How much does a personal trainer cost?

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The average cost for a personal trainer is $50. You are likely to spend between $30 and $75 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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Personal trainers provide individualized fitness and wellness training in one-on-one or small group settings. Personal trainers are fitness professionals hired to help clients achieve exercise and wellness goals. The length and regularity of sessions, the education and training of the fitness professional, and any special equipment or requests made are just a few of the things that can affect the overall cost of hiring a personal trainer.

Length of session

Trainers commonly offer 30-, 60- or 90-minute sessions, and prices are usually by the session. Training sessions can be a one-time event or recur daily, several times a week or weekly. People who seek the help of a personal trainer are frequently interested in weight loss, firming and toning, increasing muscle mass, nutrition, flexibility, endurance training, body building and aerobic fitness. The more topics covered, the longer the session and the higher the cost.

Private or group lesson

Private instruction costs more than group lessons. Private instruction offers specific attention to the client’s individual needs and is more flexible for addressing specific injuries and personal nutrition. Group lessons can be organized by the instructor or by a client seeking private instruction for a group of individuals.

Location of session

Costs may be higher if a trainer has to travel to a client’s home for private sessions. On the other hand, sessions held in a gym or studio may occasionally have additional overhead fees.

Single session or package

Packages provide opportunities for discounts, with most personal trainers preferring to have repeat clientele on regular days each week.

Trainer specialization and experience

Certifications, specialized trainings, educational background and injury rehabilitation training all may increase a trainer’s fees. A trainer able to provide nutrition counseling, injury rehab and weight training may command a higher hourly rate than another person with only a personal trainer certification.

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Recent reviews

Progressive Health Pro Inc.

Eric is great. Very knowledgable guy who makes hard work fun. Sign up. The system is geared for personal attention, but without the cost of a personal trainer. Nutrition is part of the plan too!!


In the beginning I was a little apprehensive in hiring a personal trainer because I already have an idea of the cost. But in conversing with Anthony he was able to work out a a plan that will make attaining my health goals cost effective. So, I'm enrolled in both his group training and personal training as well. My main goal was dropping weight, and he was able to focus my attention towards fat loss. So I appreciate how he is able to shift my thinking towards long term goals than short term weight loss, because in the past I've experienced the "yo-yo" effect that he describes when you lose the weight and then gain it right back with a little extra. So, I definitely want to avoid that again... I went through a 3-Day GI cleanse that went very well. Continued to track my food intake in which he described how to do. Of course the exercises kicked my butt, which were circuits and intervals during the group exercises both indoor and outdoor. During the one-on-ones we did more traditional exercises to tone and build strength, also challenging. Otherwise, I liked that he isn't a trainer that's screaming in your face. He motivates and challenges you because he wants you to succeed. He corrects your form even during group training to assure that you minimize any risk for injury. Overall, he is very understanding.

Justin H.

Outstanding service! Well worth the cost. I highly recommend to anyone needing some extra help to get in shape or need help starting. The cost is well worth it and very reasonable compared to other personal trainers and you don't have to join a gym as well. Also its one on one so you don't have to go to a gym if you don't feel comfortable in a regular gym setting. It seriously is the greatest. My wife is quitting pure Barre bc his workouts are so much better and you see results quickly. I lost numerous inches and lost 20lbs in first month. Not to mention gaining inches in my chest etc as I'm not only doing cardio but really seeing the importance of weight lifting/training! Give him a call or email him. Get in for a free trial and see if you like it. I promise it will be one of the best investments you will ever make!! He puts a comprehensive plan together for each individual client and makes sure you are doing the exercises properly so you dont huet yourself. Take the first step, call and Justin will make sure you attain all of your goals!!!