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Our Work Stands Out Because Simply We Care. Our Customers Pay for a Service and We Provide to them Exactly what they Pay for. We Prepare the Jobs thoroughly, we don't cut corners, We use Premium Materials. Bottom line is that if you just Do the job your paid for with pride, your quality will rise above the rest.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I Love Improving Clients Homes, and the Neighborhoods, as well as the look on my customers faces when they see the drastic change in there homes.


Corona, CA 92881

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5 Reviews
  • Ryan H. Oct 27, 2013
    Peter Cagner at "A Cut Above Painters" was hired by myself to paint my house on 9/30/2013. At first, Peter seemed nice and professional, but I was fooled. When Peters crew started painting my house, they injected what appeared to be white caulking into the settling cracks on the stucco. They then painted primer over the cracks and rubbed it with their fingers to spread it out. Once the house was painted, Peter and his crew were in a big rush to get out of here. I told them I was having dinner with my family, but still they kept rushing me to come outside so that I could pay them and have them leave. I did not get a chance to do a walkthrough to notice the paint running down my driveway, the overspray on my garage door, the timer for my backyard lights hanging halfway off the wall etc. I had pointed out to Peter that there were several areas on my house that the texture didn't match after they painted my house (these were the areas that his employees filled with white caulking like material). Peter said "give it 7 to 10 days, and once the paint is dried, it will go away." I waited several days, and called Peter to come fix it. At that point, Peter was always on other jobs (supposedly), and never had time to come back out. Over a week and a half or more, Peter finally had one of the painters (Who Peter Claimed Was Living At His House) to come over and spray the stucco on the areas where they filled with a caulking like material. Since then, Peter has not showed back up to fix my house. I was texting with him on a Sunday because his service is the most unprofessional experience I have ever had. Peter said, he was going to come Wednesday, but since I was bothering him, now he was going to come Saturday. What a loser. They stated my house on 9-30-2013 and today is the 26th of October, and my house still has white stucco sprayed all over it, and Peter will not come back to fix it now that he has his money. Buyer Beware - it appears that Peter has his license suspended on the California State License Board for failure to comply with an outstanding civil judgement. I can only assume, he has done this to people more than one time. If I were you, I would run the other way, and hire someone who has a license in good standing. I would bet that Peter will do this again to someone. Don't let it be you.
    JP C. Jul 27, 2014

    Obviously you cannot make everyone happy but some people do not take any responsibility themselves. This job went absolutely fine, I sampled numerous colors over a 2 week period and the client have me the colors from his neighbors home in which I painted as well(which actually is why I was called because of the quality) this client obviously has ck trial issues and is controlled by his wife who was the rudest primodona on earth ( A spoiled brat, and obviously wears the pants in that home) after we painted the home there were flashing lines where cracks were filled, which in time do disappear but before these were an issue they didn't like there color, and wanted a change, so I offered to do it for 1 additional days labor and of course new paint expense. It was 850 dollars, they offered me 400. I said then it wasn't going to be changed by me. We then finished there project, I even repaired a terrible patch job he had done and painted his garage interior for free, and painted his kitchen pantry for free and his wonderful wife was furious she couldn't put her groceries away until next day because paint was tacky. Ryan new we were finishing at a certain time and day and he left me and my crew waiting for over two hours to walk job, because his little princess daughter needed to be taken for a walk and eat. He asked about flashing from existing cracks, which by the way he wasn't paying for stucco refinishing just painting, so I told him "let it cute for a week or so and then let's see what we can do" and told him not to pay me $250 until I came back. Well he called me less then 48 hours later demanding I repair his cracks so you couldn't tell they were even there, I told him that that was a entirely different service, then filling cracks with textured stucco filler (not white caulking). So to try once again to do the impossible and make him and his queen happy I dropped what I was doing and went back to his home, re-masked his house spray textured all the areas he was crying about, most of which were not repairs from us, and left new stucco to dry over night. Now I spent another full day for free and paid materials out of pocket. I returned the following day to paint areas which would take another half day and what do you know, all the 3 gallons of left over stucco paint are gone and there is an empty 5 gallon pale marked stucco 3 gallons. Which I always over order for touch up and any future minor painting of stucco to assure an exact match. Well on que Ryan said he knew nothing about it, it must have disappeared magically over the 3 days I was gone. I told him I was going to get more paint and paid almost 100 for 3 more gallons of premium exterior stucco paint. On my way back from the paint store he called me and said he wanted the color changes and felt I should do it for his inconvenience, he said he wanted his entire house re-masked and sprayed, not back rolled ( which is better then spraying new stucco). It became obvious he was trying to manipulate a color change with the missing paint, and other demands. When I told him it was extra to change colors, he the. Demanded his money back and kicked my painter off his property, and left so he wouldn't be there when I returned. I tried calling him back and to once again correct the issue and he agreed to a set day, and then continued to texf and call me all hours of day and night with additional demands and complaining. So in the end I was not paid in full for my services, did hundreds of dollars of added work to try and make him happy, and wasted money and time buying paint he disposed of trying to manipulate a color change. He then went on a slander campaign writing lies and bad reviews anywhere he can to discredit my work. It's a wonder why his own father who is a painter refused to work for his own son. When I heard that from him I should have run, not walked away. It seems when you try to make certain types of people happy , no matter what you do it's never good enough, and they always want more. Oh just a small thing to show how nuts these people are. He has 15 different things all Micky moused into 2 gfi outlets in his garage. Well if course when we plugged in our electric sprayer to paint it tripped the outlet, he called me immediately when the outlet tripped and the first words out of his mouth were who ia going to replace my food that is spoiling because the electricity turned off, well it was off for less then 20 minutes, because j again needed to drop everything else I was doing to run to his house to reset the gfi outlet, it continued to happen because he refused to let us use any other outlet in his house.

  • Kevin H. Aug 31, 2013
    We had a very good experience working with Peter and his crew. They showed up on time and completed our job as stated, and quicker than I had expected. I was really impressed by the way they conduct business. They went the extra mile in so many ways. I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone who asks.
  • Ashley M. Aug 21, 2013
    Pete and his team were awesome. The workers were very friendly and VERY fast! Painted our whole house in 2 days. Will be using them again!
    JP C. Aug 25, 2013

    It was an absolute pleasure working for her. She is a very, very nice lady, and has a beautiful family. We tried really hard to help her on pricing and scheduling, actually painting her home at 4am every morning before going to our other job site, so it can be finished on her schedule. Jobs like these make you feel good knowing you helped someone more than just maintining there home or changing the colors. I wish her all the best of luck and will definitely keep in touch with them in future

  • Gwen J. Oct 29, 2012
    Interior Painting
    Verified Review
    A Cut Above Painters was amazing. They were easy to communicate with, on time, and did excellent job. We have darker paint, which can be difficult to use, especially with light accent walls. It looked great and we were very happy with Pete and his crew. Will hire again for any painting needs!
    JP C. Nov 16, 2012

    Had a great experience with My new valued customers, and wish them all the luck in there new beautiful home. We worked a long time just over the Thumbtack network, and everything was in perfect order and went without a hitch. They were the nicest people in the world, and very appreciative of the efforts made, and a absolute pleasure to work for. Looking forward to working for them in the future.

  • Vicki W. Oct 2, 2012
    Verified Review
    The advice and professionalism from A Cut Above Painters was excellent. Ours was a difficult job and the thorough approach, patience and technical guidance helped make the process more painless. Thank you!
    JP C. Oct 18, 2012

    Kind words from one of the nicest families I have had the pleasure to meet in a long time. Congrats on the purchase of your new home in the "exclusive" Canyon Lake Community. When we met you sure had your work cut out for you. because of the previous owners situation you had a lot, and I mean a lot of his personal items abandoned, so besides having to take care of getting your own person belongings in order to move, you pretty much had to move the old owners stuff out for him as well. having to do this in less than 2 weeks, along with getting the entire Interior Re-Painted, the house cleaned, and all the other 101 items needing to be done when making a large move such as you did. I am surprised you didn't go "Postal". In the past when I have worked for clients in similar circumstances, with that much on there plate, the stress always got the better of them, and to say the least, they were not able to do what they planned to create the space they envisioned living in. Well you pulled it off like pros. Even with the old owners abandoned items needing to be removed, and having to get the house ready for the painters to get started, you still were able to stay on top of your, and you did all this with a smile on there face and a sense of humor. We did everything we could to juggle our production schedule, to asking and explaining to our other already scheduled customers if they wouldn't mind waiting an extra week so that these clients could get moved in on there deadline. From the financial aspects of the job, to helping with color placement, to assisting in getting things moved around if needed. This project truly goes to show that no matter how crazy things seem to be, and how out of reach they can look, that with proper planning, keeping of composure, not being afraid to seek assistance, even if its from perfect strangers, as well as professionals put together with professionals making sure to put there customers genuine needs before there own bottom line and personal schedules, that people can work together in order to obtain a common goal, which in this case was getting your house ready for move-in in a very short period of time, and while not going over budget. Most important of all was getting a very nice, generous, and deserving family settled into there beautiful new home on time and on budget. I only wish that we could have contributed more. Again Congrats on your new home from your friends at A Cut Above Painters. I truly appreciate the opportunity granted to us in order to work for you, Hopefully if and when a new painting projects comes up, you will keep us in mind for another chance to work for you and your family.


What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
I continually take online training for products, and procedures. I constantly read about improvements in Paint technology, and Application improvements, Study online certifications for actual licensing credit, as well as I study other trades in order to have the knowledge to answer questions which may come up regarding other trades, so I may be a informative and knowledgeable for my customer as possible. 1 Thing I will not do is lie or answer a question I do not know the answer to. Answering a question just to answer can cause more harm than help.
How did you get started doing this type of work?
I have a 20 year background in Customer Service, and from the service industry working in Peoples houses and places of business. Well I was thinking of a service I hated doing at my own home, that I could offer people a truly honest and high quality experience in that will not be outsources overseas and that has return clients. Well Painting was the top of my list. It was a perfect fit as well. I was a art major in college in NY, and I like meeting new people and making improvements to there homes and the surrounding communities. I actually started by purchasing a franchise from a nationwide Painting company, which really does not have a business model that works for CA or any state requiring actual trained contractors who are licensed. they want business professionals who do not have very good people skills, and no experience in paint to Sub Contract out work, but CA and Myself do not work like that, I am a hands on Guy that likes working with my customers, and in CA you need employees along with licenses and all the insurance that goes with it. I Did learn quite allot form them, but ultimately I took the good, and improved on it to suit my customer service background. I also could not be competitive price wise having to pay them almost 20% of the Job, so it was simple math which lead to the split. I have no regrets, and things are better now than ever.
What types of customers have you worked with?
The seasons dictate, but right now slot more exterior than interior, because customers are painting alot more due to Maintenance needs than Just Color Change.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Do your homework. Never go for the absolute low ball price. If you get 3 quotes and 2 are pretty consistent and then 1 is a 1000 cheaper you have to ask why? What Corners or Quality is Being cut or Sacraficed. Also don't Over Pay Based on a Companies Boasting they are the Biggest and Badest, like Franchise based Painters do. It doesn't matter how many locations in how many states they have, those are not painting your home, the Contractor in CA is strapped to pay high Royalties and needs to hold a higher price to make money for themselves. Bottom line all they offer different is a higher price and a name. Check the CSLB license review, ask for references and Addresses where you can see there work, and ask for recent and older jobs to see how they hold up.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
I Feel it is important they Look up my license number at the CSLB Website or by clicking my license number at the top of my website at www.acapainters.com so that they feel assured we are licensed bonded and insured with everything up to date. I feel it important for them to go to our website and read about our services and review photos of our work.