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Introduction: Dependability, longevity, capability, customer satisfaction. We have achieved 100% customer satisfaction for over 20 years. We are the best equipped and most capable teams around. We are committed to serving you. We got into wedding videography by request and then quickly saw that we could help make a positive difference in the lives of others by providing them a time capsule to help their love endure the test of time. Family is the building block of culture and we personally pray for each couple and even provide counseling to help them. That is how important marriage is to us.
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Amy P.
Oct 3, 2012
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Chris H.
Jan 18, 2014
I suppose I should begin by admitting I am a stickler. Okay, actually I am a real hard nose. But we’re talking about my only daughter’s wedding and after all these years she finally found love and deserved a special wedding. I looked into all the options available here and they were pretty much what I expected in a small market like Arkansas – simple mom and pop type outfits. Then I came across Digital Magic. After reviewing their demo reel it looked like these guys were more the caliber of what we had in California. They met with me and I gave them a thorough once-over. We talked about how the wedding was to look and feel as well as all the details. They showed me their equipment and even some of the programs they use to produce the video. One of their programs cost $3300! After meeting with them I could tell my initial hunch about them was correct: These guys were the real deal. When they delivered the finished products to us we were nothing less than completely satisfied. The work they produce and the time they spend working out the details is quite impressive. I can assure you that if you want a truly professional video these people are the best in this state, if not the entire region. What they did would have cost me about $10,000 back home. I previously had no idea this grade of work was even available in this part of the country. My sincere thanks
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Alicia T.
Jun 3, 2014
What a lifesaver! I'm sure others have talked about how nice they are and the amazing work they do so I won't dwell on that (Yes David, Joel and Melanie are outstanding!) But things were getting stressful for us getting close to the wedding with all the other details and they actually talked to us and helped calm us down. Their calm professsional assurance really helped put things in perspective. During the ceremony several things went wrong. First, my complexion broke out and I was super stressed about all my photos and videos showing it. They said "Don't worry. We can fix that." And they fixed all my photos and video!! Next. Our candle wouldn't light! Guess what? They fixed that too and made it work. On the photos and video it burns just fine!! So, yeah. I was stressing but they saved the day. I don't know if I'm supposed to say stuff like this, but they threw in a couple extra camera shots where they hid them in the decorations. They asked if it would be ok because they thought it would look cool and we were like - yeah! So we are completely thrilled with the Digital Magic Wedding team. Everything they did was perfect. We highly recommmend them!
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Sara S.
Oct 9, 2013
Our wedding video and pictures were perfect in every way. They went out of their way to make us feel special and the amount of work and detail they put into our wedding blew us away. They caught every detail from the little looks and comments we made to the sparkle exit in slow motion. Plus we had no idea it would have a fancy menu like that with extra scenes. It's like watching a hollywood production! I'd recommend them to my best friend! In fact I did!
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Melissa W.
Jun 15, 2015
Very helpful and creative and they made it easy so we didn't have to worry and could just enjoy. Thank you so much!


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    Watch a sample video. A video is worth a thousand words. See if it looks like it was thrown together like a cookie cutter or if special attention was performed. Look for unique shots and angles. Most wedding videos look pretty similiar. The ones at the top of the craft use special equipment like cranes for dramatic moving shots like you see in Hollywood. The big guys also make special graphics and video color/filter/transitions and sometimes even 3D animation effects to enhance and set the wedding in a league of it's own. Listen to the audio to see if it was also professionally mixed. Most co-called videographers don't use multiple pro-mics and professionally mix audio in post. See if they have ever done any high-end commercial work. The best wedding videographers take the high-end commercial equipment, software and skills and blend it with emotion and elegance to create the best wedding cinematography. And perhaps most importantly, does the video have emotion? Does it convey the feeling on screen that you have in your hearts?

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