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Hello! My name is Tyler Morrison. I'm the professional carpenter/handyman of West Home Handyman. I'm a journeyman union carpenter by trade. I have over 30 years of experience in building construction and repair, from foundation to roof, including interior/exterior painting. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; take care of your home and do some maintenance, repairs, or modernizing. I do it all from start to finish and provide professional service at affordable prices. Maintenance doesn't cost, it pays! Safety Notice If you have an older home, test for lead paint before starting any renovations involving demolition or paint stripping. Most homes were built before 1960, and some built as recently as 1978 may contain heavily-leaded paint. Stay out of flooded basements, electrical service panels, and furnace boxes. Before working on any electrical devices, first turn off the power to the circuit at your circuit box, and then test the device with a voltage tester to be sure the electricity is turned off. To prevent very costly structural repairs, keep all bathroom and sink area surfaces well-sealed, caulked, and grouted, paying particular attention to the floor and wall areas adjacent to showers, tubs and sinks.


Richmond, CA 94805
Coverage Area for West Home Handyman is about 1+ miles of Richmond, CA.