How much will your drum lessons cost?

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Drum Teachers on Thumbtack cost$50 - $60

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How much do drum lessons for kids cost?

The national average cost of drum lessons for kids can range from $20 to $60 or more per lesson. How much you pay will depend on the teacher's experience, the length of the lessons, and whether your child learns drums at the teacher's studio or online.

Does your tot love playing pots and pans? Does your teen instantly become a drummer when you turn up the music in the car? Drum lessons can teach your little percussionist the skills they need to tap out music with a steady beat. It's also a great beginner instrument for budding young musicians to get experience playing music and learning basic music theory.

Whether your goal is to save your eardrums or to encourage your child's dream of becoming a drummer in a rock band, this guide will tell you how much kid's drum lessons cost and how to find a drum instructor.

What's in this cost guide?

How much do kids' drum lessons cost on average?

While drum lessons cost anywhere from $20 to $60 per hour, the average cost of drum lessons for kids is $50 to $55 per hour. An instructor typically charges by the lesson and may offer lessons in 30- or 60-minute sessions. The fee may vary based on whether your young drummer will take lessons in person or via Skype or another video app, which may cost slightly more.

Here are some examples of drum instructor fees:

  • Thumbtack Pro in Colorado Springs, CO: offers in-person lessons for $20 per half hour or $35 per hour. For online lessons via FaceTime or Skype, the pro charges $25 per half hour or $45 per hour.
  • Thumbtack Pro in Houston, TX: charges $30 per half hour for both in-person drum lessons and video lessons. The owner offers discounts for cash payments and to students who drive more than 15 miles for their music lessons.
  • Thumbtack Pro in Palm Beach, FL: offers a free trial lesson, then charges $60 per hour for in-person drum lessons or for Skype lessons. He offers discount packages, with $100 off a 16-lesson package and $200 off a 20-lesson package.
Compare prices from drum teachers near you.

How many lessons per week/month will my kid need?

Most drum teachers recommend at least one lesson a week. The monthly cost can range from $80 a month to $160 a month or more, depending on the teacher, the length of the lesson, and the format of the lesson. Consider the monthly cost before you decide if drum lessons will fit into your family budget.

What additional costs are involved in drum lessons?

Before your drummer begins playing and learning the basics, they'll also need to purchase some equipment. Here's a list of the equipment you may need or want to buy when your child starts playing the drums. A beginner needs only the first three items, so you can get started for under $75 and buy the rest once they've committed to the instrument.

Equipment Average Cost Necessary? Description
Drum sticks $10  Yes Your child will need drum sticks to practice at home on the practice pad or drum.
Practice pad $10-$40 Yes An affordable stand-in for a drum or drum set, a practice pad allows your child to play at home in between lessons.
Hearing protection $25 Yes Good earplugs for musicians are an absolute must to protect their hearing (while they're still learning, you might want some as well!)
Metronome $20 No Produces a steady tempo and can help a young drummer learn to play a beat. Alternatively, you can also download a free or cheap metronome app on your smartphone.
Snare drum $150-$250 No May come in a kit with a practice pad, silencer and possibly a bell set.
Drum set $350-$600+ No A standard 5-piece drum set comes with five drums plus hi-hat cymbals and a crash cymbal. If you choose in-person lessons, your instructor will have a set your kid can practice on each week.

If noise is an issue where you live, you may want to buy an electronic drum set that can be heard only through headphones, rather than an acoustic drum set, for your youngster, Kush says.

Consult your child's drum teacher before you buy any equipment. They can help you to get the correct items and even recommend a quality entry-level drum set that is on sale and will fit your child properly, Kush says.

When should kids start drum lessons?

Some teachers only accept students of certain ages. For example, one pro takes students ages 6 and up. Another usually will teach students ages 10 and up, but may accept younger students if they have studied piano or another instrument for at least a year.

Get a free estimate from a great drum teacher near you.

How can I find a drum teacher for my child?

Ready to find a drum teacher near you so your child can start lessons? Look at the teacher's training, experience, length of time in business, and reviews from previous parents or students. Most drum teachers require parents to sit in on lessons, which is also a way to learn more about their teaching style.

How can I save money on drum lessons for kids?

To save money on drum lesson costs:

  • Book a trial lesson: Some teachers offer a free trial lesson for new students that will allow you to see if they are a good fit for your child and what music they want to play.
  • Sign up with a studentA college music student may be happy to teach your child for a lower rate than an experienced professional drummer or established teacher.
  • Enroll your kid in a group class: You may be able to cut costs by signing your child up for group drum lessons at a music school.

Learning a musical instrument is a great experience for any kid. And, who knows? With a little practice and teaching help, your little rock or jazz star will be having fun and playing songs with other musicians before you know it.

How do we know these prices?

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