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Interior designers and other design professionals offer home staging services that include decluttering, rearranging, or bringing in and staging furniture and decor in a home. Typically people hire professionals to help with home staging in preparation to sell a home, to rent a home out or sometimes to simply restyle a home. Some clients have their entire home staged, and others focus only on certain rooms. Pros can stage living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, master bedrooms, other bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and basements. Homes can be vacant or furnished and any size. Several factors affect the cost of home staging.

Occupied or vacant

The most significant cost factor is a home is vacant or occupied. Vacant homes generally cost more to stage because the professional has to provide furnishings and decor. If the pro doesn’t own these items, they will need to be rented. People hire professionals to stage their empty homes for sale because buyers are more likely to purchase a home if they can envision living in it. The Real Estate Staging Association reports that staged homes spend 90 percent less time on the market than those that are not staged.


Whether a home is vacant or occupied, most stagings begin with a consultation. The consultation provides property owners with an action plan. They can then either work to execute the plan on their own, or they can hire the home stager to complete it for them. Purchasing only a consultation is a cost-effective way for DIY types to stage their home with limited professional assistance. Here are some examples of consultation prices:

  • Just Organized by Taya in Houston, Texas: $200 for a two-hour consultation with DIY tips and guidance

    • Clients receive a free, on-site, 30 minute consultation when a four-hour staging session is booked.
  • Staging 2 Sell It in Marshalltown, Indiana: $250 for an initial one- or two-hour consultation and design session, which includes a written report

    • Additional design consulting costs $65 per hour


Staging an occupied home typically requires less time from the home stager as well as less financial output because the home already has furnishings. Staging an occupied home generally entails developing a plan to declutter existing furniture and decor, create easy pathways through the home, eliminate odors and earmark small repairs. Clients may opt for a consultation only, or they can hire the professional for a set number of hours to provide hands-on staging, including moving furniture, hanging (or taking down) art and decluttering. Just Organized by Taya charges $800 for a full day of hands-on staging.


Staging a vacant home involves creating a vision and then populating the home with furniture and decor that will appeal to the targeted home buyer or renter demographic. Some home stagers have their own storage of furnishings to draw from, while others partner with furniture rental companies. In either case, the cost of staging a vacant home covers transportation and physical setting up of the furnishings. If items are rented, the final bill will include these costs. An example of vacant home staging below: Just Organized by Taya’s starting price for staging a vacant home is $2,200. Costs can be as much as 1 percent of the home’s selling price, depending on the home stager’s level of involvement and the resources required.

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