Elemental Yoga

About this pro

Become your own inspiration. Elemental Yoga: North Texas Yoga Therapy is a yoga studio that offers group classes, one-on-one yoga therapy sessions, small group sessions and massage therapy. We seamlessly weave together classes that cater to both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. Beginners enjoy the warm and welcoming environment of the studio, the slow and graceful body movements, the building of yoga postures from their foundational aspects, the development of core strength, the increase in functional mobility and flexibility, and the sense of ease and accessibility while practicing. Advanced students enjoy the deeply meditative experience of the breath and the body working together, the increased awareness of internal body movement, including heartbeat, circulation and internal organ awareness, the use of the breath as a tool for healing, the supportive environment for building a regular and dedicated personal practice, the importance of cultivating increased calm, peace and gratitude. At Elemental Yoga, your yoga class will be simultaneously accessible, restorative, relaxing and challenging.


Fort Worth, TX 76104
Coverage Area for Elemental Yoga is about 30+ miles of Fort Worth, TX.