Best Hypnosis Services in Lacey, WA 2016

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  • Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing

    Olympia, WA · Sacred Journeys

    (7 reviews)

    Jackie Van Der Velde is among the best hypnotherapists who incorporate several healing modalities to meet the needs of the clients. She offers yoga, Reiki, personal training, and more.

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  • Hypnotherapist

    Seattle, WA · Empower Your Power

    (6 reviews)

    Get yourself to quit smoking through hypnosis with the help of H. Michael Wilson Wilson. He is one of the top rated hypnotherapists ranked by the Inner Vision Institute.

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  • Hypnotherapy Services

    Tacoma, WA · Body Fit

    (3 reviews)

    Body Fit provides some of the best hypnotherapy services without breaking the bank. They also offer personal training, nutritional counseling, wellness testing, massage therapy and more.

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  • Hypnosis Clinic

    Olympia, WA · A Positive Take on Life Hypnosis

    (2 reviews)

    This hypnosis center changes and improves people's perspective about weight loss, smoking cessation and self-confidence boosting programs. They also have sessions for pain, fear, past life regression and more.

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  • Hypnosis Coaching

    Tacoma, WA · Remarkable Mind Academy

    Choose this business if you want some of the top rated hypnotists who specialize in mental and emotional aspects. They offer custom-tailored programs. Check out their rates.

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  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

    Olympia, WA · Zoe Waggoner, M.A. Counseling & Hypnotherapy

    Zoe Waggoner provides her best hypnosis services and counseling expertise for people with personal struggles. She offers weight loss hypnosis and counseling, workshops and retreats, and more.

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  • Hypnosis

    Tacoma, WA · Beaudry Hypnosis

    Michelle Beaudry is a certified hypnotist who offers life-changing solutions. She is available to provide local or international hypnotherapy services in person or via the phone.

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  • Hypnotist

    Tacoma, WA · Hypnotherapy Independence Group

    William Fenton is one of the best hypnotists who offer affordable and effective quit smoking hypnosis for those who want to stop smoking. He also offers hypnotherapy service.

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  • Hypnosis Therapy

    Lakewood, WA · Joy International Counseling Services

    This business handles some of the top rated hypnosis jobs for children, youths, adults, couples and individuals. They also focus on smoking cessation, weight loss, addiction, success and more.

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  • Hypnotherapy

    Seattle, WA · Dr Feel Good DJ.

    Michael Cain is one of the top hypnotists who perform for schools and corporate events, among others. His shows are appropriate for audiences of all ages.

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  • Certified Hypnotherapist

    Portland, OR · Genviev Hypnosis

    Genviev Martin-Bernard is a professional clinical hypnotherapy specialist who has been researching, practicing and teaching for over 20 years. Check out her positive hypnosis reviews.

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  • Hypnosis & Reconnective Healing

    Tacoma, WA · Client Centered Hypnosis & Healing

    This wellness center uses re-connective healing and hypnosis therapy to help you release the obstacles that keep you from achieving success. They also focus on weight reduction.

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  • Medical Hypnosis Services

    Tacoma, WA · Transitions

    Del Morrill is a certified clinical hypnosis and NLP practitioner who helps clients lose weight. She is experienced in smoking cessation hypnosis. She also treats stress and chronic conditions with hypnosis.

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Thumbtack Spotlight

Sacred Journeys

(7 reviews)

What do you love about your job?

I love being able to support my clients as they choose to create a new reality. It's our thoughts and our energetic patterns that really create the life we are living and as we desire change sometimes we have to let things go. Often times though, we don't know what we have to let go or what's even driving our life. That's where I come in - I get to help people see what's really going on underneath the surface. Often times it's things we believe about ourselves and about the world around, things we are not consciously aware of, that are really influencing the life we live. I'm honored and blessed to bring it to light and to do such sacred work.

What or who inspired you to start your own business?

I have always wanted to help people. I was previously in nursing school, however, it seemed like the emphasis was on pharmaceuticals which was not at all what I was hoping for. I really truly believe that most physical diseases stem from emotional.

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