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Guitar lessons are available for children and teens of any skill level, from first-time players to accomplished performers. Teachers offer instruction on acoustic, classical, electric and other guitars. Some prospective students can already read music and guitar tabs, while others can’t read music at all. Teachers commonly offer instruction in various styles, including classical, blues, jazz, rock, folk and country. Several factors affect the cost of guitar lessons for young people.

Length of lesson

Lessons can be as short as 30 minutes or longer than two hours, depending on the teacher and the student’s needs. In general, the longer the guitar lesson, the higher the cost. Students are paying for the teacher’s time, as well as his or her expertise. Sollohub Music in Broomfield, Colorado, charges $120 for four 30-minute lessons per month and $200 for four 60-minute lessons per month.


Purchasing a lesson package is typically the most economical way to take ongoing lessons. Students pay a lower price per lesson, and the teacher is guaranteed a set amount of business. Here’s how Jeff Keefer Music Lessons in Denver, Colorado, handles tiered pricing packages:

  • One 45-minute guitar lesson in-studio: $30

  • Three 45-minute guitar lessons in-studio: $85, a $5 savings

  • Six 45-minute guitar lessons in-studio: $165, a $15 savings

  • Eight 45-minute guitar lessons in-studio: $215, a $25 savings

Multiple students

Families can sometimes save when more than one child is enrolled with a teacher or music academy. Some instructors offer a discount for a second student to incentivize parents to bring them in. This arrangement is financially beneficial to both the family and the teacher because it provides the teacher with more business and gives the family a cost reduction. Sollohub Music, for example, charges $25 for one 30-minute lesson or $100 for four lessons per month when another friend or family member is already enrolled. This option provides a $5 per lesson discount from standard rates.

Teacher reputation

Guitar teachers who have good reputations or famous clientele, and those who are particularly sought after may charge higher rates than those without the same draw. A teacher’s academic background, performance experience and specialized training can also affect pricing.


Instructors may charge a travel fee for lessons given at a student’s home to help cover the additional time, mileage and travel expenses. Teachers’ geographic location can also affect costs—those living in smaller and more rural areas tend to charge less per hour than instructors in major cities and regions with a higher cost of living.

Intro lesson

Some instructors offer a free introductory lesson to encourage new members to sign on as students. For example, Jeff Keefer Music Lessons offers a free 45-minute intro lesson to show kids how fun guitar lessons can be.

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