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Bulwark Exterminating recommended steps for protecting your family: For ages, the battle between the world’s inhabitants has raged. Each race, species and family has fought for survival. Each looking for a piece of earth to call home. Peace is established where clear boundaries and dominion exist, but where an insect’s home and a human’s home cross, territorial tribes frenzy. Few homeowners voluntarily co-inhabit and co-exist with insects crawling freely within the walls of their home. Further, nuisance insects become invasive pests when they destroy a human’s food supply and contaminate living quarters. There are benefits to having insects. Bugs play a valuable part in nature; they help break down decaying elements and debris. Pests are also a valuable food source for wildlife, but when these pests invade human structures, family feuds ensue and a home’s peace is destroyed. Pests are serious business for residential property owners. There are millions of homes each year that become infested with nuisance pests that can destroy property, spread disease, and permeate foul odors. Some species of spiders, ants and wasps carry potent venom, being potentially lethal to humans and animals. Arachnids like brown recluses, scorpions and black widows are real health risks.


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