How much will your home inspection cost?

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  • Most common low price:$350
  • Most common high price:$380
  • Highest price:$500
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How much is a home inspection?

On average, a home inspection costs between $325 and $375, depending on your property's location and size. Some home inspections can cost as much as $576. It's also worth noting that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development states that the typical range for home inspections is $300-$500.

Home inspection cost:

National average cost


Average cost range


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High-end cost


It's not a small expense, but if you're buying, refinancing, leasing or reinsuring your home, getting a professional to inspect your prospective home can be worth the cost. A proper home inspection reveals hidden problems, so you can repair them now and save thousands later.

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What is a home inspection?

Simply put, a home inspection is performed by a trained home inspector. They will examine the home to identify signs of needed repairs and maintenance. Home inspections can benefit homebuyers and home sellers. For homebuyers, they'll get a better understanding of the home's condition before they make any decisions. And for sellers, it gives them a chance to make any changes or fixes.  

What does a home inspection cover?

A professional inspector will visually check your home for damage or needed repairs. During a typical home inspection, they'll examine your:

  • Plumbing 
  • Electrical wiring
  • HVAC system
  • Water heater
  • Roof
  • Insulation
  • Interior and exterior structure
  • Any other major components of your home

Some things, like sewer, will need a separate inspection — and a plumbing inspection costs between $180 and $225. Be sure to ask your home inspector to list out what they will cover during your inspection.

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Does a home inspection cover everything?

No. Because there are so many elements that depend on your home's construction and location, you may need additional inspections. Sometimes, your primary home inspector can add these services to a normal inspection.

If not, you'll need to hire a professional with specific expertise. Your real estate agent or mortgage broker can typically advise you on which tests are necessary for your area. For example, some regions require a Radon test; in others, it would be unnecessary.

Here are the average prices of some additional inspections from Under the Roof Home Inspections and Three Keys Home Inspections:

  • Sprinkler systems: $20
  • Outbuildings without plumbing or electricity: $25 per building
  • Outbuildings with plumbing or electricity: $50 per building
  • Guest or pool houses: $250
  • Water testing: $125
  • Radon testing: $150
  • Final walk-through inspection: $100
  • Annual check-up: $250

Other add-ons include mold inspection, trees, lead paint, carbon monoxide or termites and other pests.

Home inspection cost factors

Some home inspection fees — especially in the home-buying process — are a fixed percentage of the home's selling price. Other times, the home inspection price is calculated based on any number of variables, including:

Square footage

Many companies will estimate your costs based on your home's square footage. Here's the national average home inspection cost for different home sizes:

Square footage

Cost of home inspection

















Unlike many property listings, home inspectors include basements, attics and porches as part of the home's total square footage. When you reach out to a professional home inspector, make sure to specify the total square footage — not just the interior, above-ground specs. Don't know the exact details? At a minimum, tell the inspector the number of floors, bedrooms and bathrooms.

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Property type

The type of home that needs to be inspected can also influence the cost of your home inspection.

Condo inspection cost

Condo inspections typically cost less because your home inspector won't be digging through the garage or evaluating the building's exterior. For example, Bronx-based Three Keys Home Inspections charges a minimum home inspection fee of $425 for single-family homes. However, condo inspections start at $200.

Mobile home inspection cost

Like condos, a mobile home inspection costs less. For example, Under the Roof Home Inspections charges $250 to inspect a mobile home, including the crawlspace. However, old mobile homes or double- or triple-wides might cost more. Check with your inspector before assuming you'll get a lower price.

Also, when choosing a home inspector, keep in mind that inspectors have specialties. If you're buying a condo or other unusual property, like a multi-unit building, look for inspectors who specialize in your property type.

Home’s age

Old homes can be difficult to inspect. Their piping and plumbing system is different than modern homes and sometimes more difficult to access. Home inspectors must be up-to-date on how old-home problems can affect your day-to-day. Plus, the inspection itself may take longer as the inspector sorts through the wear and tear.

Old homes with extensive renovations may cost more, too. For example, a mix-matched electrical system, extra fuse boxes and four different additions built to four different codes can all add time to the job. This, of course, means a higher inspection cost.

A new home, on the other hand, is typically easier and more straightforward to inspect.

Crawl space

Does your home have a crawl space? If so, inspectors may charge you an additional fee — even professionals dislike crawling through small, dark spaces stuffed with spiders. For example, Under the Roof Home Inspections charges an extra $25 to inspect a home's crawl space.

Other factors

Sometimes, the things that make your home unique also make home inspections more expensive. If you have a swimming pool, supersized trees, a well or a rural septic system, you may pay more.

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Other home inspection costs

If you don’t need your entire house inspected but just a certain area of your home inspected (e.g., roof, chimney, plumbing, etc.), you can find local professionals to take care of those inspections.

Throughout the year — especially when the weather and seasons change — it’s a good idea to inspect certain areas of your home for potential damage, to prevent costly repairs and to stay on top of maintenance.

Here’s a list of separate inspection services and their costs:

Type of inspection

Cost estimate

Who to hire

Chimney inspection


Chimney inspectors

Electrical inspection


Electrical inspectors

Home inspection


Home inspectors

Mold inspection


Mold inspectors

Plumbing inspection


Plumbing inspectors

Pool inspection


Pool inspectors

Roof inspection


Roof inspectors

Septic tank inspection


Septic tank inspectors

Is a home inspection really worth it?

A professional home inspection can definitely be worth the cost. The process will help you identify any issues with your home or real estate property and assess its value. 

There are various scenarios where a homeowner would need an inspection, like when you’re refinancing a loan. However, you'll most commonly hire a home inspector when you’re buying a home. As a home buyer, a thorough inspection will identify any major concerns before you sign the closing paperwork.

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How long does a home inspection take?

Expect an inspection to take between two and three hours, depending on the size of the home. After the inspector is finished, they will give you a home inspection report with a list of items to repair.

Who pays for home inspections?

The homebuyer usually pays for a home inspection. However, there may be times where the seller will foot the bill.

What fixes are mandatory after a home inspection?

If you’re selling your house and signed an inspection contract, a home inspector might have a list of repairs you should complete. Some of the most common repairs and issues typically include the following (according to

How to hire a home inspector

Use Thumbtack to find home inspectors near you. Check out their ratings, customer reviews and profiles before you make a decision.

Does a home inspector need certification?

It's always a good idea to choose an inspector with a professional certification. And, some states require it. Certifying organizations provide strict standards and ethical guidelines to prevent conflicts of interest, like a real estate agent paying for good or bad inspections. Organizations that certify home inspectors include:

  • American Society of Home Inspectors
  • International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
  • American Home Inspectors Training

When hiring a home inspector, ask about their certifications and licenses — and know if there are any qualifications they must have. Careful hiring will ensure you receive a full inventory of your home's needs.

Once you have found a home inspector who meets your needs, contact them for a free estimate. For more tips on how to hire a professional, read our Smart Hiring guide.

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