dakota's progress. Danika gave me exactly what I needed and so much more! In less than 2 hours, I learned how to tell Dakota that I was more than capable of keeping her safe...and have her believe me. By the end of our session we were walking right by dogs that would have previously set her off. She was even walking side by side with a dog she had never met before. I can't thank Danika and Darwin Dogs enough for renewing my confidence and getting us back on track. I highly recommend working with Danika and Darwin Dogs!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    We had a fantastic training session with Kerry. She helped me a lot with out newly adopted Jack Russel/ Beagle Mix. Especially walking on the leash became so much better since Kerry showed me how to give Bruno the right signals. Thank you very much for your service!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Kerry came into our home for two hours and helped us with our year old and senior dog. She was very professional and addressed all of our questions. One day later our home is peaceful and everyone is happy!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    My senior rescue dog, Chester, is very sweet and loveable, but had barking, nipping, whining, growling, and stair issues. Kerry came to my home 6 days ago and I must say, with Kerry’s tutoring of me, Chester has made some great strides in becoming a super duper dog! With his lead on, Chester has gone up the stairs ever since Kerry was here… with a little trepidation at first, but he follows right on up! Also, I’ve been able to get him to stay back and not whine when my Dad is trying to eat his dinner. Leash walking with him in the backyard is a delight. He wags his tail and with his leash, he walks calmly. Finally, the door bell rang yesterday and as usual, he started loudly barking and galloped towards the front door. But….he stopped in the dining room and paused to look back at me, then went to the door and I was able to back him off into the foyer hallway. Minimal barking. I’m hoping this is a trend! I’ve definitely noticed that Chester seems calmer and happier. Thanks, Kerry, for putting us on the right track!

  • 5/5 stars

    Kerry has been a sympathetic, empathetic, and thoughtful professional since my first phone call with her in the spring of 2013. I have utilized all of the Darwin Dogs offerings (selection, people training, dog behavior assessment, pack walks) and would, withoutany hesitation, recomend Kerry Stack.

    The first dog Kerry helped us with blessed and changed our family forever. I am eternally grateful and indebted to you for your support Kerry. My toddler with struggles would not be the person he is today if Alley Girl was not there for him. Thank you. Now, Max is teaching me many lessons , and Kerry, three seasons latter, is still expanding the way I think.

    Finally, when it was necessary Kerry interacted with my vet. He was throughly impressed with her professionalism and knowledge, and stated that I was working with the right person. Of course, I already knew that.

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    I like Kerry's approach to training dogs. Kerry is spot on with the way she instructed me to pilot my bored dog. Also, her instruction on how to curb barking has been heaven sent! Before I knew Kerry, I saw her at our local pet store and thought.... Wow, she really handled that dog well. I'm
    Very happy with the advice I've been given.

  • 1/5 stars

    Stay away!!!! She believes in chocking dogs! Also pretty pathetic that she has to write her own reviews to make herself look good. If you want to mess your dog up Kerry will do it! She has cruel methods!

    Kerry S. from Darwin Dogs LLC replied to this review on December 4, 2013

    At first I was horrified to read that one of my clients had a bad experience with me! Obviously I immediately went to my client contact page that I maintain so I could call them and rectify the situation, but then I realized, I have never had a Tammy J. as a client, nor even exchanged so much as an email with this individual! However, their warning has been taken to heart, and I will watch out for people who like to "chock" their dogs. I'm not sure what that entails, but I'm hoping I'll recognize it when I see it. Other than that, I will continue to provide the best service possible to my clients, as can be seen by my 60+ other positive reviews. I should also point out that Thumbtack strives to make sure people can not leave reviews for themselves. I would not associate my business with such diseased practices as false reviews!


  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Kerry was very professional, and informative. She also has a wonderful personality that makes the learning "fun." We learned a lot from her in the 2 hrs. Don't think the time is "Too good to be true," our Bentley is on his way to being a great dog, thanks to Kerry & her methods. The Guenther Family.

  • 5/5 stars

    This woman is a five star. She is simply outstanding. He helped me realize that my dog was not the one that needed help. But I was! She taught me all the proper ways to handle every situation, and now my relationship with my Bentley is excellent! I can handle his huge strong self on a leash with ease. He walks next to me with the extra leash between us. I do not understand how I went three years without her. Kerry was a blessing to me, and I know Bentley sure appreciates his more wise owner! Now if only I can train my boyfriend to train his dog properly!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Kerry was at our house for two hours and helped us fix the dog-owner relationship that we have spent months working on!!! Her methods are worth every penny and the other reviews are true, just one session makes a huge difference. I have complete confidence in my ability to control my dogs now and cannot believe how much I learned from her. Thanks Karry!!!!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Kerry walked in the door and immediately had our dog under control. Amazing! She showed us how to do this ourselves. We will try to do everything she showed us. Thanks Kerry for giving us back an amazing dog.

  • 5/5 stars

    Our standard poodle is so much easier to walk & does not jump or bark when someone comes to the door thanks to Kerry! We are managing so much better - her use of apt metaphors really made sense to us. We are very glad to have made a connection with her!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Kerry was great, she took control of our "crazy" dog. She explained everything thoroughly. Kerry also took Barney for a walk, where we watched out the window. Then, went through a lot of lessons, what to buy (with coupons) to help us out. She also took all of us out for a walk in the neighborhood. We had lots of challenges because of the deer, and other people walking their dogs on leashes. Unfortunately, there were other dogs without their leashes running around. She helped us out to address these problems. She also stayed longer than expected. The only thing I could improve was, I wish I had more sleep the night before, my bad, I was tired! Oh yeah, she said, call, email, FB, whatever if we have any questions or issues.

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    In minutes, Kerry had our two doggie delinquents on the road to rehabilitation! She quieted their insane barking at visitors at the door, and patiently instructed us how to achieve the same results. She diagnosed our little dachshund Mike's growling and biting, and knowing that the behavior was a fear response rather than aggression has made it easier for us to solve the problem.Kerry also taught us how to walk them on the leash, rather than them walking us - or more to the point - them pulling us down the street. As we suspected, it was not so much a case of bad dogs as it was the dogs' OWNERS that needed to be trained! Kerry's GREAT!

  • 5/5 stars

    Kerry is terrific in what she does. I highly recommend her to people who want to care for their dogs with dignity and love.

  • 5/5 stars

    Learned a lot.

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Kerry did a great job. She immediately assessed the problem when she walked in the door. She showed us how to master the walk, how to take control of the door when the doorbell rings, how to address unwanted behavior and it has really helped! Plus, Kerry had a great sense of humor! Highly recommend!

  • 5/5 stars

    Kari was a great teacher. I am extremely happy with the service and I would gladly recommend her.

    She was prompt and very professional.

  • 5/5 stars

    She is fantastic! We saw a significant improvement after just 2 hours of in home training. I would recommend her services without hesitation.

  • 5/5 stars

    Carrie was awesome! She taught us so much in just two hours & we're already using it on or dogs. Will definitely recommend to our friends!

  • 5/5 stars

    Darwin dogs training was great. Kerry (the trainer) gave advice and instruction on how to hangs my behavior to get the results I was looking for. My dog and I are definitely on our new road to success. I highly recommend Darwin Dogs training!

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    What a phenomenal experience! Believe me, I went in as a doubting Thomas! I really didn't feel you could do much of anything in 2 hours and I was right - she did it in 1 hour 45 minutes! And what a pleasant individual! She instantly made my dogs so comfortable. Thank you so much!!!

    Kerry S. from Darwin Dogs LLC replied to this review on September 24, 2012

    It's easy to be "a pleasant individual" when working with people who truly care about their dogs. I look forward to hearing about Scarlet and Sasha's continued progress!

  • 1/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    I had begun a successful training regime on my own, and cancelled our appointment, as I indicated I would, in plenty of time for them to fill my spot. I explained my training process, and indicated I would be in touch if I ran into any snags.

    Instead of responding to my e-mail, the trainer ranted on her blog about me, my methods, etc.

    If this is an indication of her real character, I am grateful that I didn't subject myself and my pup to interaction with her.

    Kerry S. from Darwin Dogs LLC replied to this review on May 7, 2012

    With regard to not responding to your email, you had declined my services, and please bear in mind that you had responses to your roughly 14 other emails, including the one where I, at length, helped you find a reputable breeder. I find it difficult to accept that after the time and energy put forth by me, that the lack of response to your cancellation of our appointment resulting in such a scathing review. Especially given no payment had ever been received.

    I believe I have finally narrowed down the post that "ranted":
    "Can anyone explain why people are obsessed with clicker training? I find it frustrating that people willingly add a layer between their dog and their being leader. That clicking noise is NOT a magical incantation!"

    This was my daily post after receiving his email that he'd started clicker training.

Question and answer

Q. What types of customers have you worked with?

A. Everything from leash skills and door manners to dog-on-dog reactivity and "aggressive" behavior. Some are very simple to address, and some require a great amount of skill for it to be accomplished in a safe manner for all involved. Each one is unique, and all are treated with the same dignity and respect. Your pit who greets everyone with (too much!) enthusiasm is given just as much time and focus as the Jack Russell who feels the need to snap and growl at your guests.

Q. What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

A. Be careful of the "all positive" reinforcement claims. Children cannot be raised with strictly positive reinforcement, neither can dogs. In order to find your place in the world, you need both latitude and longitude, left and right. Communicating with a dog strictly through food is not communication at all, it's bribery. True communication requires no such gimmicks. There is a time and place for positive reinforcement, and it's not always and everywhere!

Stay far away from anyone who uses scare tactics or "machismo" style training: they obviously have something to prove and the dog is going to be their vehicle. If the words "prong collar" or "shock collar" are mentioned, ask yourself why that would possibly be necessary - dogs don't communicate with each other like that, why should you? Anger should never be a part of training. Frustration happens, but it should never happen around your dog when you are working with them. Walk away, reboot, and start fresh rather than venting your frustration on your dog.

Q. What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

A. It is very hard work, and requires a lot of concentration, especially when dealing with reactive dogs, and I have to make it look easy so you have confidence in me. The whole time I am working with you, part of my attention is on you, part of my attention is focused on the dog, and part is focused on how to help you both learn to communicate in a harmonious fashion. Some dogs may be fearful of new people, or I may be called in for an aggressive dog. My attention can never waver from that dog, but I am fielding questions and teaching you communication skills with your dog. Your mind must be able to follow several paths at any given moment.

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