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How much will your home inspection cost?

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How much does a home inspection cost?

The average cost of a home inspection nationwide is between $244 and $421, depending on your location and the size of your property. It's a no small expense, but if you're buying, refinancing, leasing or reinsuring your home, it's worth having a professional inspection report. You don't want to rely on your own visual inspection or a real estate agent's appraisal of your home's flaws. A proper home inspection reveals hidden problems, so you can repair them now and save thousands later.

Why do you need a home inspection?

There are various home-finance scenarios where a homeowner would need an inspection, like refinancing a loan. It helps identify any issues with your home or Real Estate property, and assess the value of it. However, you'll most commonly hire a home inspector when you are the buyer of a home. As a home buyer, a thorough inspection will identify any major concerns before you sign the closing paperwork.

To help you estimate how much your home inspection will be, we've broken down the average cost based on square footage; the difference between paying for a condo, mobile home or single-family home; and typical add-on inspections -- from radon to sewage -- you may need.

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What does a home inspection include?

A professional inspector will visually check your home for damage or needed repairs. During a typical home inspection, they'll examine your:

Some things, like sewer, will need a separate inspection. A plumbing inspection costsbetween $120 - 130.

How long will a home inspection take?

Expect an inspection to take between two and three hours, depending on the size of the home. After the inspector is finished, they will give you a home inspection report with a list of items to repair.

What affects the price of a home inspection?

Some home inspection fees — especially in the home-buying process — are a fixed percentage of the home's selling price. Other times, the home inspection price is calculated based on any number of variables:

Square footage

Many companies base your home inspections price on your home's square footage. Here's the national average home inspection cost for different home sizes:

National Average Home Inspection Cost per Square Foot

Square Footage National Average Home Inspection Cost
0–1,000 square feet $242
1,001–1,500 square feet $280
1,501–2,000 square feet $290
2,001–2,500 $307
 2,501–3,000 $323
 3,001–3,500 square feet $338
3,501–4,000 square feet $365
4,001–6,000 square feet $421

Unlike many property listings, home inspectors include basements, attics and porches as part of the home's total square footage. When you reach out to a professional home inspector, make sure to specify the total square footage, not just the interior, above-ground specs. Don't know the exact details? At minimum, tell the inspector the number of floors, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Type of home

The type of home you need inspected can also influence the cost of your home inspection.

Condo inspections typically cost less since your home inspector won't be digging through the garage or evaluating the building's exterior. For example, Bronx-based Three Keys Home Inspections charges a minimum home inspection fee of $425 for single-family homes. However, condo inspections start at $200.

Like condos, a mobile home inspection costs less. For example, Under the Roof Home Inspections charges $250 to inspect a mobile home, including the crawlspace. However, old mobile homes or double- or triple-wides might cost more. Check with your inspector before assuming you'll get a lower price.

When choosing a home inspector, keep in mind that inspectors have specialities. If you're buying a condo or other unusual property, like a multiunit building, look for inspectors who specialize in your property type.

Age of the home

Old homes can be difficult to inspect. Their piping and plumbing is different than modern homes, and sometimes more difficult to access. Home inspectors must be up-to-date about how old-home problems can affect your day-to-day. Plus, the inspection itself may take longer as the inspector sorts through wear and tear.

Old homes with extensive renovations may cost more, too. A mix-matched electrical system, extra fuse boxes and four different additions built to four different codes can all add time to the job. Which, of course, means a higher inspection cost.

A new home, on the other hand, is typically easier and more straightforward to inspect.


Does your home have a crawlspace? If so, inspectors may charge you an additional fee — even professionals dislike crawling through small, dark spaces stuffed with spiders. For example, Under the Roof Home Inspections charges an extra $25 to inspect a home's crawlspace.

Other factors

Sometimes, the things that make your home unique also make home inspections more expensive. If you have a swimming pool, supersized trees, a well or a rural septic system, you may pay more.

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Does a home inspection cover everything?

No. Because there are so many elements that depend on your home's construction and location, you may need additional inspections. Sometimes, your primary home inspector can add on these services to a normal inspection.

If not, you'll need to hire a professional with specific expertise. Your real estate agent or mortgage broker can typically advise you on which tests are necessary in your area. For example, some regions require a Radon test; in others, it would be unnecessary.

Here are the average prices of some additional inspections from Under the Roof Home Inspections and Three Keys Home Inspections:

  • Sprinkler systems: $20
  • Outbuildings without plumbing or electricity: $25 per building
  • Outbuildings with plumbing or electricity: $50 per building
  • Guest or pool houses: $250
  • Water testing: $125
  • Radon testing: $150
  • Final walk-through inspection: $100
  • Annual check-up: $250

Other add-ons include mold inspection, trees, lead paint, carbon monoxide or termites and other pests.

Does an inspector need a certification?

It's always a good idea to choose an inspector with a professional certification. And, some states require it. Certifying organizations provide strict standards and ethics guidelines to prevent conflicts of interest, like a real estate agent paying for good or bad inspections. Organizations that certify home inspectors include:

  • American Society of Home Inspectors
  • National Association of Certified Home Inspectors
  • National Association of Home Inspectors
  • American Home Inspectors Training

When hiring a home inspector, ask about their certifications and licenses — and know if there are any qualifications they must have. Careful hiring will ensure you receive a full inventory of your home's needs.

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