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What is a videographer and what do they do?

A videographer professionally films weddings and other events and edits the footage to create film keepsakes or marketing materials for their clients. Wedding videographers record all the key elements of your wedding day, ceremony and reception, and then edit the hours of film during post-production to make a wedding video, social media highlight reels, and any other film features you choose. Wedding videography captures, in live action, your vows, the cake-cutting, the first dance, reception toasts, the decor, the guests and all the details of your day. Many wedding videographers also interview guests (based on an interview list provided by the couple) and incorporate the recorded responses into the wedding video. Event videography typically costs less than wedding videography, as events are shorter with less detail. The national average cost for event videography is $500-$760, while the national average cost for wedding videography is $990-$1,260. A videographer usually does not need to be licensed, but it is important to confirm they have insurance and good standing in the business community, as well as good client reviews. A great majority of the work happens during post-production. The pros watch and blend together the hours of footage they took (sometimes from multiple cameras) to capture the story of your wedding day or event.

How do you choose a wedding videographer?

A wedding videographer will create a lifetime memory for you from edited video footage of your wedding day, ceremony and reception. Choosing a wedding videographer starts with looking online at portfolios of their past work. There’s no need to talk to anyone unless you love what you see. Next, make sure they have good reviews and past client experience; don’t be shy about asking for references if there aren’t any posted online. When you find someone who has a style you love, ask if they are available on your wedding day. If so, it’s time to talk pricing. Be clear about your maximum budget, and ask what kind of packages they offer. Pricing will depend on the number of crew needed for filming, the hours they are required to be onsite, post-production editing, and the length of the final product. Talk with several wedding videographers to get a feel for what prices are like in your region. Nationally, the average cost for wedding videography ranges between $990 and $1,260 per event. Once you agree on a product and have a plan, get everything in a written and signed contract. Clearly state the details of what is expected for your wedding day and from the final product. Be prepared to pay a deposit to reserve their services for the day, then pay the remainder upon receiving the video.

When do you pay your wedding videographer and wedding photographer?

Most wedding videographers and photographers require a set deposit when you hire them. Wedding season is a busy time and a deposit secures that vendor’s services for your wedding date. It also protects the vendor if the couple changes their mind at the last minute, and they can’t find a new booking and lose work for the day. The deposit may be anywhere from 20 percent to  50 percent of the agreed-upon total price. Always get a written confirmation that your deposit has been received.

The remainder of the wedding videography and photography bill may be due in the week before to your wedding or on the day of the wedding. Other vendors may require a second payment immediately before the wedding and a third and final payment after the wedding video or photos are delivered. Each vendor has their own policies, so before hiring be sure to read, understand and agree to payment protocols. There is no requirement for tipping wedding videographers or photographers, but if you do want to tip them, the end of the reception is the appropriate time. 

How much is videography for a wedding?

Wedding videography is one thing many couples regret not paying for. It may seem like just another expense during wedding planning, but it’s really special to have a moving memory of your big day. The national average cost for wedding videography is $990-$1,260. Pricing can vary depending on wedding length, special film features, the amount of editing required, and how many videographers are needed to cover the event. Many videographers offer packages that provide different levels of service. A very simple wedding documentary could be $600 or more, while a full-scale cinematic experience involving multiple videographers could be $2,500 or more. Here’s an example of average package pricing:

  • Package 1: $1,400
    • Footage during and after the ceremony, including highlights requested by the couple.
    • Two cameras with audio equipment.
    • DVD including a 3- or 4-minute edit to a song of the couple’s choice and a 45- to 50-minute raw edit covering the entire event.
    • Recordings of guests’ good wishes to the couple.
  • Package 2: $1,800
    • Includes everything from Package 1, plus an additional videographer (2 total) and aerial videography.  

What should you ask your wedding videographer before hiring?

Finding the perfect wedding videographer doesn’t have to be stressful. Asking a few key questions upfront will help you find the right fit for your big day. Before talking with wedding videographers, research their work online. Look at their websites, business profiles and social media, and see what their finished wedding videos look like. If the style fits what you’re envisioning, it’s time to reach out. During initial contact, make sure you get along with the person. This is important since they’ll be interacting with you and your guests.

Your first question should be about their availability; there’s no point in going further if they’re booked on your wedding day. Ask to see references if they’re not readily available online. Next, it’s time to talk about money. Ask how they determine rates or what kind of packages they offer. When you settle on a rate and the services you want, make sure to have a written contract that outlines everything, including cost, length of time they film, what post-production will include, and when you can expect to receive the edited project.

Reviews for Western Addition videographers
Ben G.
Amazing videographer and truly a pleasure to work with. The video was perfect for my submission to American Ninja Warrior
Nicholas DomaguingNicholas Domaguing
Thumbtack Customer
Albert and his team were flawless. We use various videographers all over the U.S. and this was the best experience I've ever had. His staff was on time, professional, knowledgeable, and truly cared about the product they produced.
DeNoise Studios (please read profile)DeNoise Studios (please read profile)
Elliott A.
Jeff is a truly gifted videographer and was a pleasure to work with! We felt like his services were an incredible value and well worth every penny - the highlight reel of our event was fully pro quality. I can't recommend Jeff enough!
Jeff Rumans PhotographyJeff Rumans Photography
Shoshana U.
I highly recommend Ilja from ISDesigns Studio. He is a great videographer, followed my vision for the PSA piece and was incredibly professional. He completed the entire video within a few days - was a great experience. The final video was great! If you work with Ilja, you will be very pleased!
ISDesigns StudioISDesigns Studio
Andrea J.
We hired Lawrence to video our 25th wedding anniversary and he did an excellent job! I decided in the week leading up to the event that I wanted a videographer, and was so lucky to find Lawrence on such short notice. He was very easy to work with coordinating about the event as well as during the festivities. He captured all the important moments of the evening, while blending into the background such that we barely knew he was there. Based on the footage he took, he created a wonderful long video with every special moment, dance, and speech, as well as a beautiful short highlight video. We are so grateful to Lawrence for capturing this important evening for us, our family, and our friends. I highly recommend him as your videographer for any special event.
Lawrence GeraldLawrence Gerald
Tanzina I.
Miguel is a phenomenal videographer! He is so incredibly creative and pours his heart into his projects. Hire Miguel and his production team if you have a project that requires care and attention to details. **People often do not read long reviews, which is why I wanted a quick blurb about Miguel (provided up top) before going into an in-depth review of my experience with Miguel and his production team** Here I go: Miguel and I started our conversation around early to mid-July time frame. I live on the east coast, and I was in need of a videographer in the mid-October time frame for a very special project. I have been researching for videographers, the types of services they provide, and the fees associated with this type of service for a few months now. I have searched for videographers on the east coast (DC Metro) and on the west coast (SF Bay Area) via Yelp, WeddingWire, The Knot, and Thumbtack. I have been with a handful of videographers, but I ended up putting all my trust into Miguel. Miguel had sent me a really reasonable quote, which I appreciated. And as a result, I began reviewing his work (both via his website as well as his Instagram account). I was really impressed. I recall one of my first impressions of Miguel’s work was that it felt out of the box compared to the hundreds of videographers that I had researched in the weeks/months before. The video quality of the material in Miguel’s portfolio was satisfying to me as well. Without further delay, I wanted to lock in my date with Miguel so the two of us hashed out an agreement, and Miguel was very accommodating of my requests. As per my agreement, I made my payment in full, in advance (note: this portion was based on my personal preference as I wanted to minimize the logistics I needed to deal with the day of). Days prior to my event, Miguel and I had a couple of telephone/text conversations to figure out details of where we would meet and etc. I appreciated that Miguel made sure we were both reading off the same sheet of music, especially since we made arrangements with each other being across the country. The event took place in a public, historical facility (so imagine a bunch of other people around us the entire time). Miguel and his production team arrived an hour before to scout-out the place, to familiarize. By the time I arrived, they were ready to go. Miguel and his crew were punctual, patient and extremely pleasant to work with. I was really pleased with the flow of things. Once our event wrapped up, Miguel told me he was prepared to deliver the product with a four-day turn around (of which only two were business days). He was preparing to travel abroad and he would not be available for the next month. I let Miguel know the timeline would not be an issue, and I am absolutely fine with him taking a bit more time. This was going to be a very special delivery to me no matter what time of the month he would hand it over to me. I received the product recently (a very reasonable delivery time frame), and my mind was BLOWN. I watched the video and told my family Miguel really put his foot into it, and I was corrected - that Miguel poured his heart into it and that was true… I agreed 100%. The edited product was just a little over 8:00 minutes in duration. And each time I have watched the video, I have cried with tears of pure joy and happiness. I had requested a musical overlay of a specific song and Miguel used an instrumental version (violin) and captured the essence of the event so beautifully. Some of the clips were black and white, so as to stand out from the rest - everyone who has seen the product thus far, they have raved Miguel and his work quality. A lot of videographers that I have researched struggled to stabilize their videos (i.e. their videos appear really shaky), they transition in an out too frequently and lack flow, and/or the sound/video quality is very poor. Miguel really came through for me, and delivered a product that I will cherish for YEARS to come. A lifetime even. Miguel surpassed all of these criteria (and I knew he would from seeing his portfolio); Miguel used electronic stabilizers, transitioned from one scene to the next effortlessly, and provided an end product with picture perfect video and sound quality. Miguel and his production team gets 1,000 (and this is not a typo) out of 100. I have so much love and appreciation for Miguel and his team’s work. Thank you, Miguel and team, for truly providing me something beyond my expectation. I am in awe and I have so many feelings of gratitude.
Parallel Features : Media ProductionParallel Features : Media Production
Francisco B.
WOW. Working with Keida exceeded our expectations from the very first time we communicated he was responsive and extremely friendly. I never felt like I was annoying him with questions and he always responded right away which is a really big deal when you are planning for a wedding! Initially, we weren't sure if we should have a videographer but for anyone who is on the fence about it, it was worth every penny. We had multiple vendors and the value of reliving our special day with Keida's AMAZING filming was priceless. He was on time, super easy to work with and super respectful. What more can you ask for?! The day we got the highlight video we sent it to our family and friends and every single one of them was blown away. Many were in tears of how well he did the video and how well he was able to capture the most important aspects of the wedding. I can't say enough about Keida and his professionalism. If you are looking for a videographer, look no more, Keida is THE person to do it. You'll want to keep your video on repeat after getting his amazing footage! Thank you again so much, Keida, you've reflected our most important day of our life in a way we could have never imagined and we will forever be thankful for that! This is something we will share with our future family and their future family and we are so grateful for you!
Swannworks FilmsSwannworks Films
Alissa C.
We were/are extremely happy with the service we received from Kory. We had decided to hire a videographer at the very last moment with limited funds. He was quick to respond, offered us a great rate and took the time to go over all our details. We wanted basic raw footage of just the ceremony. Kory ended up staying for the entire wedding and captured every moment, even me (the bride) tripping down the stairs, LOL! We now have 2 thumb drives full of raw footage of our wedding day and a bonus, Kory can edit it for us anytime if we choose. We definitely recommend him him for any event! He is friendly, professional and does great work.
WDS Visuals Product PhotographyWDS Visuals Product Photography
Sarah S.
One of the biggest fears people have when they’re considering hiring a videographer for their wedding is whether or not the cameraperson will get in the way of the special moments taking place. Will he be a distraction when I’m walking down the aisle? Will he plant himself in a place he shouldn’t be and ruin some potentially beautiful pictures? Will he follow our instructions on where to stand so we’re confident that we’ll have a wonderful wedding experience that isn’t ruined by a desire to capture it? With Lawrence Gerald, I can tell you that ALL OF OUR FEARS CAME TRUE. Lawrence ignored every single one of our explicit directions on where we wanted him to be and where he could move during the ceremony to make sure that we wouldn’t be distracted walking down the aisle, and that he wouldn’t show up in any of the pictures of the ceremony. THE BRIDE GAVE HIM CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS on what she wanted in an email, had an unambiguous phone conversation with him, and then gave him a diagram of the seating chart with the places of where he could freely move and stand marked. We explained that the video was intended for relatives who could not be with us. We acknowledged that our requests might not allow the quality of shots he would normally get and that we were okay with that. What did Lawrence do? He told the bride that he would do as she asked, and then HE PRESSURED THE GROOM TO LET HIM DO WHATEVER HE WANTED RIGHT BEFORE THE CEREMONY. Lawrence did this at a time when the groom had quite a bit on his mind and couldn’t communicate the change with the bride. Instead, Lawrence undercut the bride by telling the groom she didn’t know what she wanted… what a thoughtless time to try to sow discord between a couple!! The result was that he planted himself and his video camera directly at the front of the ceremony, where everybody could see him and where he’d be in all of the pictures with the bridesmaids. His presence detracted from those special moments for the bride as she came down the aisle. As she approached the front of the aisle, Lawrence scurried a few feet over. Some of OUR GUESTS COMMENTED THAT IT WAS AN EXTREMELY AWKWARD MOMENT when THEY SAW THE CAMERAMAN RUN AWAY FROM THE BRIDE as she was walking down the aisle. But it still did not get him out of our pictures! There was also a bizarre moment that distracted everyone when he came crashing through behind us to adjust a microphone during the middle of the ceremony that our guests also commented on. We’re giving Lawrence two stars because the video he made turned out nice enough and has been enjoyed by others. But we still would’ve preferred to have gotten what we asked for - a video with no cameraman in the middle of our ceremony, ruining our pictures and distracting us and our guests.
Lawrence GeraldLawrence Gerald
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