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In the fall or sometimes after a storm, yards can become overwhelmed by beautiful but troublesome leaves that eventually rot, damage grass or become an eyesore. Leaf cleanup professionals have the equipment and the know-how to quickly make a yard super-clean. Not surprisingly, the larger the property, the more it will cost. Some services charge by the hour; others charge by the size of the property or volume of leaves. It also costs more to have the leaves removed rather than simply having them blown into a pile or to another location.

Size of property

Many leaf cleanup services base their prices on the square footage or acreage of the property to be cleaned. For example, Torino Home Repair of Brooklyn, New York, charges $150 to clean a 1,500-square-foot lawn, which comes out to 10 cents per square foot. If a customer can’t supply the property’s square footage over the phone, professionals can provide an estimate once they see the property in person.

Number and type of trees

The number and type of trees on the property affects how much work a leaf cleanup company will have to do and, thus, how much it will cost. The service provider might also consider how many trees and what type are on adjacent properties because those leaves can blow into nearby properties.


Many leaf cleanup service providers charge by the hour. Be sure to get an estimate up front.

Remove, blow or mulch

It will cost extra to have the leaves bagged and removed from the property, as opposed to just blown off of it or piled on the curb. Another option is to have the leaves vacuumed and turned into mulch for your garden.


If you have a leaf blower, a rake, a vacuum and leaf bags, you may be able negotiate the cost of the labor for cleanup.

Compost fee

Some service providers charge an additional fee for composting. Be sure to ask if this service is included in the estimate.

Minimum charge

Some service providers will not do smaller jobs unless you agree to a minimum charge.

Cost-saving strategies

Leaf blowing costs much less than having the leaves removed; however, be careful about where you have the leaves blown so that you don’t make enemies of your neighbors. If there are woods adjacent to your property, you could have them blown there. Turning your leaves into mulch can save money you may have spent on mulch for your garden. In general, wait for a day when your leaves are completely dry to have them cleaned up. When leaves are wet, they take longer to clean up, which is likely to cost more.

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