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Wondering why I push this class? Because acquiring your handgun license could be the best thing you could ever do, the best! The reason why you ask? Imagine you're sitting in a restaurant with your family. A thug storms in and has a gun or several guns in plain view, you happen to have your firearm on you after taking Brad's class and have your license with you. You pull your gun out without the thug seeing you and place it under the table where you are sitting. As the thug who is now within feet of you, turns his back for a split second, you shoot him in the back of his head with no customers in the path of the direction your firing. You just saved lives! That is an example of what this class is all about—how to protect and how to save your life and possibly others'. The way our society is today crime is everywhere, at home and away from home. With spending 4 hours with Brad, you can walk away with your license in the works, and the knowledge that Brad provides just might save your life someday. Don't be one of those who say "NO" to carrying a concealed handgun. It is a must today in our world we live in, sadly to say it has come to that. My wife is a graduate of Brad's class, she carries an LCP .380 so small it can fit in the palm of your hand. It has a 9 LB trigger meaning it takes a lot to fully discharge the gun trigger wise. This is a safety measure that guns today keep your children safe from accidental discharges. Your license is good in several states including Texas—see Brad's website. You get your fingerprinting and notarizing done there at his class. He teaches you the meaning of protect. I am a proud holder of his license and highly suggest everyone do this also. Don't get caught at night during a break-in without protection, it very well could save your life. ––posted by Rod Whitaker


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