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I can basically do what others can't do if it involves activities that don't require a specific license but is legal. I have a lot of experience with moving heavy objects with care and precision, and do have certain certifications to operate a chain saw or machinery of that category with a fork lift certification at the largest of them all. I can do yard work along with installing most but not all appliances within the legal perimeter. I'm very active and strong, as well as organized and am currently taking a few classes one at a time to broaden my horizon or versatility of equipment as well as certification ability. I can do what others won't and I am willing as well as always willing to learn on the job or as I go from the appropriate resources. I will not do anything that is illegal or attempt a project unless I can successfully complete it. I am a former hot shot wild firefighter, hobby specialist, and MMA.

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Palo Alto, CA 94303

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