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About Andrea's Beyond Balloons

"For the personal touch, your imagination is our creation."
At Andrea's Beyond Balloons, "We Create Memories..."

My name is Andrea...I founded this company and my name is and has always been at stake in regards to what we provide. Most who contact me directly choose us to be their "Balloon Resource" thereafter...Is this a relationship that would be worth exploring/cultivating? *For now please look @ LinkIn for Skills/Endorsements & See the Volume of those who have appreciated us over the years (*Contacting clients to send in referrals to Thumbtack in next few days).

We are "Service Oriented" so we won't be charging anyone (< 2 hours consultation) in exploring what it is you want and how we may be of service (or refer those below our minimum of $250.00) in "Co-Creating" & offering "Custom Designs/Proposals". We can offer direct links to 2 Facebook Photo Albums & 10 Youtube DVD footage of some of our work over the years.

Our intent/passion is to raise people's consciousness as to what is truly possible with this medium while maximizing value given for a reasonable cost & create "long term relationships" with those who, once they have experienced us, use and refer us thereafter!

We have been Washingtonian Magazine's selected "BEST" since 1984 & we're the only one ever selected by Washingtonian Magazine in our industry. Recently (within the last 2 years...30 years later) when hired to do an event for a DC Council Member I was told that "Washingtonian Magazine told us that you were the 'Go To Guy' for Balloons".

We've been pioneering the balloon industry for over 30+ years full time professionally _ offering unique entertainment (world-wide), elegant decor (any theme), and special effects with balloons for events of all kinds/ages/locations (internationally). We take pride in our not having let down any of our clients in all of these years (which is truly a remarkable achievement)! Since we are "service oriented" & due to our having been in business for so long we have had the opportunity to create relationships with "the Best" in all phases of Events...and are able to also refer/sub-contract other professionals/entertainers for your every need (we only refer those whom we trust and appreciate their level of professionalism). While I am the only official employee...I have trained, developed and cultivated others (as well as am excellent in "on the job training" & logistics) in order to be able to fulfill even very large events where I have managed over 100 to do so OR our capacity to do multiple events simultaneously which I plan & have trusted associates leading their staffs to fulfill. There is no client/event too large or small (which is why we refer for < our minimum) that isn't important to us or that we can't do & yes, at times we are booked fully & then will refer. So...my name is on everything we do...& that is why we are fully committed to service, quality & excellence and operate from integrity. We may not be the "cheapest"... however, you will be challenged to find anyone better & often at a cost that isn't that much more.

We are acutely aware that it is truly our honor and privilege to be invited/allowed to be of service for our client's most intimate moments (individual or corporate), doing what we love doing, and make a positive difference which may last for generations, for which we are humbly grateful. We do create wonderful memories!

We wish to Thank You for your kind consideration...& truly look forward to being of service to you and your loved ones for years to come!!!

Best Regards, Andrea


6402 16th Street NW Washington, DC
Washington, DC 20012

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Question and answer

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

A. As I started with focusing on Adults...developing what would be sophisticated and interesting enough to move, touch or inspire their attention/appreciation for sustained times (which also leads to children who find that they can be in Awe when they experience "Wonderland" & yet can be quite happy with simpler presentations/offerings...I would offer the following in Priority: Corporate/Formal Events/Galas...Teen Events (Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras, Graduations)...Family/Children's Events/Birthdays...Weddings, Grand Openings/Picniks...Community/Malls/Public/Political/Arena Events...Charity/Fundraisers/Non-Profit/Church/Religious Institutions (and a very few Funerals where the only way I will be in service to one is if I am pre-designated by the deceased either directly or in their will) ... basically Celebrations of all kinds...since I have been one of a very few who have developed all 3 arenas of Balloon Entertainment, Decor & Special Effects to a very high level (one of the best Internationally in all 3 arenas)...I find that I can apply creatively between the various domains I have mastered. One reason why my clients love to have me involved in both their business/family/personal lives over years. While I do a higher percentage of Decor than Entertainment (& occasionally Special Effects which can actually be done as a part of my Entertainment...simply done in a Group/Collective Format vs. Individual Give away) this is due to my having trained and developed those who can assist me or independantly complete whatever I plan out for them multiple events simultaneously ... while there is truly only one of "me" & once people experience me they usually don't want to go for those who even charge less and can't do what I do (I have entertainers who are wonderful and whom I book for events as well...including excellent Balloon Artists)...however, I am the "show stealer" whenever their are multiple entertainment acts...and always have the longest lines. I have had adults stand 4 hours in line @ black tie events.

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. I am a logistics master and am devoted to my clients...so I don't spare anything in truly being of service...and haven't let a client down in over 30 years of service. I do ask ?'s and am simply seeking information so that I can truly merge with/from my client's interests in giving them what they would want if they only knew...I am not mercenary and have even offered client's who wanted to hire me for what I could have made a lot of money on...other options outside of my arena that they did instead and from which I received no compensation...because it served them more to do so. I am truly not attached to what benefits me...my focus is on what I believe serves my clients and offering that...and we both learn along the way what that truly is together...which makes for a richer experience overall. I have client's who trust me so much that they simply say what budget range they have/Theme...and then say...what ever you want to do is fine by me. For an Artist who can and has done so much...& while I appreciate that level of trust...that can be a nightmare ;-) for me...so I do appreciate getting some occasional preferences/tastes/choices between options...to more fully get a sense of what they like in order to guide my creative process.

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. I would like to know how some of what is done actually got created (Balloons inside of Balloons with Helium/Air mixtures)...many ask me that. Also...How/Why did I get involved in this to begin with? If one wants to actually experience and have an ambiance or entertainment which entails using Helium to create the Effect...which is truly magical & memorable...the next few years may be the time to focus on doing this...because we may find that there will come a time where we won't be able to create what we can now from not being able to use helium.
Inside Secret: There are times when going thru the "Co-Creation" Process actually results in something far more appreciated for less cost than the choosing btwn. Package 1 thru 6 because those who are imaginative/creative ... are artists whom given details can meet or surpass their client's desires/needs & are offering their expertise @ no cost...which gives their clients more value/possibility than simply asking for some things from a limited knowledge that they want the artist/archetect to fulfill...missing out on what would truly be possible & perhaps even being efficient/saving costs in the process. When going to an expert...the experts if they truly listen and ask key ?'s can guide their clients to what they would truly want. Another for Weddings (or a Special Effect for an event) is that we can explode 3' latex balloons with Rose Petals inside so that they shower over the bridal couple when doing the 1st dance.

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. Experience: We've been pioneering the Industry (continually stretching the envelope of what is possible thru new creations/approaches/innovation).

Creativity: We Co-Create with the Client (specifically designing for each and every event) what we eventually end up with which truly reflects and is symbolic of what the Client's Theme...and is Magical & Memorable.

Innovation: We are willing to try things which have never been done before...and we have successfully Experimented for numerous events doing just that.

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. Our being allowed to be involved with our Client's most personal and intimate moments of importance (personal or business) and being able to create ambviances/entertainment/effects which truly are memorable for generations. I personally love the challenges involved in the Co-Creation (with the Client) process. Committed to raising people's consciousness as to what is truly possible with the balloon medium which most still think of as just a "bunch of balloons".


Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

A. Why Balloons?

Balloons is the least expensive way I know of to decorate elegantly for most events...especially where there are high ceilings or open venues (weather permitting/ including tents). We truly can do any theme.

Isn't it just balloons?/Kid's Stuff?

We do a lot of Corporate/Adult Events (& Yes...we touch the hearts of Children of All Ages :-))...and often the Adults are inspired and moved by the sophistication, creativity, beauty and what is possible far beyond what they thought could occur.

When I first started this business I was committed to "raising people's consciousness" regarding balloon artistry and how truly remarkable this medium can be when utilized for events (in all facets)...and most are still unaware of what is truly possible! I love being able to offer just that!

Aren't Balloons harmful to the Environment?

Balloons can also be totally Pro-Environment/GREEN!
Latex Balloons are all natural substance (helps growth of the rubber trees which helps maintain the forests in South America and elsewhere (rather then converting to farms) which helps the ozone layer...and will bio-degrade about the same length of time it takes a maple leaf to do so (approx. 4 - 6 weeks). Yes there are other materials which are used which aren't all natural...however they can be re-used and enjoyed more then once!

Q. Do you have a favorite story from your work?

A. I was sub-contracted by Gala Events to do Balloon Entertainment @ Vice President Gore's Holiday Party (the same weekend that the Supreme Court was making a decision on the Presidential Election/Florida Results). This was originally contracted for 3 hours & they were made aware that they also had availability of "option hours". The woman who was in charge of the Gore's Event watched me entertain for approx. 30 minutes came up to me and stated: "In the 8 years we have been doing events we have never seen anything like you or we would have hired you all the time. Take as long as it takes & bill us." Well...I was there for 6 hours instead of 3. About 4 hours into it I was escorted to where the Gores were doing Photo Opps with their guests (I was wearing a Wizard Outfit) & they came up to me immediately & told me they had heard so much about me from their guests that they wanted to thank me personally & took a picture with me which they sent to me. Now...this was for Congressmen,Senators,Judges,White House Staff,CEO's,Embassy & their families...who have seen everything ;-)...and I literally had them (all ages from baby to senior) captivated for hours. I found out later that I was the only entertainer they did that with at that event. PS: I could feel the energy, vibrations & sound of the protesters (pro & con) outside their home the entire time during that event...and while I was able to be a "Joy Bringer" to those present and where-in we all were able to enjoy our time together...it was under very trying conditions...that I am grateful to have been able to make a contribution during.

Q. What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

A. I simply love ... and find that I have been able to extend love thru this medium which I have both pioneered and developed over time into that which, from time to time, even amazes me (I've done 30 story balloon structures & more)...and yet, each client/event presents it's own unique challenges/opportunities which excite me and tests my being able to come up with solutions/creations within the structures/themes/desires that both stretches and expands who I am as a result...regardless of small or large. I would literally do this for free if I could afford it. All this from someone who was so shy that it took my making a few animal balloons to bridge my being able to connect with people to begin with...and over time having converted my "sensitivity" into a channel with individuals/collectives which heightens all of our experience. So...I am truly Grateful. I do believe in giving back to Society and do Charity/Non-Profit Events for approx. 1/2 of what I normally charge (which is close to actual costs) using their volunteers under my direction...and sometimes (when I can) even donate my services period. There was a time where I had 30 - 40 Charity Events (& climbing) a year and was almost driven out of business so I had to "protect" myself by arbitrarily keeping it to maximum of 1 per month as a policy. So...basically...I am a "giver" and offer this with my heart always. I am still learning how to be a "business man".

Q. How did you decide to get in your line of work?

A. While I was a Psychology Major @ the University of Maryland I designed an experiment were-in we decided to use animal balloons for it (my first time experience with them) and I love to work with my hands and use to sing and swim...so I had no trouble inflating them by mouth. Well I had opportunities to make things with them during the course of the experiment run & was given all of the left over balloons afterwards. It became a hobby/art form since then. A # of years later I was told by world class magicians/clowns that they hadn't seen anything like the level of artistry that I was creating with balloons and that I should make it a business. I had been a Broker for 4 years...then went into counciling teen age boys on probation in a group home (to experience my love for psychology and what I had gotten a degree in) & finally was in a program @ Office of Personal Management (jumping 2 grades a year). During those years I also had participated in LifeSpring (TC-12) & later Actualizations ("Self Developement/Transformational" Workshops that I even participated in building those communities over a # of years). I found myself desiring being a "Workshop Conductor" who could contribute to people's transformation & benefit their lives...and what I had observed was that those whom I respected the most had gotten to the tops of their respective fields and then were able to transfer over their living experiences into those whom they were contributing towards their developement in a deeper more profound way. So I asked myself: "What could I become the very best in the world in?"...and I was immediately given a insight/vision/ah ha moment of Balloons...and at that time I saw it only as a "stepping stone" to my developing myself into eventually becoming a Workshop Conductor. So, I committed to doing Balloons every day for an entire year (mostly for free...on the subway, at church(s), etc.) developing my craft...and then I had 2 major offers...1 being the Ramada Renaissance La Martene Lounge (Wash., DC) where I was to decorate differently every day during the work week for Happy Hour & Entertain at the Night Club as well (lasted for 2 1/2 years) & 2 working weekends & holidays mostly entertaining (& decorating) for Rosenthal Datsun (later Nissan) in Tyson's Corner, VA...so I left the Gov't/OPM just before jumping from GS 11 to GS 13 (a lot of $ & a very secure job with benefits...please know that I know I would have made far more $ having stayed with the Gov't. & still am thankful that I have chosen the path I have)...to begin "Beyond Balloons"...which shortly thereafter became "Andrea's Beyond Balloons". Basically...it was a hobby that got out of hand and became a Profession ;-). This was at a time where there wasn't even a term "Balloon Artist/Entertainer". I felt like and envisioned myself as being the "Johnny Appleseed" of the Balloon Industry (which also was in it's infant stages) & had the following as my Inspiration/Foundation: My purpose was to raise people's consciousness to what was possible with this medium...and I would do so by being "cutting edge" & creating at least 3 new things every year that would push the evolution of the industry...& that if I ever got a request for something I didn't know how to make ... that I would be able to do so the next time I was asked. I really didn't make nearly what I had been making @ OPM...however...whenever one is "Pioneering"...one is Driven by a Vision/Dream...fueled by Inspiration/Passion...Committed to Integrity,Service, Quality & Excellence...Developed/Matured by Experience/Innovation/Creativity...and Sourced by Spirit/Love/Joy" These have been and still are "Values" which I am Grateful for.

Q. Tell us about a recent job you did that you are particularly proud of.

A. I actually love them all...I have been practicing "non-judgement"/being present/being in the "now" for a # of years now. While I am honestly blank @ this moment ... I will come back and offer something at a later time if this comes in for me .... ahhh...something just popped in: I was contracted to do a Retirement Dinner and in exploring with my client what they were doing at the event (giving pens and paper for each person to write something personal to give to the Retiree)...We came up with adding a "Wishing Well" for the Gift Table. I did quite a bit of research on this online...and came up with a few proposals with pictures...and we settled on my ordering one of these white cardboard (assembly time for 2 people 2 hours?) Wishing Well...however their colors were Teal, Lavender & Gold...so I went thru even more research (because this is out of my normal element) and while originally I was going to have the client help me assemble it on-site...had to instead paint it and assemble it myself to bring it completed (which took me even more time)...for which I only charged $75 for (in future it will be $150 minimum instead). However...both the Client & I loved the finished product...and it was complimented by the Head Table Balloon Decor 3 Balloon Centerpieces each with White LED Lights covered in white Tulle & the 20 Table Centerpieces which had a simple yet elegant Balloon Centerpiece per...all for a very limited budget I was given and was able to fulfill. What I was proud of is my having been able to find a solution which gave what the Client loved perfectly within a very tight budget structure & my "artist" having the thrill of doing something I never had done before and in an arena which I really am not all that versed in and had to discover/learn. That is satisfying and far outweighs all of the effort involved. So...Yes...while what may be considered a "small" thing...this is what has come in for me to share.

Q. Do you do any sort of continuing education to stay up on the latest developments in your field?

A. Of course. I like bringing in other mediums (like Lighting/LEDs/Tulle for adding Pizzaz to Decor or Special Effects...Costumes for dressing Balloon Mannequins...always researching various Themes to come up with new ways of being creative...and certainly keeping

Q. What are the latest developments in your field? Are there any exciting things coming in the next few years or decade that will change your line of business?

A. Well...we as an industry are certainly moving towards the possibility of not having Helium and moving towards how to create innovatively/beautifully without it. More recently it seems that the Balloon Manufacturers (who have been more slanted to "mom/pop retail stores giveaway as a focus) have been increasingly moving towards providing products which support Decoration/Artistry. Being able to use battery operated LED Lights for effects with Centerpieces/Balloon Sculptures/Columns etc. have been evolving as well. Use of Computers/frames/light weight devices in helping to work out patterns for murals/creations/moving sculptures...bringing the Art to being Interactive or far more intricate/detailed is another arena of developement. Also how to control air flow to create continuous swirling flying balloon effects is an area I'm exploring. And another is becoming even more "green" (I was selected to be a spokesperson when the Balloon Council was 1st formed) ... although Latex Balloons (as well as Helium/Nitrogen/Air) are all Natural Products are non-harmful and bio-degrade outdoors in about the same time it takes a maple leaf & help the environment by encouraging the growth of the Rubber Trees/Forests which help the ozone rather than their being cut down to utilize the land in another way for $. We still have advances to make for finding green alternatives to the ribbon, mylars, clips, discs etc. if we can.

Q. Describe your most recent project, what it involved, how much it cost, and how long it took.

A. I will answer all of the following ?'s when I have time to do so...as I would prefer not to leave any blank. We can use the job mentioned about what I am proud of as the most recent project to continue as it just happened.

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