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Fast friendly service, large parts inventory, our shop has no walls, talk directly with the technician performing your repair. No-fix/no-fee guarantee means you ONLY pay for RESULTS.We hook up your computer when you bring it in, and again when returning it to you, this way, we can SHOW you that your problem has been solved. THAT is Security!


Parkersburg, WV 26101

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21 Reviews
  • Ed S. Oct 6, 2016
    Computer Repair
    Verified Review
    These geeks are great!
    These guys are awesome! Fast too!
  • Concerned C. Mar 11, 2016
    A friend brought her phone in and had the picture gallery locked, considering the problem with the phone had nothing to do with the picture gallery. She had a security measure on the gallery that if someone enters in the wrong password 3 times, it snaps a picture of the person trying to snoop. The man at this place tried opening the picture gallery 3 times and it took his picture!!!! That is really creepy and very inappropriate. Something needs to be done about this! Can you explain to me why your workers would be trying to look at a woman's pictures?! Even trying to figure out the password just to look at them! So disrespectful and inappropriate. They should be ashamed of themselves.
    Edward E. Mar 11, 2016

    Sorry you are so freaked out over this, But you have jumped to some wild and frankly insulting conclusions. Ending up with a picture of the technician who is testing your phone on your phone is not generally cause for alarm, if you would care to lodge a specific and non-anonymous complaint. Iwe would of course take this very seriously. Barring that, Someone one should do something about this indeed.

  • Sam T. Feb 24, 2016
    The people here are vulgar, crude and thoroughly despicable. I can't understand how they have ANY repeat business.
    Edward E. Feb 25, 2016

    Sorry you had a bad experience Sam. We would be happy to do anything we can to make it right. Some details about what happened would be helpful. We Have shown excellent growth from repeat business for 7 years running and are very proud of our customer service. Please give us another chance.

  • Tara T. Jan 9, 2016
    Cheap geeks had my apple computer for over two weeks. I had to make four trips (50 miles round trip) to the store. I had spilled water on The keyboard. I suspected the battery shorted out because it continued to work but would not charge. First, they suggested a mother board (278$). I told them I couldn't afford that and they said they would try to clean it better. Twice they said they tried to call me, but didn't leave messages. I stopped by and they said it was the battery but would have to order it. Ordered it and put it in. My husband picked it up and the MAC book is at 7% charge and will NOT charge. I called that evening and they suggested my power cord was bad. Used a different power cord. Indicates it is charging but will not charge. I called back and was upset. It is exactly the same as when I took it in! I questioned if the battery had actually been changed and why hadn't they charged it. The individual became extremely irate and stated he would not argue with me over the phone. Stated I needed to bring it back and they would look at it AGAIN or refund my money. Then he hung up on me. Another 50 mile trip.
    Edward E. Jan 9, 2016

    Hi Tara, So sorry you had a bad experience, often with water damage, the problems will evolve and all we can do is try a different fix or offer to refund your money. Also sorry you live so far from our shop, we are working on this problem as well. Best to you in the new year.

  • Stephen H. Sep 26, 2015
    Apple Computer Repair
    Verified Review
    Eddie and the crew at Really Cheap geeks are EXCEPTIONAL at what they do! They've always taken care of my tech needs without fail. Before you take your tech needs to anyone else for diagnosis and/or repair, choose these guys. You'll be glad you did.
    Edward E. Sep 26, 2015

    Steven, We are happy to have helped you and VERY much appreciate your taking the time to tell the world about your experience, and make the internet a nicer place. Word of mouth advertising allows us peak efficiency! Thank you thank you Thank you.

  • Danielle K. Sep 2, 2015
    You definitely need to give these guys a chance! I was nearly at wits' end last week when I took my computer to them. They resolved the first problem immediately, but then another surfaced. I took it back and there was a bit of a lag in service -- which they remedied and didn't charge me for the second visit. These guys legitimately know what's up and are kind. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this place! Thanks, Geeks!
  • Brandon W. Jul 22, 2015
    Awesome shop. Had a bad power supply and RCG replaced it and made sure everything was hooked up correctly. Fast service, decent price. Will consider for future issues. Thanks again.
    Edward E. Jul 22, 2015

    Thanks Brandon, we are happy to help you anytime.

  • Hannah M. Jul 20, 2015
    Data Recovery Service
    Verified Review
  • Jennifer L. Jul 5, 2015
    Computer Repair
    Verified Review
    You can't please everyone- so i wouldn't believe the few and far between bad reviews here. These guys got my parts in 1 day (keyboard and memory) and were great all the way. The price was fair to low! the service personal while professional and the location ideal. Thanks guys!!
    Edward E. Jul 5, 2015

    Thank YOU Jennifer. We are happy to have helped you and happy too that you have helped to make the internet a better place. Most people would be surprised to hear that many of our negative reviewers are now happy clients once again. Tempers flare, then calm down, but thumbtack reviews are forever. We'll just keep doing what we do, and we hope you will do the same:)

  • Savannah P. Jun 19, 2015
    Apple Computer Repair
    Verified Review
    Edward E. Jun 19, 2015

    Thanks Savannah!

  • Rick S. Jun 4, 2015
    I can't understand how these people stay in business. They're arrogant, rude, condescending and inept. A dog, much less a human being, should not be subjected to the abuse and profanity the average customer receives here.
    Edward E. Jun 4, 2015

    Hi Rick, So sorry you had a bad experience with us. Profanity is a fire-able offense, Feel free to let management know who has treated you this way. As to how we stay in business, it's no mystery really, look at some of our positive reviews from this site and others; or look at our continued willingness to politely resolve whatever actionable issues you may have. Invective only hurts, it never helps. Give us another chance.

  • Maggie S. Mar 19, 2015
    I usally don't write reviews but after reading the negative comments on this site, I thought I'd share my experience. I bought a Galaxy phone from these guys a couple weeks ago and the other day the screen went black while I was texting. I took it back to Really Cheap Geek's and the guy there told me what he thought was wrong with it an said the man that fixes those kinds of problems wasn't in (this was a Sunday keep in mind) an he would have him look at it first thing in the morning. Monday I called an he told me to come in in about an hour, a couple hours later I called an he said my phone was ready an working and I could pick it up. All he asked for was to see my receipt. They didn't charge me or give me a hard time about having to fix it or anything. These guys are very professional an know their job's well. The guy knew exactly what was wrong with my phone and it took him no time to fix it. I'm so satisfied with my first experience that I'm taking my laptop in next an will use them for any other problems I may have with my phone or computer in the future. I think it's ridiculous that some people don't get what they want and immediately take to the internet an write bad reviews. This is someone's business, how they take care of their families. One bad experience doesn't mean it's always that way. Anyway rant over.. Thank you Really Cheap Geek's
    Edward E. Mar 19, 2015

    Hi Maggie, Gosh! I am positively blushing. Best of all is knowing that we can hope to see you again soon! I have passed your comments on to Steve, Thanks for making the Internet a better place!

  • Mac H. Feb 15, 2015
    These guys really know their stuff! They were able to save my pictures off my fried computer. We were impressed on how quickly they discovered on what the problem was. We definitely recommend them to anyone. They also are very reasonably priced and gave us options on other solutions. Thank you guys very much and if we have problems in the future. We know where to go!
    Edward E. Feb 16, 2015

    Hi Mac, Thanks for making our day!

  • Katie F. Feb 3, 2015
    I don't usually take time to write reviews, but I had to brag in the great service I got today at Really Cheap Geeks. They were able to explain the problem in terms I could understand, show me the problem, and give me some solution choices. They ultimately fixed my laptop VERY promptly! I couldn't be happier with their service!!
    Edward E. Feb 4, 2015

    Katie. I've said it before, but your kind words mean more than you know. We will work to earn your continued respect . Thank you so much.

  • Nope J. Jan 14, 2015
    This place is great. For anyone concerned about the negative views, this is West Virginia. majority of people don't know squat about these types of things, and just want someone to blame.
    Edward E. Mar 19, 2015

    Hey Nope! Sorry too so long to respond, It means the world you took the time to help restore some balance to the internet. Hope to see you soon!

  • Adam B. Jun 5, 2014
    Apple Computer Repair
    Verified Review
    Very quick! I went in to get my screen repaired on an iPhone 5C, and dealt with someone very quickly. He got all the information he needed, said it would be about an hour and he quoted me on the price. I received a call 30 minutes later saying the phone was done. My phone squeaks a little when I touch the screen, and my home button isn't quite straight or level, but everything works perfectly.
    Edward E. Jun 5, 2014

    Hey Adam. Thanks a lot! We do aim to please. We can straighten out the home button for you no charge, sometimes it looks straight at first and then the gasket wiggles over a little, would just take a minute. Thanks again.

  • Camilla M. Apr 13, 2014
    Apple Computer Repair
    Verified Review
  • Kristen S. Jan 9, 2014
    Computer Repair
    Verified Review
    I brought my computer in Monday. I had to bring my kids with me because it was a snow day. Everyone there was very knowledgeable, friendly, efficient. Edward let my kids play free pacman while I waited. I thought my machine was totally locked up but they had it running again in just ten minutes and only charged my ten dollars! I will go there anytime I have a computer problem or question. Thank you Really Cheap Geeks!
  • Traci A. Dec 14, 2013
    Computer Repair
    Verified Review
    did not fix computer. don't have a clue who this edward is either.
    Edward E. Jan 4, 2014

    I am Edward Escandon, owner of RCG. So sorry you did not get an adequate repair, we would be happy to either fix it right or refund your money, please give us another chance.

  • Daniel V. Sep 30, 2013
    Computer Repair
    Verified Review
    Wow. After a quick and friendly quote via Thumbtack, I brought my computer to Really Cheap Geeks (Edward Escandon). in 3 minutes they had my computer taken apart and diagnosed,, Then incredibly reached into their stock of parts to find a matching laptop with just the part I needed! Out the door in 15 minutes for $29! really , really, REALLY solid place for computer or phone repair, check them out!
    Edward E. Nov 12, 2013

    Hey Daniel. You are one great client, and we appreciate you!

  • Bonnie J. Dec 6, 2012
    Computer Repair
    Verified Review
    I have a computer that is completely locked up! How do you think I am going to be able to get your email?
    Edward E. Dec 6, 2012

    So sorry about that. please bring it in for a free estimate. Since you contacted us through the internet we assume you have some kind of online access. We are happy to call you, or communicate in whatever way you prefer.


What types of customers have you worked with?
Virus Removal $39, All types of Software and Hardware repairs for Windows and Apple products. iPhone and other popular phones screens replaced in one hour at the areas best prices. We buy sell and Trade for used computer equipment everyday! We build custom high-end and Gaming computers. We fix all kinds of cell-phones and smartphones, Iphone glass replacement in just 2 hours for $89 We make YOUR computer play NICE guaranteed!
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Make sure they offer a free estimate, as we do! Also we offer a no-fix/no-fee guarantee, these protect you and make sure you ONLY pay for Results! Access to the technicians actually working on your equipment is a key to good service. No amount of service notes can replace this contact. Our shop has no walls, your tech will explain the details of your repair and DEMONSTRATE that your problem has been solved.