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How much does printer repair cost?

Average cost in 20149: $85 See National


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The average cost for a printer repair technician is $85. You are likely to spend between $55 and $125 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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Inkjet printers, laser (toner) printers, thermal printers, dot matrix printers and other types may need repairs from time to time. Some professionals make repairs at clients’ homes or offices, or in the case of more portable printers, customers bring their printers into a repair shop. Common printer problems include repeated paper jams, printing blank pages, network connection problems, printer belt issues and other malfunctioning. Several factors affect the cost of printer repair.

Type of printer

The type of printer in need of repair affects the overall cost for services. Some higher-end inkjet and laser printers for commercial use have advanced technologies that require more expertise and training than standard home-use printers. Professionals may charge more per hour to work on these printers or an overall higher fee for each service call.

Hourly rates

Many printer repair technicians charge hourly rates for their services. Some pros charge different rates for residential versus commercial printers, and others have one set hourly rate across the board. Professionals in cities and areas with a higher cost of living often charge higher rates. In addition, professional experience, technical training and reputation all affect the hourly rate. Here are some rate examples from printer repair specialists across the country:

  • Hamlett Computer Services in Chicago:

    • $40 per hour for standard computer and printer repair work
  • Kevin McDonald Computer Systems in Tucson, Arizona:

    • $60 per hour for standard printer and computer repair work with a $35 minimum fee for services
  • Scribe Tech in Costa Mesa, California:

    • $75 per hour for small laser printer repair work

    • $90 per hour for large laser printer repair work

    • $125 per hour for production (high output) printer repair work

      • Discounts available when clients require over 10 hours of production printer repair work per month—these machines work double time and typically need extra attention
  • Dave’s Computer Service in Houston:

    • $75 for the first two hours of onsite service and $50 for each additional hour.

Service plans

Some printer repair professionals offer service plans that provide an overall discount on repair and maintenance services while also ensuring ongoing business from their clients. Plans may be solely for printer repair or could include computer and network services as well. For example Hamlett Computer Services charges $100 per month for a small business service plan that includes computer and printer maintenance and repair.

Travel fee

Many printers are too large to transport, and technicians must make house or office calls. Some companies work in specific service areas and do not charge extra for travel. Others may charge a travel fee to cover time and transportation expenses. Generally, the farther a job site is from a company’s headquarters, the higher the travel fee. Hamlett Computer Services has tiered pricing to cover travel expenses:

  • Locations within 15 miles of their headquarters: $15

  • Locations within 15.1–25 miles of their headquarters: $25

  • Locations within 25.1–45 miles of their headquarters: $35


Many printer and computer repair professionals offer discounts to students, military members, seniors and other groups. Hamlett Computer Services offers a 25 percent discount to students.

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Pacific Printer Services

Will Neal came to my house to repair my HDLaserjet Printer. He was very courteous and professional and even tried to help me with an ongoing computer problem. Neither was successful. The failure was not his fault. The problem was that after his working and cleaning inside and outside of the printer, the repairs failed because part of the problem was a hidden broken gear. This problem would have cost equal or been more expensive than purchasing a new printer. The computer problem was something that only my server could solve. I did end up contacting Charter Spectrum and did get the computer problem solved. I did appreciate that Will Neal charged me a very reasonable price for being here and working for over three hours. I certainly would recommend him to anyone that needs that kind of service. Thank you Will. I will contact you again if need be. Sincerely, Louise Dockey, age 92

Netharmony, LLC

Diagnosed hp printer failure as a software problem. Reprogrammed the computer to printer connection, which solved the problem at a cost one half that of competing quotes.

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Prompt and professional repair of printer. Excellent service, very fair price.