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More and more home inspectors are moving to software to generate their inspection report. This may be good for them. It speeds up the process, but you get a poor inspection report. The problem is, it has the look of a canned report. I write a custom report that does a better job explaining the issues that need to be addressed along with large clear easy to see photos. I love to investigate and discover a problem and if time permits make some determination what may be the source. Now determining the cause is not part of the State of Texas Real Estate Commission's Standards of Practice. The cause is ultimately left up to the Professional that does the final determination and repair in the trade that may be related to the area of the problem (i.e. plumber for plumbing issue, electrician for electrical issue, and so on). I look forward to working with you on your next Home Inspection. Call me and let's get that home inspected the right way!

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