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What makes me different as a personal trainer is the fact that I know exactly how it feels to struggle with weight and body image issues, I was not a confident or natural athlete as a kid (understatement) and still wasn't as a young adult. It took quite some time to pick myself up and change my life. After losing 30+ lbs and getting back into shape I took up gymnastics. For the past 10 years I've been a full time Junior Olympic Gymnastics Coach and helped coach many state and regional champion gymnasts to reach their best. I know exactly what it takes to lose weight and exactly what it takes to prepare you for any physical activity or sport, to help you achieve your future goals in either of those endeavors and teach you how to apply those to all the goals in your life. I live for that, that's my purpose in life. Helping others. Being their coach. There were a lot of times in my life I wish I had a coach. To show me what I could be if I never gave up. Someone who pushed me never to settle for anything but my best. Someone who believed in me and showed me how to do the same. Someone to give me the information I needed to succeed. Someone that motivated me and reminded me to have some fun once in a while. I've been fortunate to find a job where I can do these things, I love being this for others. There's nothing I'd rather do.


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    • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
      When looking for a good personal trainer its important to find someone with passion and experience. Someone that loves doing what they do, has experience helping others achieve their goals and has personal experience striving for, struggling through and achieving their own goals in fitness. Sadly there are trainers out there that only do 'the job' because working out is all they know, they may even look down on others that may not be in their best shape. Find someone that cares about your goals and understands your struggles towards trying to achieve those goals. Someone that listens, is attentive and has a smile on their face when you see them. All good signs, all must haves. Its important to give new trainers a chance, they may be great trainers in the making, but if you find two trainers that care and had to choose, choose the one with experience for now. You can always give the new trainer a shot later down the road. Knowing how to adapt an exercise, or an entire program, around your specific needs and limitations is a vital attribute of a great trainer. Now if you are lucky enough to find two trainers that care, and have a good deal of experience in training others, you'll want to go with the trainer that has the most personal experience with your specific goal. If they themselves have lost weight, choose them for weight loss training, if they competed well in sports, choose them for sports performance, if they exercise just to feel good everyday and that's your goal, they're the trainer for you. Matching personalities and matching goals make for great combinations in training. When you find a trainer with all of these qualities and you give them your time, effort and commitment, then you are truly on your way to changing your life, the sky's the limit.
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