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About Deep A Sleep / Mr P

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Need a master hypnotist? Call Mr P.

I am a Master Hypnotist and a Certified Stage Hypnosis. I not only perform hypnosis for entertainment, I can and have helped people improve their lives through Hypnosis, NLP, and Life Coaching (helping you achieve what you want to out of life.)

Currently, I am the only known Hypnotist with these credentials that teach people to become hypnotist by using the streets as the classroom. I am highly qualified to teach street and stage hypnosis. I have traveled from New York to California conducting classes on both stage and Street Hypnosis. I am The Only Hypnosis Instructor who takes his students to the streets to get hands-on practice. If you are interested in learning from the World's Greatest Street Hypnotist, drop me a line, I'm sure you will never view hypnosis the same!!!

Any Hypnotist can help individuals; but some Hypnotist only concentrate or train in a single, specific category. I was inspired to training in a variety of categories so I could be of help to more people. Therefore, as a Master Hypnotist (teaching hypnosis and training other Hypnotist), I am certified in smoking cessation, past life regression therapy, pain management with hypnosis, PTSD, Stage Hypnosis, and sports hypnosis/ peak performance.Whether you need help in relaxation, to deal with life's day-to-day anxiety or getting a good night's rest, test anxiety, stress relief, or getting over a lover, gives me a call.

Looking for a different type of entertainment for a special event? Try hypnosis. Deep A Sleep Production/ Mafia Media Production has been performing at numerous events. We do corporate icebreakers, fundraisers for various organizations, and private house parties.

If you happen to live in the Ft. Hood, Copperas Cove, Killeen, Texas area, you may catch me performing on the streets, in restaurantsThe list of what hypnosis can help with is only limited to one's mind. I love helping people to achieve their goals and also helping them realize they only limit themselves.

Deep Inside You're Mine, I am Trance-Forming Your Life Right Now!!! Contact me now.


Killeen, TX 76544


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  • 5/5 stars Hypnotherapy Verified Review

    Wow! Where do I begin? I met Carlos (Mr. P) after purchasing tickets to his show. I have to admit I was extremely skeptical at first but, that quickly changed after my husband became one of his participants. Needless to say my husband and about 17 other participants were hypnotized on stage in front of a live audience. During his show he offered his services in hypnosis for anyone looking to stop smoking, lose weight, deal with stress and the list goes on. Because of my phenomenal experience at his show I decided to give him a call and schedule a one on one session. Stress had completely token over me and I was beginning to lose focus on my school but, most importantly I was losing myself. I knew exactly where I needed to be and what I need to do but, I couldn’t figure out how I became so lost or how to move forward. During my session Mr. P made me feel comfortable and at ease. We discussed issues I had avoided or forgotten and pinned pointed exactly what I needed to do to move forward. Soon after my session I could feel the difference. I felt energized, motivated and completely focused. Words can’t express the amount of gratitude I have towards Mr. P. I highly recommend Mr. P Services. Give it a try!! You will not be disappointed.

  • 5/5 stars

    Mr.P is truely the best and is the world greatest master hypnotist and street hypnotist. I have been seeing him for weight lost since sept 2012 and with his sessions and hypnosis ,Mr P has changed me for better health and well being 200%.. If you want the best results and the best there is out there, then you need to check out Mr. P. He can help you too..He is sooooo awesome

    C-Los M. from Deep A Sleep / Mr P replied to this review on October 31, 2013

    Peggy, you are definitely on a mission for life. You are truly an Awesome person.

  • 5/5 stars Verified Review

    Mr. P is the real deal. It has been over two weeks since he performed his hypnosis session with me and I am still completely blown away by the experience. It has been one of the most powerful and transformative experiences of my 39 years of existence. If you are considering it, I have three words for you..Just do it.

  • 5/5 stars Therapy Verified Review

    When reading up on hypnosis I honestly did not think that it was possible or if it would really even help me remember anything about my accident. When I went yo see mr.p he explained things to me an how hypnosis really works. The experience is something that feels so unreal an I was very happy with the results out of it. I definitely would recommend him to others out there seeking help with theit problems an would definitely consider going back for more assistance.

  • 5/5 stars Verified Review

    I've been struggling with myself for years. Mr. P managed to help me with a Skype session (Texas - Germany) , got to the core of my problem and helped me to find what I really needed to finally take control of my life. Most remarkable guy with a great heart and outstanding skill and expertise. Got problems - then go call him - he is a true life coach!!!

  • 5/5 stars Verified Review

    Mr. P is awesome!!!! I've never met him before, ever, but just by talking to me over the phone, he was able to point out my issue that I was unknowingly suppressing inside. He was very professional, yet still casual, making him very easy to talk to. I do believe he is excellent at what he does, passionate about helping others. I am excited for my upcoming session!!!

  • 5/5 stars Therapy Verified Review

    I was struggling with a LOT of stress in my life and after only one session with Carlos I immediately began seeing the positive effects. Carlos helped me to sort through my issues and figure out what I needed to do to make “ME” happy. I now have the strength and motivation to overcome whatever anxiety or fear I had and to make the decisions I need to make in my life. He also showed me a technique I can use to help me relax; so far it has worked! I can’t believe that just a week ago I was very unhappy and confused about my life and situation and how quickly all that has now changed. I feel better and although life is not perfect, I have an improved handle on what I need to do. I definitely recommend his services to anyone who may need to talk to someone, relive stress, get motivated, figure out a situation, or just needs to feel better.


  • 5/5 stars Verified Review

    I'M IN MY SKINNY JEANS! I would say that's enough said but Mr. P is very professional and caring. I have motavation and energy i have not had in years. I so look forward to my future sessions with him. If you are looking for a someone concerned about not only your problem but you as a individual then I highly recommend his services. Tarica

  • 5/5 stars

    Mr. P has that perfect blend of educated and realistic sense that I personally appreciate from any professional. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease. There is no Razzal Me Dazzle show here, no mystery, just open and honest discussion about the problems you are interested in solving and best to solve them.
    After our first session, I could feel a difference in how my motivation peaked and the energy I had was unbelievable. Together we are building a way for me to pursue a happier and more active lifestyle. I look forward to my next session with him.

  • 5/5 stars Verified Review

    Within minutes of my accepting his quote for his services, Mr. P called me and we discussed what I could expect and his interest in helping me.
    I need regression work and he is willing to even drive to where I am at to help me.
    His prices are more than reasonable and even at twice the price; I still would have gone with him.
    I had seen him on YouTube and after watching him treat people with dignity, even though they knew they were going to do something silly, I knew this was a professional who could have fun yet when it came to working with a client one on one....he was all professional.
    I am going to recommend him to everyone I know.

  • 5/5 stars

    This looks amazing, nearly beyond belief but I cannot convince myself that someone would hire that many actors so I have to concede that this is genuine. I want to visit a hypnotist but what exactly is hypnosis? I don't understand it and ... well, to be blunt, it freaks me out a bit. It freaks me out and it looks incredible.

    C-Los M. from Deep A Sleep / Mr P replied to this review on January 14, 2013

    Hello, my name is Mr P or Carlos. Yes, I too was once like you. I didn't believe in hypnosis and I too thought the hypnotist had deep pockets and paid everyone off to act a fool on stage. That is until my son (while sitting in the audience watching a stage hypnotist on stage) was hypnotized and I saw with me own eyes something I could not deny. The person I saw was not my son so years later after seeing that, I learnt hypnosis. I always say, what are you (people) afraid of??? People are afraid of the UNKNOWN. There's no reason to be freaked out or afraid of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a science not a belief, even thou we have people out there using hypnosis in their religous practices. To me that is very unethical to hypnotize people for religious gains. Then there are other unethical hypnotist out there.
    And to answer your question, What is hypnosis???
    Hypnosis is a state of hyper-suggestability. If a person knows two plus two they have been hypnotized. So don't be freaked out because, guess what, you know two plus two so.....YOU'VE BEEN HYPNOTIZED!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5/5 stars

    Had seen most of ur videos,.They r amazing,.really liked the. want to have a session,.cant afford to travel to ur place,.but would like to speak.

    C-Los M. from Deep A Sleep / Mr P replied to this review on January 11, 2013

    you can send me your number via youtube, just send me a personal message (pm).

Question and answer

Q. What types of customers have you worked with?

A. The most common types of jobs I perform and help people with are (but not just these) problems with self-esteem, tranceform people minds to get motivated and loss weight, quit smoking, regression work, and memory enhancement. These are but a few things that people come to me to help them "CHANGE" their lives through and with the help of my knowledge of hypnosis. What are you wanting to improve in Your LIFE??? Give me a call. The time is now to change. You have just been TRANCE-FORMED!!!

Q. What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

A. Don't wait! The Time is NOW!!! If you want to change your life, why are you putting it off until tomorrow? Do your research and contact me today! Now is the TIME to TRANCEform the NEW YOU!!! Deep inside you're mine so contact me today!

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