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How does your service stand out?

We are known as the "Paramedics of Property Damage" and are a member of the Red Cross Disaster Responder Program. We care about our customers and have many great testimonials to prove it. We try and save as much as possible in your home and always leave your home clean and tidy. Our prices are great and we never try to upsell. We offer FREE estimates and FREE advice and are always here for you.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

We love helping people. Many times home owners and businesses just do not know who to call when they get a flood or water damage or even mold so they use google to try and find the best company. Sadly there are many companies out there spending lots of money to become top of google but it does not mean they are doing a good job. Take your time and call someone you are comfortable with. We work with your insurance company if you need us too taking the burden off of you and walk you through the process. It is our pleasure to do so. There is greater than helping someone, it really is a rewarding experience.
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Allen, TX 75013

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11 Reviews
  • Vanessa S. Nov 18, 2016
    Best Company Around!
    If I could give more stars then I would! After being faced with a less than pleasant experience with a water mitigation team called out by the insurance company, Gerry shows up and absolutely SAVES the day! He is beyond professional and knowledgeable... he is just simply GOOD PEOPLE! I could go on and on and on about how pleased I am with every aspect of our interaction with Puroclean from drying our home, checking for mold, and helping us pack out the property. THE CUSTOMER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO GERRY and I always felt as though I was his top priority. You don't find companies like this often!!!! I hope I don't have to use him again anytime soon but I do feel a little more at peace knowing that I can call Gerry if an emergency presents itself!
  • Mary F. Sep 6, 2016
    Excellent water extraction services
    Entire house flooded from a broken toilet hose. Gerry was very responsive, experienced and knowledgeable. He met my expectations and was very trustworthy. Would definitely recommend him and his company.
  • Kennet S. Mar 17, 2016
    We had water from our upstairs bathroom coming down into the laundry room. I called Gerry at Puroclean and he came out immediately to assess the situation. He and his team put the needed equipment in place and came out to measure moisture until it was totally dried. I'm VERY happy with Gerry and his team and they also have fair pricing. I highly recommend them and would definitely refer them to my friends. Kennet Skold
  • A Family Estate Sale A. Mar 17, 2016
    Great company. Excellent service tailored to our needs for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend them.
  • Will H. Jan 24, 2016
    Puroclean Property Restoration Experts did an outstanding job for us. We had water damage in three different areas in my home. Gerry and Matt came and took care of our issues. They were polite, informative and they did not try to gouge us for money. Their price was very reasonable. I would definitely use them again and refer them to my friends. W & S
  • Jeremy R. Jan 22, 2016
    During all of the heavy rains last year, we identified a couple of spots that the water was making its way into our house. The main spot was in a corner of our master bedroom that is usually covered with a nightstand and doesn't get a lot of traffic. We bought the house in 2011 during the drought, so it wasn't until the heavy rains last year that we noticed we had a problem. I felt sure that it had probably been a problem for a while, but we just never noticed it until the heavy rains happened in 2015. After the roof repairs were done to address the source of the problem, I called up Gerry at PuroClean. Since it was not an emergency like a burst water heater or pipe that would leave large amounts of water or sewage in places it shouldn't be, he scheduled a time to come over and assess the situation. On the day he was to come over, he called shortly before arriving to say that he was en route and to confirm our address. Gerry and his team were very thorough, knowledgable and professional. We showed Gerry the corner on our master bedroom floor that we noticed the other day was wet. We also showed him pictures that we had taken with our phones when we first discovered the issue. Gerry took several readings with a moisture meter from several different spots in the room to confirm what we had found. Gerry went over with us what would need to be done to resolve the problem. He provided very detailed and helpful information that we could understand. He also gave me pointers on what I could do and products I could use should the same type of issue happen in the future. The pictures and other larger furniture objects like dressers were removed from the room. The king-sized bed was covered with plastic and moved away from the problem area in the room. The supply and return registers in the room were also covered with plastic and sealed off. The A/C was turned off too to help prevent the spread of anything harmful like mold. The baseboards, drywall, and insulation were all removed in the problem areas. First a small area of sheetrock and insulation around where the water was noticed on the floor was removed. Then gradually more and more sheetrock and insulation were removed until Gerry was confident that the entire scope of the problem was exposed. In doing this work, we actually found mold in another part of the room that was due to water at some point in the past overflowing the gutters and running down the windows in the bedroom. (I actually fixed the cause of this problem a few years ago when I added another downspout to the back of the house between the master bedroom windows.) The insulation and sheetrock were bagged safely and removed from the house. Then the areas that had mold on them were treated with some peroxide. After that, blowers were set up in the room along with HEPA filters to dry things out and remove any mold that was loose in the air. About three or four days later, Gerry returned to check on things and to ensure everything was dry. He did a visual check and he also checked with the moisture meter to confirm that things were sufficiently dry. Then the blowers and filters were turned off and removed from the room. Next, he applied some special encapsulation paint for mold to prevent it from spreading in case there was any small amount remaining within any of the wood framing in the treated areas. He also used another tool to check the air quality. The bed and the supply and return registers in the room were uncovered from the plastic and everything in the room was wiped down with another special type of cleaner. I would highly recommend Gerry and his team when you have restoration work like this that needs to be done. They are absolutely the best!
  • Catherine B. Oct 15, 2015
    Gerry and Matt did an incredible job. They were extremely clean, professional, and thorough. Gerry used a thermal camera to detect all the water damage, and discovered a leak in a toilet we didn't know was improperly installed! Needless to say, we were grateful, as this problem had clearly been going on for over a year. Gerry also has relationships with other contractors (plumber and general contractors) who came to do the next steps in the work we needed done. These people were also respectable and professional, and charged a fair price. We will definitely use PuroClean in the future, if we need restoration, and will recommend them to all of our friends!
  • Sarah C. Feb 3, 2015
    Excellent service! Highly recommend working with Gerry, he is very knowledgeable and nice to work with. Thank you very much Gerry!
  • Steve F. Feb 2, 2015
    If you have water damage or mold issues then Gerry would be the right guy to call! I cannot say enough good things about Gerry. He is a very honest guy that will shoot you straight and try to solve your problem with the least cost. You can tell the guys like Gerry that are true professionals because they don't try and oversell the project -- they are in the business for the long haul, take pride in their work and recognize the value of a happy customer...like me! Steve F. Murphy, TX
  • Jenny P. Jan 31, 2015
    Definitely recommend him again. He was very fast and professional. We are very happy that he saved our wood floors after a pipe broke. Thanks! Jenny
  • Cleann C. Dec 23, 2014
    Mold Inspection and Removal
    Verified Review
    Gerry was very thorough in his analysis of some carpet stains I had from an aquarium leak. He did a great job of explaining the entire process and all the alternatives. I can now feel at peace that the problem is resolved. I would definitely recommend him as an expert!


How did you get started doing this type of work?
I used to write reports after doing inspections on what work should be done and how it should be done and got fed up with contractors not following procedures just because they did not understand why they were there, nor cared. It still happens sadly. Contractors leaving commercial buildings wet as they think it will just dry out by itself and then find that they have a mold problem months down the line as their office staff gets sick and they have no idea why.
What types of customers have you worked with?
Water losses from burst pipes. Mold inspections from general contractors or DIY people or handy men that left buildings wet as they did not understand the consequences.
Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?
These can generally be really long stories
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Also check us or other companies out first. Sure read the reviews as they do help but if you have time check we are qualified, check we have a business address and office.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
It would be how to contact us and when to contact us. Also remember you as the home owner have 100% control on who comes in to your home. Do not let your insurance company dictate to you.