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My years of experience in Chiropractic and my knowledge in Nutrition and the various services we offer should indicate that my office is very special place. I have a very warm and understanding and knowledgeable staff, my phone is answered by a live person I don't like message machines. We listen to every patient, we have Great customer service. When my patient's come into our office and encounter our office staff and my self , they know I found the right place for me. In enjoy what I do very much and I won't retire because the public needs my skills. I like meeting all kinds of health issues whether its dealing with the Neck, Upper Back or lower back pain or someone that has a health issue from wants to do prevention, to having a health issue and want another option to better health. My nutrition back ground is extensive so I have patients that come in for various nutritional goals and issues. I do 50 panel blood panel, which is very specialized panels not too many doctors do, only because I can read blood panels and you really have to be into nutrition as I am. Also, I various other tests from Hormone balancing to Stress testing, Thyroid testing only to name a few. If you want answers then I am the doctor to get that question answered. Each patient had something in mind of what they wanted to accomplish when they stepped into my office and as we worked together had accomplished their goal successfully. I am very grateful that the patient has the trust in me and my skills to accomplish their goals.

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    • What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
      Every year I keep up my Chiropractic profession I like to keep on the cutting edge of new technologies etc.. It's very exciting to see the new instruments and equipment in my field. Nutrition I keep up every day with the vitamin /supplement industry ,go to conventions several every year. Work with my manufacturing company that we stay on top of our products to keep our GMP/NSF level of superiority of product. I attend many anti-aging conventions and lectures during the year. As you can see I don't let any grass grow under my feet I like knowing what is going on in both my professions. This gives my a better edge then most Doctors in both fields because most don't have the hunger of knowledge that I seek, which makes it better help for my patients that come into my office. I also work with doctors in Europe and Japan as well sometimes products are being generated out their first before they come to the USA. So I like to keep a pulse on that too.
    • How did you get started doing this type of work?
      I have been into nutrition and wanted pursued a profession that would encompass this, and I found out that Chiropractic engaged in peoples health and nutrition was an added factor. So this was a natural fit for me.
    • What types of customers have you worked with?
      For Nutrition I need to sit down with my patients and talk about what their goals are, go over history, what drugs they are taking, what they are eating and testing. Before I start any nutritional program, I want to be very thorough when I dealing with someone's health. Chiropractic usually the person has gone to several Doctors of chiropractic and they haven't gotten the relief they wanted or another Doctor is not a through as myself to pick up the problem this is were my experience comes in. This also applies to My Chiropractic I want all the facts, I use X-Rays, and testing to determine what is causing the problem or discomfort. I am the only one on the peninsula that does my technique GONSTEAD. It a very specific precise adjustment and gentle, my patient get relieve right away and they can't believe the difference. I really enjoy what I do and will keep helping people get healthier.
    Coverage Area for Total Health Clinic- Dr Phillip Dietrich is about 30+ miles of South San Francisco, CA.