How much does a home organizer cost?

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The average cost for a home organizer is $50/hr. You are likely to spend between $30 and $75 per hour. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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Home organizing services are available for private homes, offices, multiunit buildings and commercial spaces. Common requests for help include removal of unwanted items, paper management, space planning, storage advice, garage or estate sale preparation, moving preparation, and online filing. Bedrooms, closets, in-home offices, garages, kitchens, bathrooms, storage areas and basements all frequently need organization. Several factors affect the cost of home organization services.

Hourly rate

Many home organizers have an hourly rate that covers decluttering, organizing, removal and other services. Hourly rates can vary depending on geographic location, business reputation and experience, supply and demand in the area, and the cost of living in the area. Here are a few examples of home organizers’ hourly rates:

Organization packages

Buying home organization services in bulk typically decreases the overall cost per hour. The upfront price is higher, but the hourly rate is lower over time when paid in full from the start. This option is good for customers who, having a received a consultation, may want to commit to a longer-term organization plan. Here’s how ClutterSort Professional Organizing Services breaks down pricing for tiered packages:

  • Six hours of organizational services: $399—a $51 total savings over purchasing individual hourly services

  • 12 hours of organizational services: $699—$201 total savings

  • 18 hours of organizational services: $999—$351 total savings

  • 30 hours of organizational services: $1,599—$651 total savings

  • 60 hours of organizational services: $2,999—$1,501 total savings


Rates may increase if services include disposing of large quantities of clothing, files, paperwork or old furniture. Many organizers include minimal disposal services as part of their hourly rate and will negotiate a disposal price for more extensive disposal projects to account for the cost of their time, labor and transportation expenses.


Travel to and from a location is part of a home organizer’s work, so typically travel expenses are included in their rates for jobs within their service area. However, for locations outside of their standard service range, an additional fee may be charged to account for travel time and transportation expenses. Simply Organized by Vicci charges the following for travel:

  • 21–25 miles outside the service area: $10

  • 26–30 miles: $15

  • 31–35 miles: $20

  • 36–40 miles: $25

Concierge home organization

Some home organizers offer additional services such as home prep and setup prior to move-in as well as services similar to interior design that home organization and reworking of decor. Prices may be higher for these services. New York at Home in New York, New York, charges $125 per hour for concierge services and interior solutions.

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Recent reviews

J&J's Helping Hands

I am impressed with the service Janette offered today organizing and cleaning my house and she was very friendly. She was very professional, helpful and did beyond what I asked for a low cost. I will hire her again if I get an opportunity.

Retreat to Neat Home Organizing

The job involved organizing MOUNTAINS of stored up paperwork and unused household items, and some light cleaning. Janet became a source of strength and much needed guidance; she kept me on track to organize my home. She also helped me develop skills and traits to KEEP my home organized. I was overwhelmed with my circumstance before she came. I had waited a long time to ask for help because I thought the process was going to take over a month and cost a lot of money. I knew I needed help, but had to work on feeling comfortable having a stranger in my house. To my delight and surprise, we finished in less than a week and the cost was MUCH LESS than I thought it would be. And Janet immediately helped me feel comfortable about her coming to my home. It often felt like I had a longtime friend helping me get through something difficult. *ON A SIDE NOTE: I had a friend who has an organizing business and the reason that person did not work was because this person began to just throw my piles in a big garbage bag without looking at any of it. It was horrifying, and it took me a long time to recover. I told Janet I needed a delicate approach and this is exactly what she provided. Our time together helped me get to the place where I could comfortably let go of schtuff and not feel a painful loss. I recall on the first day how she talked me through letting go of schtuff and by our last day together, while we were cleaning off my patio (BECAUSE WE FINISHED ALL THE OTHER WORK AND I STILL HAD TIME SLOTTED), I trusted her to clear schtuff away without needing to looking at it. I was cleaning one area and while she worked on another area and I told her, “I trust you, if it looks like garbage to you then throw it away,” I did not need to check it. The reason this is important to know is because Janet gives comfort and reassurance to those who may have a hard time letting go of schtuff for whatever reason. She does not judge the need to hold onto things. She has a deep understanding of needing time and a method for the healing process. She provides an opportunity for cathartic cleaning of the physical home and the spiritual connection to schtuff we hold on to. I highly recommend Janet to those who need a quick and thorough organization session or to those who need a person who will take the time needed. She provides patience, compassion, and understanding. As a disabled veteran who deals with PTSD and physical disabilities, I especially recommend her to all veterans who deal with the impacts of trauma. The best part of my time with Janet is that my child was so happy to see me happy about our home. My family was so happy for me also. Though I was not messy (I had organized piles of schtuff), they were so happy to see my relief of the piles being gone. When all was said and done, I actually ended up being more than a half a day ahead of schedule for the following busy week I had after Janet left. Meeting Janet was a blessing and having her as my organizer was an exponential blessing!

Let's Get It Together Professional Organizing

Although I didn't get the opportunity to work with Liz Mason of Let's Get It Together Professional Organizing beyond her initial assessment of my condo, I was very impressed with her obvious experience and common sense. Liz gave me an plan for each room of my condo, and estimated cost, and an approximate amount of time it would take to get the job done--none of the other organizers who I have worked with have ever been able to do this. Her approach was logical and realistic. She was completely non-judgemental and eased my anxieties about the "stuff" I need to get rid of or organize. A personal issue came up in her life that prevented her from ultimately taking on my project, but if she is available in the future, I would definitely work with her again.