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Introduction: I hope to make the experience personally interesting and enjoyable for the customer. My goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction. If you'd like to put on a bee suit and take photos or video the work and learn more about the honey bee I'm always happy to accommodate your interests and needs. Helping people to solve their honey bee problem in an affordable and informed manner that meets their needs and expectations.

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Jonnie H.
Jun 13, 2010
Words are simply not adequate for how impressed I was when Michael Foster, the owner of BeesBegone performed a honey bee removal for us here at the Scottsdale 2000 Community Complex. The discovery of a bee hive in a grapefruit tree near one of the owner's condos was both delightful and disturbing. Having never seen a bee hive before it was really neat to watch them busily working to do whatever it is that bees make honey. Their hive was beautifully positioned in the tree and it just looked like one of nature's natural wonders. Unfortunately, when the gardeners came to mow under the tree they became aggressive and removal was an absolute necessity. The homeowner who lived within a few feet of the tree was greatly distressed and quick action needed to be taken. We began to research bee removal in our area on the internet. There were many beekeepers listed who promised satisfactory results and we called several, all of whom described the africanized bees as aggressive and recommended extermination. We had been hoping that a beekeeper could find a way to remove the hive and save the bees. It didn't seem possible. We decided to use the services of Michael Foster of BeesBegone for a couple of reasons. Even though he said he didn't think the bees could be saved, he came across as both professional and compassionate as he explained the nature of the africanized bee and how dangerous they could become when they set up residence in places such as ours. The second factor in hiring him was that he was less expensive than anyone else we spoke to and sensed our concerns for the safety of our resident who lived near the bees. I had no idea what a fantastic experience was ahead for me. He was right on time, calling ahead to let us know he was on his way. At the time I asked him if I could be around to watch the removal. He told me to put on a long sleeve shirt, jeans and shoes that covered my feet well. When he arrived he gave me a beekeeper's jacket with the hooded face guard to protect me from the bees if they got aggressive. He also told me what to do if they should become viscous. He put on his bee suit over his clothes and got right to work. The hive was approximately 18 inches high and a foot in diameter and centrally located in the tree. After he got on his ladder and inspected the hive he decided, much to my delight, to try to save the hive and bees. While I watched, fully protected, and took pictures of him in action, he did exactly that. He was able to remove the hive and live bees, with basically no damage to the tree. It was a story with a very happy ending as he put the hive and bees in the back of his vehicle to take home with him and to integrate into his own bee colony. I can't recommend Michael Foster of BeesBegone highly enough. Not only did he do what he said he would...when he would...and for the price he said he would he also proved to be professional who is also a friend of nature. Thank you, Michael, for such a great experience. Please feel free to have anyone who has any doubts give me a call. I will be more than happy to confirm my testimonial. Jonnie Hall Scottsdale 2000 Condominium Community Scottsdale, Arizona
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Crickett H.
Jul 12, 2014
Well...hopefully Mike will supply you with the pictures from my home. There were honey bees swarming one area of my roof. An exterminator came to spray...he didn't sound convincing that it was the thing to do. I dismissed and googled and luckily found Mike. He promptly came out, observed the bees, educated me about what I had more than likely, and said he could fix the problem. Between a roofer lifting the tiles and cutting into the plywood, a massive hive was uncovered. Maybe 100 pounds of honey...I am relived, reassured and thrilled I met Mike Foster. What a professional. He knows his bees and and make this almost a field trip we enjoyed. Thank you Mike...don't call pesticides peeps when it's bees.
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Helen M.
Nov 12, 2010
this guy mike is the absolute BEST had a bee problem in my blue reycleing can and he came out the sameday and took care of it if you got bee's call him the best guy around mike thank you so much!!!!!..
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Pramukh S.
Jan 5, 2011
Michael was very professional in his work. He explained the pros and cons of every option/solution and I was impressed by his work. He was inexpensive too compared to most others. I would highly recommend Michael Foster for any bee related treatment.
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Sandra T.
May 29, 2014

Hired on Thumbtack

Hired on Thumbtack

It had turned out I didn't need the service. Thanks Mr. Foster for being honest in your advice rather than lying to earn $$. If I hear of anyone needing your service I will refer them to you.
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